How to Use Comet Lead Generation to Find Realtors

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This, and say, Hey, Frederic.

Great to see you, man. Hey, Walt. How are you?

I'm good, man. I'm good. Thanks so much for jumping in.

Yes, thank you. Listen, I had to write down what I wanted to say because, listen, everything in my account is set up, and then life happened, and then I just stopped.

Right. I get it. It happens to us all.

I have an agency with high level. I'm a real estate productivity coach, and I want to reach out to realtors to sell high level and white label suite.


But I want to use it as me being the client first.


Absolutely. Yeah. I just want you to point me in the right direction, in the right training to treat me as a client first. I'm operating to reach out to agents to buy my programme. Perfect. Where would I go for that?

Great question. Let's make sure that we've got this clear. Frederick, everybody that comes through White Label Suite, what we say is put your oxygen mask on first, right? For everybody that comes through, get yourself sorted first, get leads coming into your agency. And as a very by-product of that process, you'll be able to do that for your clients because it's exactly the same process. So valid in terms of the question, where do you go to find out how to do this? Let me show you. So as part of White Label Suite, first things first, you can book in for an onboarding call. And even if you've had an onboarding call, you can go through another one if you want to. As you said, though, you're already set up. Let me take you to the exact screens that you're going to go to. When you have a White Label Suite membership, this will be your dashboard. You'll be in app. Whitelabelsuite. Com.


It. App. Whitelibblesweet. Com. Let me make sure I pop that into the chat here so you can copy it if you want to. App. Whitelibblesweet. Com. Now, from in here, we want to say, Okay, I'm good. I'm ready. How do I get started? Come to, on the left-hand side where it says, Training and Resources, and you want to click on that button right there. Within Training and Resources, this is showing that members area that I was talking about just a moment ago. In process, you want to walk through level one, level two, and then level three. In level one, what this system, what this part of the programme does is gets you set up. It will show you how to create a subdomain for your account, how to make sure you've got the API keys connected. It's all of the techy stuff that needs to be set up, ready to go.

And then- I've done all that. Amazing. Good job. I've done all that. Yes. Amazing.

So then in step three, it's got running your first search. So it's going to be, how do we create a campaign? Then how do we make sure that those results, we get as many results as we can. That's expanding your search. Once we have the results, how do I send them over to GL to get them into a campaign. Then we talk about the 20 free leads, which is how we created a lot of incoming lead inquiries. So we offered people free leads, which is again something that you can do for realtors. So running your first searches here. Now, these three lessons here will give you an overview of how to get started. So if you've got your pen and paper handy, write this down. Level one, step three is a good starting point. Then what I would encourage you to do is go to exactly where I just showed Dora a few moments ago. Come up to the… So click on the logo here, which will take you back to the library screen.

Okay. Sorry.

You're good. Once you've done that level one, step three, and you've got, Okay, this is how to run my first search. Come into level two. What are you trying to get? They want to buy some real estate from you, man. Or they want to buy some. Then in step two, come down to… We actually walk you through. In level two, step one, we show you how to get everything ready to go. Then adding your leads and this one, your ideal customer, search them, add them to your system, add to your CRM, launch your campaign. Adding your leads into a campaign, so start at sending out, and then how to monitor and set your steps up, and even how to then create a sales demo when you've actually got a client that's ready to buy. This is step two, walk all the way through from step one, right through to monitoring your campaigns as they're going out. Scroll a little bit further down to this one, the white level support videos, and there's more details on different parts of the programme, different searches, search tips, filtering your results, multiple integrations, lots of different things there that you can learn.

Step one, get your first campaign going. That's what we cover in level one. Level one, get your first campaign search ready. Level two, find out a little bit more about how to run these searches, how to expand that search, how to create those leads for yourself. Then importantly, Frederic, something for you to really know. In our YouTube channel, specifically for real estate agents, because we get asked it a lot, there's a lot of videos that show different techniques for getting leads in real estate and for using the system yourself to get real estate leads. So once you've got these two things, basics, the how to search, how to use the programme, how to get leads for myself, come across to this link, which is whitelabersuite. Com/youtube. Again, I've popped that into the chat. When you do that, it's going to open up our YouTube channel, which is right here. Let's let that open up. This is our YouTube channel here. Here, if you go to the little Search button here and you type in real estate, you'll actually find a couple of ways of using the tool that would actually be very helpful. This one specifically, B2C, B2B, choosing niches.

What other one? There we go. Finding B2C leads, white label, sweet answers, and B2C leads. Let me grab the link of this, share, copy, pop that into the chat box there as well. How to use the tool specifically for real estate agents. But this is a very good path to find out how to use the tool to do creative searches. That video there, four days ago, will show you a good way to search for leads using the tool specifically with real estate, and you'll get it quick. For yourself, and again, just to finish off that question for you, Frederic, I've showed you how to find the answers to your question, but super easy. Whereabouts are you based, by the way?


Southern California. All right. Whereabouts in California?

South Bay, Torrance area, or you can put Hawthorne, California.

Hawthorne, California. All right. In the tool, once you've created a campaign, so I've got one there already for real estate agents, first step, create a campaign, and it's going to be an industry campaign. Once you've got an industry campaign, you can then do search, and you can literally just go real estate in Hawthorne, California. Like that, and go. You will start to get your results in just a second. There we go. All right, so now we're starting to get real estate agency in Hawthorne, California, and we can load more, we can build out, which we cover in the expand. You can start to really get your results clear here. Once you've got them on the screen, they're all being added to this campaign over here. In this campaign, when you click on it, you're going to start to see all of those details that we love to see. You'll start to see their Facebook pages and their Instagrams and the Twitter accounts and all of that stuff. You'll start to see their contacts and their email addresses and phone numbers and names and all the good stuff that you need. Running the programme, once you've got your campaign search, real estate agents in specific area, and of course, if you're running productivity coaching, I'm sure you don't have to focus just in Hawthorne, but you'll be able to bring in as many as you can.

Is that helpful for you, Frederic?

That is golden for me. Thank you. I really appreciate it.

You're welcome. We are here to help you succeed. Let us know if there's anything we can do. Don't forget, guys, I've got just 12 minutes left of our Q&A, and I apologise. Normally on Saturdays I'm pretty free, but today I've got to go and do payroll for our team, which is pretty cool, exciting. Exciting for me. Actually, let me click on stop, make sure that I'm.

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