White Label Suite Answers and B2C Leads

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And I think that I'm open when it comes to how when I'm running the campaign, and then I download them into the system, and I reached out to a couple. But my mind is like, okay, so how is this actually helping them? I know that their help to the buyers and sellers, and that may not be what I can find through the system. And so I just was looking for maybe a road or maybe change who I'm... Not really change my niche, but just do something different with this particular system. I just wanted to get your thoughts on that.

Yeah, absolutely. Alvin, great to see you. Thanks so much. See you soon. Thanks so much for sticking around. Carl, I do see your questions as well. Great question, tomorrow. So teach someone to fish, feed them for a day. What is it? Give them a fish, feed them for a day. Let me show you. Let me give you an answer. Guys, I'm conscious of your time and thank you for sticking with me on a Saturday morning for an hour and a half. I really appreciate you. I have so much fun in these programs. I can answer your question or I can show you how to find an answer to every question you ever ask or everyone to know if I'm not available to answer it for you. I'm going to do both because I can and I own the place. Hey, it's my rules. Here we go. First things first. I'm going to show you how to find the answer to that question because it is, without a doubt, the most asked question in our white-label suite history. How do I find leads for a real estate agent, please? Literally the most asked question. Now, replace real estate agent with anybody else that sells B2C services.

How do I find leads using a B2B tool for a B2C client? Literally the most asked question we ever get. Because we get asked that question a lot, here I am in our White Label Suite dashboard. I want you to come across to training and resources. Again, this is me actually showing you to find the answer. Guys, you might be thinking, How do I do this? What about that? Really? Sure. We've been asked that before. If you're watching this, you're somewhere in the future, can you get back to me with some stock picks? If you're somewhere in the future and you want to know the answer to a question and our next Q and A is not until tomorrow and you can't wait that long, come on in to our training and resources. Come down to the bottom right-hand corner where it says, need a hand and just type your question in here. So B2C is the trigger that will find you lots and lots and lots and lots of answers. So B2B, B2C. How do we create B2C lead opportunities? This is a YouTube with a transcription of a previous answer to that question.

Step one. Step two, go to the source. So YouTube, actually, this is the link, whitelibbersweet. Com/youtube. And by the way, Tamara, I am going to answer your question.

Oh, no, I'm Colin.

Oh, cool. So come to our YouTube channel, all right? And just hit here. Actually, you could even type real estate, but type B2C. Because there's some really cool generating B2C leads. How do we generate B2C leads? B2c B2B, B2C strategies and sales philosophy, how we create B2C lead opportunities. Boom. Part two. I've said part one, training and resources. Part two, direct-to-source YouTube channel. Part three, Facebook group. Again, this is not just about the B2C question, but this is literally resources that you have to help you grow your businesses that are on hand. In our Facebook group, one and a half thousand members right now, pretty sweet, come across here and type B2C. Because it has been asked a few times and there's one specific post that I'll show you that actually has three videos, it's this one. Let me copy this link and drop it into the chat box over here in our Zoom room, dropping into the Zoom chat right here. That's the Facebook post specifically that I'm talking about. What am I looking at now? Where did that come from? Go back, please. There's a post here that has four videos on it.

It's this one from January 7, and it's got four different... And you can actually see in the captions there, Tamara. It's already gone past it, but I said something about realtors. For realtors. It's pretty common. Now I've shown you, where can I find answers to any questions that I've got with white-level suite? There's three great ways that you can do it. Now let me answer the question. B2b tools running B2C leads. You just got to think a little bit strategic. Basically. What we've done in the past with great success is find the people that have already got those leads on their database. Let me give you an example. A realtor. Who is a referral partner for realtors? Who sends realtors business if they do a good job? Mortgage brokers, investment firms, financial planners, accountants, legal. So first step of the program is use it to find mortgage brokers, accountants, financial planners, lawyers, and introduce a business to business service to each other. Create a little referral hub. You'll get massive value for a client. Step one. Step two, use the system to find very large employee-based organizations that are around you, and let me give you a few.

A school, a sporting club, an association, a hospital. How would I use a school to help a realtor? A real estate agent is looking in a specific location for people who want to sell their homes or people who want to buy a home in that area. Guess what a school has in common? People who live in that area who have families who want to buy a home or sell a home in that area. I can use a B2B tool. I cannot email a person with a B2B proposal and maintain privacy. I cannot. I cannot email Mrs. Smith at 27 Jones Street and ask her if she wants to sell a home. Because how the hell did I get Mrs. Jones's thing if I haven't got her to opt in and whatever and all that stuff? However, using a B2B tool and our data is all compliant, I can get the email address of the administrator of the local school. So instead of sending 10,000 emails out to the public, I can send one email to the local school to the administrator with a very special offer that goes like this. Hi, my name is I'm a local real estate agent and I love serving our local community just like you.

We have families in the same neighborhood as your school. Now you don't have to say, I send my kids to your school because there's only one of those. I have families in the community just like the people who are coming to your school. And because I am a community-focused individual, I want to help the people in our community. And I would like to make the staff of XYZ Elementary School a real special offer. If anybody that works at XYZ Elementary School would like to sell their home, I will take $1,000 off my commission, which I just added $1,000 to before I run this campaign. I will make that very, very, very, very special offer only for the staff at XYZ Elementary School, because I'm such a community based individual who likes money. Oh, and by the way, if you'd like to put a little note in your newsletter, here's a note I've already prepared for you that you can just copy and paste, and I'll extend that same offer to all your parents as well. Now, not everybody's going to put their little note in the newsletter, but if they do, guess what? I just hit 200 staff and 500 parents with one email.

So how do I use a B2B tool to find B2C leads opportunities? I strategically think about where are the referral-based partners and where are the big organizations that I can make a massive impact with one connection. Now I don't need 1,000 schools. I need five. Does that help, Tamara?

It does. The approach would not be, and again, I'm going to go through the resources that you gave me. I'm sure that it'll be very helpful to watch this again. But I'm trying to think my approach wouldn't really be to the realtor. If I approach the realtor, it would be about introducing them to schools and sporting clubs and associations and stuff. That would be my approach.

Yeah. Okay. Sorry. Absolutely. Then for all of the connected businesses, you want to sell them a leads account as well so that they can find realtors. All the mortgage brokers and accountants and finances and all that stuff, you need to have realtors that send them business, line them up.

Awesome. I really appreciate this- You're welcome.

Amazing to see you. Thank you so much, Tamara. I really appreciate you coming on board. Don't forget, guys, we do this five-.

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