Your Clients Know Who Will Be the Best Lead Generators

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Hello. Hello. Well, yes, it is morning here now. It's midnight, so it's morning. Oh, my God.

Thank you so much for staying awake. I appreciate you.

No problem. Thank you pretty much. We appreciate you. Okay, let me fire away quickly. So what I want to do, it's a couple of things that I want to do. Let me start with the simplest question. So I'm wanting to work with concrete contractors, and I think you did touch on this on one of our sessions, but I can't remember what the answer was. I have an appointment next Tuesday, so I feel really excited. I don't know about that, so I just want to make sure that I'm going to be doing this correctly. So with concrete contractors, when I'm using the tool, who am I searching for, for concrete contractors? I think you did mention garages, but yeah, I just wanted to be reminded of when I'm working for a contractor, what the search is that I'm doing for them, or who it is that they want to work with. I hope that's.

Yeah, absolutely. So the great thing is that there are a million… It's late, so I'm going to keep this answer short. There are a million different niches and a million different industries, and there is absolutely no possible way that you, as a human, are going to know the searches to run for that particular client at any one time. But the cool thing is they do. Here's the question that you can ask your concrete contractors, Mr. Concrete contractor, if I were able to connect you with a hundred of your ideal people that can send you business, who would I be reaching? That's the question. They know who sends them business. Off the top of my head, who sends them business? Yeah, garage renovators, like people doing new garage floors, building companies, obviously, people who are doing that stuff. Concrete cutting. The people that do concrete cutting don't often do concrete pouring because they conflict. But a tattoo studio really works well with a tattoo removal studio. Concrete cutters can send concrete pourers a lot of business. Roofing companies. Why? Because a lot of times when people get up into the roof and they want to redo their roof, they understand that it's sagged because there's a crack in the foundation and now we've got a whole bunch of problem.

So anybody in the contracting space is a really good lead. Real estate companies. Why? Because people come, they want to buy a house that needs renovation. Amazing. Get a lead system going on. Then we're looking at local businesses, but anybody in that construction space that's not a construction company, but landscapers. Landscapers are a big one. Example, we had some landscape gardening done. The landscaping company don't have a concrete truck. What they did was, Hey, okay, so we need to build this wall. Cool, we need a concreter. Guess what? The builder did, picked up his phone, called his contractor and said, Hey, I've got a concrete job for you. The landscaping company sends a lot of businesses to concreters. But Carlene, I don't know. Your client will. The question to ask them is, if I could connect you with 100 people who can send you business, who are they? What do they do? Do you want to work with forest? Why? I don't know. We just seem to get a lot of business from forest. Sweet. I'll find you forest. They will tell you who it is that can refer them the most amount of business.

Got it. That makes sense. I just wanted to be reminded of the types of people that they may want to go for.

Yeah, trades, building renovation companies, landscape companies, think outside the home and what breaks. And those are the guys that we're seeing concrete companies business. And then get into the commercial space. So you have building companies, property developers, town planning organizations, road work companies, infrastructure builders, all of those guys.

Got it. Excellent. Thank you very much. Now, I was trying to edit the landing page that you've given us because one thing I want to do is the database reactivation.


Not good at doing landing pages. I just get too caught up with being a perfectionist with it. And so I was just wondering if you could help me with editing the page so that I could use it to reach out to people for database reactivation. I wouldn't use that word when I'm using the page, but basically that's the service that I'm- Absolutely.

So yes is the answer, I can help you. And the way I'm going to help you is to make sure that you have people in your own Rolodex that you can contact at any time. So I can do this for you, or you can do it. I would pop into our Facebook group because there are people there that have incredible skills that are looking for work, right? On this call, I can tell you categorically right now that Dora is an absolute expert in doing exactly what you wanted. Actually, she's come from a tech background. But now Dora might already be busy and not have any capacity. But there are people in the group that would love for you to pay them a hundred bucks to do absolutely anything you wanted to do. Now, Colleen, here's a really important question, and I've said this before. And in fact, what I'm going to do is just do.

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