How to Duplicate Your Campaigns to Split Test

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To the end. Go for it.

Point for you as well. Obviously, you have everything set up, the funnel, and everything optimized. If we want to say split, test that right, try different ideas, different wording, copy, et cetera, what would be the best way to do that? Would I just duplicate that whole thing or would I manually copy? Then depending on who I want to send it out to, what niche, what industry, et cetera, I would just change it manually and then do it that way? What would be.

The best way? You're doing 100% right, man. If you're just split testing landing pages, you can do that in the funnel builder itself. You can grab a page, create a split test, it'll show a percentage of the traffic and worker conversions. But if you want to test, for example, an entirely different email sequence, an entirely different market, just duplicate everything. You could have the 20 free leads campaign for builders, and the 20 free leads campaign for printers, and the 20 free leads campaign for business coaches, et cetera. Then you could have a different email message because you're going to talk differently to a builder than you would to a marketing agency. They respond to different things. They have different needs as the business. Best advice then is to duplicate the entire campaign and just add your leads in specific to that campaign. Yeah, absolutely. Duplicate everything, and that's going to be your best way to run the split test. If it's literally just landing page to landing page, do they respond better to the video up to the top versus no video? Create that in the funnel builder itself. But everything else for every other example, yes, I would suggest duplicate the entire campaign so that you can see the differences between the two.

When I duplicate that, would there be any automation run-ins? Run-ins, I guess? But I don't have to worry about you paying for that? Or basically, it should just be.

No. What makes most of the workflows work is an opt into a form. I'm still in that 20 free leads folder. Step one, register and follow up. This is where somebody has said, I've opted in to get my 20 free leads or whatever it might be. The trigger here is a specific form, and that form is the free trial step one email. When you're duplicating the entire campaign, remember that it's ideal to duplicate the form as well. I've got a form, it's 20 free leads. It's the free trial step one email form. Let's say I'm going to duplicate this. I've got my 20 free leads campaign that I want to run for marketing agencies, which is this one, and a 20 free leads campaign that I want to run for construction companies. I can duplicate this workflow just like that. But what I should also do is duplicate the form. So come in here to the Form Builder, duplicate the form and create a different form for the different funnel. So that way, when I say duplicate the whole campaign, I'm talking about duplicate the whole campaign. Duplicate the form, the funnel, and the automations. Because then you can change the form.

This is the 20 free leads for builders, create another form. This is the 23 leads for marketing agencies, create another form. Here, this is the 20 free leads for education companies. Now, I've duplicated the forms, duplicate the funnels. Here's the funnel for building companies. Here's the funnel for printing companies. Here's the funnel for education companies. Now, duplicate the automations. Here's the automation for building companies. Here's the automation for printers. Here's the automation for education companies. Duplicate the entire thing because then you'll have zero crossover. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but the cool thing is done once, duplication is just clone, change, clone, change, clone, change. Once you've done it, you can run as many variations of that same funnel as you like. Once you've set up a system, it might take you 20, 30 minutes to create a cloned copy of a funnel, but then you can just run leads into different funnels without anywithout any crossover at all.

Awesome. Thank you so much. No worries, man.

Good to see you. Good to see you. Guys, we're just past the hour. I've got David Stone with his hand up there. Now, David, I've seen you jump in and out with… I've admitted you to our Zoom room five times this morning, so I think you were driving and now you're stationary. Good to see you, man. Thanks for sticking around.

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