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Amazing. Wait, say that again, just because.

Let's get it- The amazing information you're putting out is just.

Thanks, man, appreciate it.

Real two quick questions. I just mentioned for Sonny to go back and check it out. I know you said you upload to YouTube for the recordings. Is there one, I guess, a spot we can watch these?

Yeah, absolutely. It is white-label-suite/youtube. Just head on over there and... That's the wrong link because I didn't spell YouTube, right? Whitelabelsuite. Com/youtube. Just like that. That'll take you to our channel. Just hit the button, get notified when we upload new stuff. Head on over and every time we get asked a question, we'll send it up there.

Okay. Basically, this call will be broken down, I guess. I'm assuming it's different topics, essentially. Yeah. Then the second one was for the masterclasses, where we get notified when you have a live masterclass, that way we can join.

Yeah, thanks. We run the masterclasses once a month. We used to do them every week, but we were just overwhelmed with getting so much information coming through that people were not able to keep up. We have masterclasses once a month and we will notify you via email. The email that you signed up to White Label Suite will be the one that we send out the masterclass notifications. We send 48 hours before, 24 hours before, and one hour before. You'll get three emails before the event, and we always do record them as well. Very cool.

Awesome. That's it from me. Again, thank you so much. This was an amazing call.

Great to have you with us, man. Thank you so much for joining us. All right.

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