How to Get Your VA to Do Lead Generation for You

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Next question.

Hey, Colleen, question two.

Great, thank you so much. My next question was more about your opinion and advice, really. So I'm using level nine and what I'm doing at the moment is I upped my subscription. So what I've been doing is just sitting there while I'm watching the know, doing the searches. And then I got to a point where I thought, this is too much, I don't want to do it, but because obviously I know my country, I know England, as I say, London, and then I'm looking at the areas around and searching those areas as well. I wanted to get a level nine person to do that, but it won't be as intuitive for them because they don't know, I believe they're not Londoners.

I hear you loud and clear.

My concern was what to do. What would your recommendation be? Because it's time consuming, so I'd rather.

Someone else do it.

Fantastic. So what I would suggest doing is this is a search cities in London.

Sorry? Not typing.

Oh, I've actually done that. So I've listed cities in the UK and I'm doing it this way for myself because it's just easier.

Then you'll have a list. So this would be the starting point. So we've got London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds. All right. So I've got kind of the bigger cities by population, which is not a bad starting point. So what have we got here? There's 55 cities on this list. So the first thing I would do is grab this list, give it to my VA. Next thing I would do is show them how to. And in fact these areas here, Greater London, Epping Forest, Broxburn, Dakaram, Three Rivers, Watford, Dartford, Gravesham, like, these are actually really great searches in your tool. So I can use woking or I can use Birmingham or I can use Dudley or Warsaw and I can get them to search there, like straight away we're going to get a start. So I would give them this list and I would say in order search like this, use these as our next starting point and then I would show them the expansion.


So use the video there. So this is literally my instructions to my VAs are these. This is the ciTy. Start here. Every time you run a search, I need you to expand until you get a minimum of 300 leads per pin drop per location. That's my instructions when I'm teaching my VAs and I show them. This is the list I want you to start with. So when I'm doing us, I go cities. New York is always at the top in New York. Here's the suburbs or the boroughs within that. I want you to start here and expand using this video as a guide. So use the expanding your search video from the training using this. Expand until you find a minimum of 300 per pin drop and then move.

To the next city.

Got it. I'm with you.



And the great thing is, loom is your friend. And once you put that into a checklist, you can cycle through VAS and the training stays consistent. So it's like the next thing that will happen is, oh, hey, Mariana, who's been your VA for the last three months, has picked up another job. And you're like, oh, I've got to start again. But if you've got that on a document with the training videos, the next person that comes in can just literally watch the vid and be straight back into it again. So, yeah, start with a list of cities. List of suburbs within those cities. Show them how to expand and just tell them to achieve a minimum of leads per pin drop before they move.

On to the next campaign.

Got it.

Okay. Because what I've been doing is just looking at the areas around and because I know my country, as I'm going out, I'm like, oh, I'm moving towards know, let me stop and then go to the Liverpool. But somebody who doesn't know won't realise.

Yeah. What I cover in the expand your search video. And this is the thing to point out to your VA. Right. So as I'm here and I'm looking at my search results for what we just did for Hawthorne real estate agents, what I show in the video is really clear. I talk about the fact that there are suburbs visible on the screen. So I don't know Hawthorne, California. But I can see on the screen that I've got areas that I can move to. I've got Compton right here. I've got Vernon right here. I've got West Hollywood right here. I've got signal beach, I've got Long beach, and I've got Belflower. Now, my system is going to work best with these suburbs as your guiding light. All right, so what I do with a vA is I literally show them this and I say, as you do a search. So we've just did a search for Hawthorne, which is okay over here. Hawthorne. Cool. Now I want you to expand that search and.

Oops, let me get my mouse pointer back.

Expand that search. We just did Hawthorne. Now I want you to do Vernon. So we had Hawthorne and I've got.

All my circles on the thing. There we go.

We had Hawthorne, now I want Vernon.

All right, so let's go here and just.

And this is what I teach on that. Expand your search video. So now I've got Vernon, California, go.

And then this is literally the fastest way to do it.

So we go.

Okay, Vernon, let it load 1 second.

Okay, now I've got Vernon. I want you to go down and click load more. And then click load more again until you've got no more. Load more option. This is me teaching a VA. Start with a pin. Load more, load more.

All right.

Load more in each location.


And now look on my map and move to the next location. So I've got Inglewood.

Cool. Inglewood.

Okay. All right.

So I'm literally using the map that's showing me to teach BA the next place to move. You don't need to know LA to be able to see that. Burbank is on my map and Altadina is on my map, and Asusa is on my map, and withyear is on my map. Like I teach my VA. Look at the map and take the next place and just hit the search button again. You don't need a new campaign. Just. You're adding it to the same campaign. Just next. And every time you do it, just click on the load more button. So, cool. Load more. Cool. Load more. And you'll find that they'll rack in 300, 501,000 leads in 20 minutes. You won't have to worry about it. So that's, again, my to a VA is. Here's a list of cities to start from. When you get to the city, here's how to expand your search. Don't leave a pin until you've got a minimum of 300. That's what I say. Results in my campaign. So I want my campaign over here to show 300 before you move to my next campaign, which is my next city.

Got it?

Okay. So you do it by cities because I've got a campaign and I'm putting all the cities in one campaign.

It depends on how you want to run. Like, for me, that's just easy for me to teach my VAs. You could do it by city, you could do it by industry.

The thing for me is if I've.

Got them all in one campaign, it's really hard for me to see the next one. Where am I up to? What have I done and what haven't done? Yeah, it's really going to be up to you, Colleen. It doesn't matter how many campaigns you have. It only matters how many leads you've got when you add them all up. So if you want to break it up by niche, cool. If you want to break it up by city, cool.

Whatever's going to be working best for you.

Got it.

No, I see the value of doing it that way. I just did it all in one campaign so that I didn't get duplicates across the different campaigns.

That's a really important point. That's a very important point because you can make sure that you don't have any duplicates. In that case, you're just going to need to make sure that your VA has got a spreadsheet and Liverpool done.

And just works their way down.

Got it.

Excellent. Thank you very much.

You're welcome. And don't forget as well, just to wrap that training up. Don't forget as well that in my expand your search video and this is.

Something that VAs, if you get a.

Good one, will handle, but you can give them this as training as well. The way businesses describe themselves will generate different results. And I think we talked about this before, Colleen, where we said concrete contractors, and then we went to building construction Foundation. People like concrete driveways, concrete cutting. There's lots of different ways that a business will describe themselves. So when you give the training to the VA, one of the ways that you can ensure that they're doing all of the leads in a particular area is to make sure you give them different ways of saying this. So, for example, real estate in. Okay, I might actually change that to be realtor in Inglewood. And I'll get different results. So you'll see, actually. So let's go up here and wait.

For it to show me.


So there was one. Okay, there's only one. But there was a business that I would have missed if I just stuck with real estate.


So I need to give my VA the ten or 15 different synonyms for the type of business I'm looking for to make sure that they're really searching.

To get every piece of gold from the dirt.

Got it.

Excellent. Thank you so much.

You're welcome. Great to see you. Now you get to rest on a Friday night.


Colleen, I really appreciate, obviously, being in the UK, the time zones are hard to manage, but I appreciate you sticking around and being an active part of our Friday calls. It's really awesome.

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