How to Use Technology Like AI to Grow Your Sales

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Good. One second. I am well, thank you. How are you?

I'm good. It's good to see you. How's the week?

Thank you. Oh, it's been a good week. Productive week. Sending out emails, trying to reduce my bounce rate and increase my clips. So yeah, just continuing with the emails. Now, on one of your office hours, somebody mentioned something and I thought, Oh, I really like that. And it was using the tool to actually find people to put into a Facebook group. So I've actually created a group for landscapers, and I'm now wanting to craft an email to send out to people that I'm going to get using your tool to come and join the group. So yeah, just needing help with that.

Okay, sure. So as in what should I offer or something like that? What?

Yeah, as to why they should join the group. So it's called Landscapers Marketing Hub. So they're going to learn about marketing, basically, all the things that we can do with G. H. L. So yeah, I'm like, Okay, so now that I've created the group, put the banner there and everything, I went through Paul Warren's course, I think, I thought that course was really good. And now I'm like, Okay, I need to get people in. I need to craft an email. So yeah.

Perfect. So what's the benefit for somebody joining the group?

Learning about how to market their business. So basically all the things that you can do with GL, I'm going to be putting posts in there about these things. Not talking about GL, but talking about different ways in which they can market their business. But I'm basically talking about GL features.

Great. Okay. Why don't we do something like create a FastWins template that any business, not just landscapers could use, and then give that as a gift when they join the group. Pin that post to the top, that stuff. This would be my strategy. Let me walk all the way through and share my screen and see what we can do there. Sharing this and monitor over here. Okay, so first thing I'm going to do is come across to ChatGPT, and I'm going to go like this. Let's see if I can make this run for us. I'm going to say something like, you are a marketing… Hang on, let me just make sure I'm typing. You are a marketing agency that specializes in local business lead generation. Write for me a quick wins checklist that a local business can use to immediately bring in new clients. I'm going to create five bullet points of tactics, and format it in a way that can be downloaded as a PDF. That would be my step one. Let's go, see what it comes up with. Ppping this into the the Zoom chat here so that you guys can copy and paste that same prompt if you want to.

Let me pop that in here. Where's my chat tool? Where's my chat tool? Okay, we get that in a second. Can you see this?

Yes, I can.

Okay, so this is download the PDF version while it even gave me the actual link. That's pretty cool. That would be the first thing I would do. I'm really trying to find my Zoom chat tool, which is weird right now. But anyway, let me just stop the share, see if I can get it on the screen here, drop it in here. This is the prompt that I use. You can drop that same thing in, you can get that same result, dropping in the message is too long. I can't send you that in our Zoom chat, it's too long, but you can use the same prompt and get the same result. That would be my step one, is I would get a little checklist going on, like a five-step checklist to getting instant wins as a local business. Then I would obviously put that into the group. Download that quick wins system here. I would also make sure to create a welcome post that invites them to introduce themselves. So get them in the group, get them talking. Hi, everyone. My name is John. I'm and a landscaper in Manchester, whatever it might be. Get them to post who they are and what they do, and a welcome message, Hey, thanks, John.

Great to see you. Hopefully, we can help you grow your business and all that stuff. Then the email. Of course, we're in ChatGPT right now. I would say to ChatGPT, create an email, inviting local landscapers to join our Facebook group and receive the quick wins checklist and join other local businesses for growth tips and marketing strategies. The reason I'm showing you guys this rather than just talking it out is because teaching how to fish. The subject line, unlock growth, join our exclusive landcapers Facebook group, plus free quick wins checklist. Okay, cool. High business name. And then that's pretty cool, really. What's inside the group? Community support, expert advice, tips and strategies. Click to join our Facebook group and you're away. Again, let me copy the prompt in there for you, Carlene. Thank you. See how you go. That would be my step-by-step, guys. Again, why did I show you that on ChatGPT rather than just talk it through? Because sometimes it's just easier just to hit up ChatGPT as a framework and then add your own personality from there, making sure that you've got a starting point. Okay, cool. Well, those five wins might not be the exact ones you want to show through into the group, but one and three and five are good and just change here and there.

It just gives a really great starting point. Using that tool allows you to not be stuck. Now we can... It's 10 o'clock at night and we're entrepreneurs, so we're always working late. Oh, my God, I've got to bang this email out before I get to bed. Sometimes it's just easier to tell ChatGPT to do it. Give me the framework. Okay, cool. Now I can massage it the way I want to. Is that helpful? I would give the people a reason for joining the group and an immediate gratification. I joined the group, I got the checklist. Great. Fantastic. That can then also be the hook that you use in social posts and group posts, in emails, and then get the email written to present the checklist, the quick wins, and bang, hits end. That would be my strategy anyway.

Got it. No, that's excellent. So have that PDF, use your tool, find landscapers, and invite them to join the group to get the PDF.

Absolutely. Absolutely. Don't forget to use the socials in the tool as well. Guys, this is such a massive strategy. I don't know if you guys were with me a couple of weeks ago when I reached out. Oh, no, it was our internal sales team. I reached out to a packaging company on their Facebook group and just said, Hey, you're taking on new clients. And got a response, booked it into the calendar, and our sales team sold a leads package, 500 bucks a month to a packaging company because we used the socials as a way of engaging. What do I mean by that? Let's say these are... I don't know. I was doing plastic surgeons yesterday, but I've got plastic surgeons here. Replace this with landscapers or any other business you're working with, Colleen. If these guys, if I wanted them in my Facebook group, I would literally go to Facebook and I would message them and I would say something like, I can literally drop a message in right here. It'll pop open a message window in a few seconds. I can message the businesses that I'm looking for to come and join the group.

Again, I can use ChatGPT to write the message itself. But right now, I can message these guys and I can say, Hey, team, Colleen here. I'm just putting together a group of our top landscapers in the area. Your name came up, and I just would love to invite you to the group. Use Facebook to invite them to Facebook. Put the group into the message. Not only use the leads tool for email, just make sure you've got so many opportunities to contact people in so many different ways now. It's a great way to go.

Got it. Excellent. Fantastic. I didn't even think of that bit, but it seems so obvious now. Use Facebook to invite them to the Facebook group.

Absolutely. It's a little bit slower, but again, it's just copy and paste. Copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste. Once you have the message there, ChatGPT, you can do 100. Ideal:email. Com. You can turn on the Facebook-targeted groups into your group in just a few moments. From a lead gen strategy, again, guys, I mentioned last week, for those of you who are on the call, we sell the leads tool. The white label opportunity that you guys have means that you get to sell it. You get to sell this lead generation tool and DHL and anything else that you've got in the space. Our internal sales team are selling the leads tool exactly the same as you guys are. With our internal SDRs, a few weeks ago, I was showing how to do it. One of our girls who's an SDR, she had some experience in e-commerce where she was doing, I don't know, some logistics or something with an e-commerce company. She said, How would I reach out to packaging companies and show them this tool? I ran the search packaging companies, and we literally, there we go. That was the actual search, Sam packaging companies right here.

We reached out to a packaging company using the Facebook system that I just showed you here. My message to them, guys, again, as a sales tip. How do I sell the leads tool? I literally reached out to them and I said, Hey, are you guys taking on new clients? Crazy simple message, right?

Yeah. Hey, are.

You taking on new clients? Is there a business on the planet that will answer no to that? This packaging company responded back and said, Yes, we certainly are. My follow-up was, Oh, amazing. We have a lead generation tool and have some overflow in the packaging space. Can we show you the program and see if it's a good fit? Great. Lined up a demo with our sales team, $500 a month sale. Done. Now, guys, I have to be really clear with this as well. We do sell DHL as a package, but we focus on the leads tool. So, G. H. L. Is almost like, Hey, are you guys running a CRM? Yeah, we're running HubSpot. Great. Fantastic. Let's plug this into HubSpot for you. Hey, are you guys running a CRM? A what? Let me show you this one. This will plug into the leads tool and you'll have a way of contacting, automating the leads. But we're not going after the client saying, Hey, here's this whole all encompassing package that you can do marketing automations and website builds and funnels and forms. All that stuff can come later, as far as we're concerned. This is just our strategy, guys.

We're literally just focusing on the leads tool. That's the easy sell for us.

Got it. Amazing. One last question. You've got your sales team. How do I'm not even sure how to ask this question. Because one thing I was thinking of doing was hiring someone to do the sales. I'm trying to learn how to do it, but I'm not naturally a salesperson. I know it's something you get better at the more you do. But I thought, Oh, I wonder if we would be able to use Wolt's sales team at all.

Kind of, no, because you guys have got the white label license. So you're selling the leads tool, we're selling the leads tool. We don't have that, I guess, sales team for hire. But the good news is there's hundreds of thousands of them out there. I know that means recruiting and hiring and doing all that stuff. We will get some training into the group for how we built this sales team going through, but just as a very brief. Let me do a.

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