How to Setup Automations in GHL to Track Email Opens

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Hello. I am well, thank you. How are you? Thank you. Thank you so much. Right, let me be quick with the question. So I've got two questions. In the workflow, is there a way to say when somebody opens, stop sending emails?

Yes, absolutely. So let's do that for real and live. So we're going to… Let's come across to our G. H. L. System. Our G. H. L. Is called Comment Suite for those who don't know yet. Our branding might look a little bit different, but let's have a look at what we're talking about here. The trigger that you need is an email event. Let me come to my demo company and I'll show you exactly what I mean. You'll need to set it up as a separate automation, Carlene. We're coming over to automation. Let's say, for example, I've got my 23 leads system running or I've got any other email program going. I've got a workflow called Email Series for 23 leads. That's the one that gets installed with the snapshot. That's the one that's actually sending out the emails. What we want to do is if that email gets opened, stop sending that campaign. This is how we're going to do it. We need to create a new automation. Come over here. I'm going to create a new workflow right here and start from scratch. The trigger event in this case is an email action. We need to say, what is the workflow trigger?

The workflow trigger is an action. If you just type that, actually, let's see if it's still the same, email event. Sorry, email event is what I'm looking for. Your trigger is an email event, okay? And the email event, you then need to set your filter. The filter is that the event is an email opened like that. The event is being opened, and then you need to specify again in the workflow called whatever it is that you want to stop. Just like this, we go the email... The trigger of this workflow is an email event. What email event? The event is that the email has been opened in a specific workflow that then gives us the trigger where we can say when that happens, we want to remove them from an automation. We say remove. The action is to remove from a workflow, and it's another workflow. Again, we need to find that exact one. It's email series for 23 leads like that. The trigger is an email event, and the filter is the event is that it's open in a specific workflow. When that happens, we say remove from that workflow.

Got it. Fantastic. Then I would like to be notified when somebody opens. When it happens?

Fantastic. In the same workflow, in the workflow, they get triggered by the open. So when that happens, notifications. What we want to do is, first of all, remove it from sending anything further. Then the next step we're going to add is an internal notification. It's internal notification. We can say, how do you want to be notified? Email, text message?


Yeah, great. An internal notification with a type of notification is an email. Then it's going to come from your account. It's going to come from your email at your company, and it's going to go to a specific user type. You're going to say to a particular user, and you're going to select yourself from that list. You're going to say, Okay, send an email to someone specific. Who? This particular person with the subject line, this has just happened, and the body of that email. Does that make sense, Colleen?

It does, yes.

Perfect. When that email gets opened, first thing we do is stop sending any more emails. Next thing we do is send an internal notification as an email. I'm just going to drop anything in there. Send as an email to you, and that will send that event. Of course, in that email that comes out, you can include details in there. You can put in there the person's name. You could say name, custom values, contact, full name, just like that. Email, custom values, contact, email, phone, et cetera. That way, the email that comes to you with the notifications has got all the contact information from that person.

Perfect. Yeah.

That way, this specific person opened an email, sent an email to me with all of their details so I can follow them up straight away.

Exactly. That's exactly what I'd like. Perfect. Thank you.

Cool. I would add one more to that. Again, this is part of the 23 leads to stop the sending and that stuff. But if you're doing this for your client, this is the way you're going to set it up. The other thing I would do, so when they open the email, stop sending them follow-ups, send me a notification with all their details. Just purely because I know life gets busy, why not put them into an opportunity board as well? So move them on an opportunity board to a pipeline where you might have a stage in that pipeline called Email Open, for example. That way, if you're doing this for a client, you can show them, these are all the leads we sent out. They're in your first column of your opportunity board. When they open that, you're going to see them on the board. That way they know that the leads are warming up. It's easy to miss an email, but it's just like a little backup. Personally, I would add that last step in there.

That when.

They open the email, stop sending them follow-ups, let me know and move them on the opportunity board so that we can keep a track of where everybody's up to in our pipeline.

Perfect. Fantastic. Now, with the.

Way- Sorry, Carlene, I have a really quick question, follow-up on that. This is happening in our sending account, because it needs to be connected with the workflow that we're sending the bulk email from. If we want to be notified via SMS and we don't have a number connected to this So account because I'm not at least sending SMSes through this account, how can we do that? I noticed there's a feature that says you can send it through it with a custom number. Will that still send? Or where would.

That be sending? No, it can… Well, if you connect up your LC phone system to this account specifically for that purpose, then sure. If that's the only SMS it's sending, it's not going to cost you a fortune. You'll need to connect up your LC email or Twilio to your sending account as well, Sunny. Then, yes, it would do that. Okay, cool. Awesome. All right. Carlene, you had a follow-up, so let me just click on Stop.

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