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What's New With Dynamic Packages?
What's New With Dynamic Packages?

Our latest release for White Label Suite provides every plan with this feature.

Updated over a week ago

We've been looking for the best way to serve our partners with features and options so they can effectively and profitably grow their business. Based on our partner's request for more options and the feedback we've received for this feature that was only available at a specific plan level, we're excited to release this to everyone!

See below for the latest Dynamic Packages update.

Last updated: 04/01/2024

Latest Update

Dynamic Packages For All

Available now on any plan level for all of our partners, Dynamic Packages allows you to create any package you can think of. For example, free trials.

This feature is available on the Dashboard [] on the lefthand menu under "Dynamic Packages."

For more info on this update and what you can now do with Dynamic Packages to help grow your business, visit our latest articles and training below.

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