How do the credits work?
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At White Label Suite, we are committed to making lead generation efficient and transparent. Our AI Lead Search feature uses a straightforward credit system to help you manage your prospecting efforts. Here’s how you can utilize your credits across the different search functionalities.

People Search

The People Search has a multi-tier credit usage system to ensure maximum results.

  • Tier 1 - No Credit Used: After entering your search criteria, adding Advanced filters (optional), and clicking "Continue," the initial search results are produced and provide a pool of prospects to choose from.

  • Tier 2 - One Credit Used: Once you've decided which prospects you'd like to add to your List, you must check each and click "Add to list." If we can verify the data, it will return basic data like email, socials, and phone numbers.

  • Tier 3 - Two Credits Used: This last tier further "enriches" the prospect and requires a selection of one or more to start the process and produce additional data like their education, job history, skills, and more.

Company Search

  • Usage: 1 credit per company (with at least one validated email)

  • Details: This search targets companies based on geographical location. You will be charged 1 credit for each company where at least one valid email address is successfully retrieved.

Domain Search

  • Usage: 1 credit per email

  • Details: Target specific domains to find email addresses associated with them. Each email found under the targeted domain costs 1 credit.

This system is designed to maximize your outreach while keeping costs predictable. Each credit spent is an investment in building a more targeted and effective sales pipeline.

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