Triggering the 20 free leads snapshot and throttling your email speed

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So Latoya's question is we've got the.

Package, we've got the snapshot, which is 20 free leads. And the idea behind this is that we're going out to market. So now we own a lead generation tool, right? We own a licence for this lead generation tool. We're going out to market and we're reaching out to our ideal prospects saying hey, who wants 20 free leads? And from our experience, that was the actual offer that exploded our age agency. We went from struggling to doing 30 40 new sales a month. We grew to 50K MRR in 90 days by literally offering the market 20 free leads in the snapshot. As we look at it, that particular snapshot has no trigger. And I just want to tell you what I mean by that. So obviously we built the system on GHL, which is an amazing platform, and being able to put in place an automation and that automation is reaching out to market saying who wants 20 free leads? There's no trigger. So how does it fire? And I just want to show you exactly what it means. So I'm going to share screen in just a SEC. This is the building block of the.

20 free leads campaign.

So if I come down to the.

Automation here and I'll show you exactly.

What I'm talking about in the come on, go quicker for me please. In the folder which is in our 20 free leads system here, it's the email sequence. Sorry, it's actually the 20 free lead system.


When the internet's going slow, don't click on the wrong thing because then it takes you five minutes to actually correct that mistake in the 20 free lead system. Okay, that actually might be the one.

So maybe I actually got it right. Here we go.

So this is the actual email series that we built out to advertise 20 free leads. And we noticed there's no trigger.

What the heck? History. There used to be we used to run it automatically.

We literally used to be able to search for the leads and as soon.

As you search for them, boom, emails are being sent.

But then we realised that we're actually creating a dangerous circumstance because I can go into my leads tool and I can actually run 1000 leads right now before my coffee machine finishes brewing, right? And if I'm sending out 1000 leads in one hit, I'm actually risking my email address. I'm risking getting blacklisted, I'm risking like getting to the spam box.

If I do that without control, bad things can happen.

So then in that case, how do I get these emails sent in? What am I going on? LaToya long answer to a short question. Let me show you. So now we go. Now what we do is after you bring the leads into your CRM system so here's my demo version where I've got some leads coming in. These are leads we've brought in from the programme, we've got them tagged, all that kind of stuff. Now what we're able to do is.

To say, I've got a whole bunch of test ones in there, but that's okay. Say, okay, cool, here's all these leads.

That I've just brought in from the system and I want to put them.

Into my campaign without a trigger. How do I do it?

I go like this, okay, cool.

Grab all of my leads, right?

Come up here to the little robot, the automation.

Add to campaign or workflow okay, so I go, add to Campaign or workflow and it says, cool, this is what.

I'm about to do. And we say, yeah, that's right. And then we say, which campaign do we want to drop this into?

So this is the 20 free leads campaign, all right?

Email series for 20 free leads. And no, do not ever do this because that's the danger that I'm talking about. Don't send 13,000 emails in one hit, please, ever.

What we do is we come across.

To the right hand side and we say add in drip mode.

So we say, okay, cool, add in drip mode.

And as soon as I select that, it opens up a few more options here. So we've got 13,960 emails that I can add in drip mode.

We say, okay, cool.

This is just a name.

So this is my September leads, all right?

Now here in Australia, it's Saturday morning. As I'm recording this, I don't think sending an email on a Saturday morning to a business context necessarily ideal, so I want this to start on Monday morning. Okay, so start on Monday morning, all right? And we can say start at a particular time of day.

So, yeah, sure, start at 730 in the morning.

And this is where we can control the amount of emails that are going on an hourly or daily basis. So what we teach with the system and with cold email is you got to warm up your email address, right? Day one, new email, send out 1000 leads. Day two, black flag spam list. Nothing gets delivered, right? So what we teach is warm it up slowly. In your first week, send ten emails a day.


Ten emails a day, man.

That's 50 emails a week, right?

Because we're only doing weekdays, right? So 50 emails a week, isn't that like real slow?

In the second week, you're doing 20 emails a day.

In your third week, you're doing 30 emails a day. In your fourth week, you're doing 40 emails a day.

1020, 30.


At the end of one month, you're now sending 50 emails a day, five days a week, which is 1000 leads a month.

1000 outgoing, brand new fresh emails every single 30 days with no risk or damage to spam or blacklists or anything like that. So how do we do this in drip mode? We say, okay, cool, let's say we've done our four week warm up, or let's say we're in week three.

So we want to send 30 emails every one day. 30 emails every day, okay? And I want to send these only on weekdays.

So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday not Saturday, not Sunday.

Just turn those days off. Or I can include Saturday, whatever I.

Want to do, right? Because entrepreneurs, business owners work in the weekends, no surprise. So maybe I want Saturday. Or not. And I want these to be delivered in my best open email time zones, which is kind of between 08:00 A.m. And midday, right? So I'm going to say, okay, only.

Send my emails at a speed of 30 a day, every day from eight till twelve. Sweet, done.

So that's how I'm going to add it to my campaign, without a trigger, by being able to control the speed of delivery. Now, if you've got a big leads list, LaToya, just to finish that off, got a big lead list, I'm adding in 1000. I've just done my third week at 30 per day. So I'll show you what happens. We're going to do this like for real. We literally go, okay, I've got these leads, I've got this speed, I'm all good. Add to my campaign.

All right?

Now that's going to pop that into a bulk action. And now from my contacts, if I come up to bulk actions up the.

Top, I'll be able to see that.

Campaign is right there.

All right?

Now at the moment, it's Saturday and this is starting Monday. So that's why I wasn't too worried about dropping these in right now, because 13,000 emails are not going to send. But let's say that cool, things are going, things are clicking. I've got 1000 in there and next week I want to bump that speed up. I can come across, and when it's actually running, you'll see a little option here that says edit, and I can edit the speed.

So I can come in here and.

Edit an existing running campaign and I can go from 30 to 40. I can go from 40 to 50. All right, so that's step one.

Now, one more tip on this.

Again, long answer to a short question, apologies. One more tip on this is that when you get to the point where your email is warm and you're sending out your emails, there's going to be a day, and I promise you this is going to happen, there's going to be a day when I'm not watching and you're going to go, Walt's not watching.

I'm going to send 100 a day. He said 50 a day, but he's not watching.

So I'm going to send 100.

I know because I've done it.

I know we save 50 emails a day because we know you guys are not going to listen to us. And at some point you're going to want to turn the dial up, all right, which is fine, but still, 50 day, it's not fine, do it slowly. Keep your account safe, keep your clients account safe. But here's the key. When I'm doing this ad, and I'm doing this ad to campaign, and I'm setting this up in drip mode, what I did on that first thing was I said 30 every single day. Every one day, right? That's what I did before. And I said this time, and I said, start at 08:00. Now, the way that the programme GHL.

Specifically works is if you've set this.

Up to send 30 every day at 08:00 A.m., what happens is as soon as 08:00 A.m.

Hits, it sends 30 emails ding 08:00 A.m.

In 1 second. 30 emails just got sent. Okay, sweet. Well, yeah, cool. But I really wanted to space that out between eight and twelve, remember? So when I'm sending 30, it's not so bad. I just sent 30 emails, it's not so bad.

But when I'm sending 100 and it.

All hits in that 1 second of 08:00 A.m., again, it's not ideal for email delivery. So when I get up to 100, I want to set it up slightly differently. So I want to do 100 emails a day between eight and twelve, instead of doing the setup like this, 100 every day between eight and twelve. What I'd actually set it up to.

Look like is I want to send 25 every hour between eight and twelve.

Now, it'll send 25 emails at 825, emails at 925, emails at 1011 and twelve, right? So when I'm getting the numbers higher, spread the drip out a little bit across the hours.


And again, that's just for the best Practise of email delivery.

If I need to send 100 emails.

Or 200 emails in this day, and I'm really trying to ramp this up for my client, drip it out at ten an hour for 10 hours, or 25 an hour over 10 hours to send a bigger batch for the week kind of thing. So does that answer the question? It's like, how do I trigger this? Literally? Just select it from our contacts list and add it to our campaign and make sure to do that slowly in drip mode. That cool.

LaToya yep, that works for me. And when it comes to, let's say, like, I just went to a business expo, what is the best way for me to begin automating bringing those contacts in and uploading them to GHL?

What a great question.

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