How to Send Using Verified Emails When Doing Cold Outreach

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Say, hey, Tommy, how are you doing?


Well, I am doing good, except my emails are getting like 15% bounce rate.

15% bounce rate.


So you need to clean up that list before you before you hit send on them.


So there's a couple of ways to do it. First of all, of the lead gen programme itself, you have the opportunity to philtre by verified emails. So let me just log in and show you what I mean by that.

So what we're talking about here is.

Why do emails bounce? For a start? How does that even happen? How it happens is the email account goes invalid or isn't a real, genuine email address to start with. So where do these emails come from? They come from website listings, they come from Google Places listings, they come from any kind of business forum event that people have registered with their email and authorised that their email can be used.

So sometimes those emails might be incorrectly.

Typed in on a registration page, or.

They might be fake in all kinds.

Of reasons, but there's no way for the software to know that except the fact that we've got built in email verification. So there's a couple of ways that you can make sure that you reduce your bounce rate, and it's important that you do, because if you continue to.

Send to a high bounce rate email list, you can get shut down like.

They'Ll say, look, we can't send your emails anymore. And that's LC email through Go high level, that's Mailgun that's anybody really does that. So if you are in a niche where you're getting a lot of bounce emails, there's a couple of things you can do. First things first, before you send the leads across to the leads programme, what you can do is so here's all my leads right here's, all my results from my search here they all are. I've got 20 companies here that have got email addresses.


So from here, I can see I don't know how many of these these have got three employees. Twelve employees, 38 employees.

Let's just have a look.

I've got contacts here.

Now, on these contacts, there's only one that has a verified green tick, all right?

That email address has been verified. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean that Haley and Samara and Kirsty are not verified email addresses. All it's saying is the software knows that that one specifically is 100% verified as an email. All right?

So I've got support at I've got.

A couple here that have got green ticks, okay?

So what I can do is, before I send it to the CRM, I.

Can choose to only send verified emails.

And the way to do that is.

We'Ve filtered by just show me the ones that have got the email. And then I come up here to the search bar, and in this little.

Button here, I can tick this and.

I can come down to where the.

Email address is verified and click on Apply.

Now what that's going to do? Is it's going to drop your numbers.

Of results down massively, but what it.

Is going to do is make sure that only the verified emails are part of your list and are sent across to your thing. All right? So that means from 1000 results you might end up with 30, 40, 50% that are verified. So there's a school of thought that says, well, there's no point having that email if it's not going to get to the inbox anyway. So despite the fact that I've got less emails on the screen, I'll get.

More delivery, so it evens out in the process. This is method number one of only emailing verified emails.


But this system is extremely harsh. As in, you saw it, out of.

20, there was legitimately some emails there and only one had that tick. It's extremely harsh.

Safe, but extremely harsh.

So you might think, well, I'm missing 20 or 30% of my potential leads here. I need like a little bit of a better way to do that. So what I would invite you to do is in your members area, which I will just jump into here.

In your members area.

There is a training in level three on using a couple of third party email verification systems. So this is, there we go. These two here. Oh, I need to update my thumbnail. There verifying emails in lifetime and verifying emails with third party services. And the one that I used there was millionverify. So we've had millionverify for a long time. I got it as an AppSumo deal ages ago.

It's still a super cheap way to.

Do this, I think for about well, let's go and get some actual numbers. Million verifier.

There it is.

I think for about $20 you get something like 10,000 verification credits.

Yeah, let me log in here.

Would that bounce rate have anything to do with my domain or my setup?


So the bounce rate itself is because the email doesn't exist. So it's tried to send, it's got to the other end and said, bubble, no, this email is not here and it bounces back. It's nothing to do with your IP address, it's nothing to do with the sending reputation or anything like that. It's that the email at the other end is invalid. So this system, the million verify system.

Let me just have a look at credits here. Yeah.

So 10,000 credits for $29. So if you've got 1000 searches a.

Month, you're literally talking about roughly a year of verifications for $29.

Not bad, really. So this training here shows you, I think both of these actually use millionverify. What it shows is actually I set.

Up an intermediate between our leads tool.

And getting them into your system. And I think I did it with Pabli and Zapier, if my memory serves me right, in this training.

So rather than let me do this.

Face to face, rather than just drop the email straight out of our leads tool and straight into the CRM, what I did was I connected up a Zapier API.

All right?

And I'll show you how to do that if you like.

But I've gone from the leads tool.

Export hits Zapier, zapier sends it to Millionverify. When they're verified and they come back.

Clean, the Zap sends them into GHL.

So it's still a one click process. After you set it up, I go export to CRM, but instead of going straight to GHL, it goes to Zapier.

To Millionverify on a clean.

Yes, this is a verified email. Then it puts it into GHL and it just makes sure that everything that's going in is verified.

And again, that's the best way to make sure you've got a clean list going through.

All right, sounds good.

All right, so that training members area in level three. And.

Again, personal history. I never used to do it. I never used to do it. I literally just got all my leads.

Hit send and kind of dealt with a 10% or 15% bounce rate inside of Mailgun. When we were using Mailgun, not the LC email system, there was a little setting in GHL in your business settings, remove email on hard bounce. So what that meant was my first email going out was potentially getting a ten or 15% bounce rate, but then.

Everything that bounced immediately got blocked.

So my second email in the series didn't ever send to those blocked emails, which was okay, that's how we ran cold email for hundreds of thousands of emails going out. But we were also using a dedicated IP address on Mailgun and had like a high level account at high level.

Sorry, a more expensive account on Mailgun.

I was trying to use the word that wasn't high level. So yeah, we were paying for a dedicated IP address and had a higher level account with Mailgun, which meant we had a little bit more tolerance from them in terms of what we could do.

But going forward, like straight away, best.

Delivery, I would spend your $29, set up that Zapier or a Pabli interaction and run it. Now both of those trainings, sonny, just to wrap this up, both of those trainings in the level three area of your members area cover, how to do that?

One you can actually use, you don't need Zapier, you can use the inbuilt.

Webhook system within GHL.

But again, what that means is you.

Push the leads into GHL, hits an automation, the automation sends them to Million Verifier.

Million Verifier sends it back, drops it.

Into GHL again, and sets anybody that's a false to DND. So you've still got them in your database, but they just get set to permanent DND, and then before that it gets sent. So a couple of different ways to do it, but for $29 a year.

Definitely worth it.


So you touched on it a little.

Bit there, but is there a way to have it?

So, like, the first email I'm sending is kind of like a test test to see which ones bounce and then remove the ones that bounce from getting.

The rest of it?

Yes, of course.

But I think it's still in GHL.

Let me just double cheque yes, but let me share my screen again and.

We'Ll go hunting and cheque this out. It still means you've got to have a bounce. The only way to test an email.

In that method is to send an email.

And that still means you're going to have a high bounce rate, which if you're using LC email, they're pretty hard.

On, like they'll jump on you.

So in your settings. Let's have a look. It was in Vincent's info and it was on here on the right hand side.


There it is, right there.


It'S still part of the programme. Make sure that that's ticked. Okay, so, yes, email goes out as the first one in your series. If it bounces, it will mark them as invalid and it will never send to that person again. But again, my warning red light is.

But your first email is then the.

Thick part of the wedge, you know what I mean? Like the most amount of emails get sent to their first one in the sequence, then they bounce and it gets reduced down in that second email in sequence, which means that first email has still potentially got a high bounce rate, which potentially could get you into trouble with LC, email or Mailgun. So the only way to do that is to send an email, which if you're trying to reduce your bounce rate, is not going to effectively do that. So you need to, again, I would.

Say, set up the philtre beforehand.

Just make sure that it's especially for.

Your clients, it's important.

It's something that makes sure you're getting results for your clients. You're making sure that you've got the most amount of emails hitting the inbox as humanly possible.

Sounds good.

Cool, man.

Thank you.

We'll look into that more.

Yeah, so jump in.

And it is in level three in.

The members area, verifying emails in live time. That's taking them straight out of the leads tool and into million verify before they get to GHL. And then this one is once they're.

In GHL, run it from GHL to.

Make sure that we verify it before.

The email gets sent.

So have a look at those two.

And yeah, just worthy of a setup.


Thank you, Sonny.

All right, guys, I got about 30 minutes for Q and A and then.

I've got to jump. Let me click on that button and.

Jump across to Dora. Hi, Dora.

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