How to Deliver the Whitelabel Training with Comet Suite

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So when you sell a package of 1,000?

Yes. When I sell a package of 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, and they have their own login to get in, do they also have access to training? Or is that something that I would be providing?

That's what you're providing. We give you the white-label training videos that you can install. Are you still with, or did you switch over?

Still with them. But to be honest with you, I'm in the process of switching.

I'm going to...

I want to use that link that you had given me to sign up.

Oh, perfect. Thank you. The answer is we provide you with white-label training videos. In G. H. L, we give you those as a snapshot, so you can one-click install them. Again, let me show you where you find those. That means that you're providing the training because they don't know we exist. We actually, at one point, we put all the videos into the app itself, and we got massive feedback from the members going, Oh, we don't want it. It's not in our branding. And all that. And it was like, Okay, cool. Which is fair enough. All of the videos are non-branded, but they wanted to make sure they had their colors and that stuff, which is cool. Fair enough. By the way, we are working on some in-app videos like the little question mark, hover, show a walkthrough thing. That's coming. But in level two right here, you will find tutorial videos on the actual software. These are the white-label tutorial videos. Level two, scroll down to delivering the system to a client, and we get to 6B, sorry, leads software V2 white-label support videos. We've got download all tutorials as a snapshot. In here, if you're running DHL, you can come in here and grab all these videos as a snapshot.

What actually happens is it will install as a member's area. Then all you need to do is give access to the members' area when somebody purchases. It will install as, let me see if I can find it in here, as a white label, this one. It will install as a member's area that you can then give people access to when they purchase from you. This has got all of the videos.

Would I need to brand that members area?

Well, this is going to install in your own DHL. Your own DHL will be branded as your own. For us, it's branded in ours, but it will be branded in yours. You can see that all of the thumbnails have got no colors on them or anything like that. All of the videos have no branding showing on the frame. You can see that we're literally staying inside the frame there. We're not showing anybody's G. H. L, We're not showing any logos, anything like that. We don't even have a voice on these videos. All these videos, you don't have to put up with an Australian accent. It's all just point and click like that. The Let me speed that up a little bit so you can see it as it's going through. Every time it's clicked, it's got an explanation, what it does, how it works, all that stuff. This is the white-label tutorial videos, white-label support videos. They're all here, they're all outlined. You can either install them as a snapshot in one click, or you can come into each video and you can download the video from here. Download the file, it's right here, and then you can add it to your own YouTube channel or add it to your own members area, or anything like that.

So all of those training videos are in your level two lead software white label support videos. But yes, you provide that to your client.

Okay, perfect. I guess that... Okay, so then my next question is, when I have clients that want a smaller amount of searches, which VA service do you recommend? Like Globetel, Level 9, whatever? If I wanted to farm out that work for them to run little searches for people and to do the million verify steps and all that, which service do you recommend that knows White Little Suites?

Level 9. Yeah, the guys are great.

Level 9?

Level 9.

Yeah, absolutely. Oh, the White Little Suites Searches. Okay. All righty.

Got it. Yeah, they're really great. We used VH from level 9. We have tons of people in the group that have used level 9. Ron Palmitier, who's a power user of our program, was singing their praises a little while ago. We did have someone have a bad experience, but then the owner of level 9, Joe Rea, popped in and was like, Hey, let me show you the transcript. This person had a whole bunch of communication issues with our team, as in the team was communicating, but they weren't responding. -yeah, okay, good. -other than that, we have had literally no negative feedback on level 9 whatsoever. Okay.

Well, I'm actually already subscribed to level 9. And this past week I met with the Marketing Manager for Glovotel. And it seems like they specialize in SEO stuff and marketing. So I'll continue to use level nine for... They're setting up a membership site and some other stuff for me for a client, and I'll include them in white label suite projects. Do you typically explain how to do a search? Or if I just ask them to do a search, they'll know.

What to do? No, I would explain it. Whenever I'm training a VA, my go-to is Loom. I will Loom video myself doing it and give them the video. This is what I want you to do. This is the information you'll need to do this search. I Loom video running a search, and then I say, You need to find this leads in this location and push it into this account. This is the instructions to a VA.

Got you. They would do something if I didn't have Million Verify automated, they would manually be able to do that as well?

I would push them to the training videos that I just showed you in level three and say, By the way, can you set this up for me? Here's the tutorials. You'll need to give them your username and password into Million Verify. But it's not a hard thing to do. It's literally just connect Zapier and push in the middle step or Pably. If you're using the raw APIs, it's a little bit more techy, but the tutorials will walk them through. Perfect.

All right, thank you.

You're welcome. Nice to see you. All right, let's do it.

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