Triggering Automations With a Sale In GHL

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Free leads, for me, it's going to be the Stripe sale. How do I integrate that back?

Great. The question specifically is in the snapshot that we have... Again, I repeat this so that the YouTube videos make sense when people are watching. The question is, in our 20-free lead snapshot, step four, I think, is stop this automation. You need to manually insert a trigger because we don't know what trigger you guys are using. Some people are making sales through PayPal, DHL, Clickbank, ThriveCAT, Paykickstart, insert payment platform here. We don't know what you guys are using for it, so we couldn't actually specify what is the trigger that needs to stop this, right? We put a big note there that says, Enter this manually. Latoya's question is, My trigger is going to be Stripe. How do I make that happen? Are you doing Stripe through GL? Or are you doing Stripe outside of GL?

Stripe through GL, I believe.

Happy days. That's super easy. That's going to shortcut this video by about 10 minutes. You've got payments, you've connected Stripe up to your system, you've got a product that people can buy, you've put that product on a funnel. How do I now make sure that the sale of that product stops the automation and the flow? In our 20 free lead system, we're talking about step four, import and add manually, on sale, add removal. What does it do? It actually says when something happens, stop bugging people, right? Stop reminding them to do something because they've already done it. That's what this is all about. When something happens, as in they buy something from me, the very worst thing you could do for your reputation is a customer who's paid you money now gets a follow-up email that says, Hey, pay us money. You want to make sure that that stops. In your case, Latoya, where you're using Stripe through ThHL, the trigger looks like this. The trigger is actually the fulfillment of an order form. If you just type in the word order, you have the contact there is an order form submission. That's an order form.

It's on your funnel. When somebody fills out that order form, that's going to trigger. Now you need to specify using your filters, you're going to say when it is in the funnel called ABCDE, whatever your funnel is called, and it is on the page called step three, whatever, that's going to be the trigger. They have completed the order form on the funnel called, My Booking link. Step three called, upsell of whatever, that's going to fire the stop of all of the other follow-ups. The trigger is an order form submission in a specific funnel on a specific page. Okay. Works?

That's all I got right now.

Amazing. Thank you so much. Latoy, we do these Q&A's every single weekday. Every time you've got a question, pop on in. I do the calls once a week, Fridays. The rest of the team have got… Ebony does a couple of days a week. Kyle, Head of Marketing does a couple of days a week. Nick takes over on a tech call on Mondays, so pop on in anytime. Bring a list. It's always.

Thank you.

Awesome. Thank you so.

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