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First of all, quick question about billing. I got an email that said the payment failed. I submitted a support ticket and Alex said, first of all, there's sufficient funds in the account so I shouldn't be a problem and information should be correct on there. He said just wait till it guys rebuild again. I haven't done anything and you haven't sent me another email.

It usually takes two or three days. So let me just have a quick search here.



Last one was there.

So I tried yesterday, September eigth. Next try will probably be in the next 24, 48 hours.

Dude, no troubles. Are you locked out?

No, I'm not.

Now, you should have at least two or three days of grace. Dude, if you get locked out, just hit me up and I'll make sure that you're good. Like it's just a date change.

So no issues.


Got you. My second question was I am trying to create, going along with the ideology of create an offer so good people feel dumb saying no. Of course part of that is with your 23 leads offer I am thinking of doing because I'm still fairly new with lead gen and cold email and such a paper lead model.

My question is I'm sure there's some.

Math I would have to do to figure out how much to charge and then when to charge in the prospect journey to charge when they've booked in a meeting, when they've actually became a paying client or when exactly booked in a meeting.

Here's why, right?

Here's why.

And again, real story.

Curtis, who's one of our superstar white label suite members, started running paper lead.

Model and when he started, he was charging the client when the sale was made, right? That is not a paper lead model. That is a paper sale model. And it absolutely sucks for the lead generator. And here's why.

Because you will find and qualify and.

Nurture five to ten leads that you will deliver to the client. And Forbes magazine tells us that 83%.

Of all genuine qualified sales leads never receive a single follow up. So guess what's going to happen? You're going to drop five beautiful, incredibly qualified, nurtured and ready to buy leads into your client account and they are.

Going to burn them because they cannot sell and they are not going to pay you.

And they're going to come back to you and say, oh, the leads suck.

And you're going to say, no, you suck.

And they're going to say, well, we're not paying you anymore. And you go, damn it, need to.

Find another client, right?

When you are basing your income on their effort and activity, you are not in control of that situation. So in a pay per lead model, you get paid when you deliver a fully nurtured, qualified lead to them.

Now, here's a pro tip. They sign off on the lead.


They accept the lead before you send it to them.

And it goes like this automation.

All right.

Qualified, nurturing questions. David, my client.

Hey, David.

Just had a new lead come through.

The system would love your approval, so.

I can send it across to you. The client is 36 years old, currently owns their own home in this location, is looking to sell in the next three months, has two kids going to this particular school, which are all the questions that you've asked in a qualifying survey.


David, here's a new lead. Would you like it? David says yes, please.

You go. Cool.

On its way to you along with the invoice for $500.

All right.

So, again, protect your income, make it.

Easy for the client. So set it up as an automation. They go through a qualification. Like creating leads is about not just bringing in a bunch, right. That's what selling the software is all about, letting them do it themselves. But if you're in a pay per.

Lead model, you want to kind of.

Price yourself about how engaged that lead is, right? Am I, Mr. Client, simply delivering you 500 of your ideal clients in that particular organisation that you are then going to work with?

My cost to you is $500 a month. Happy to do it.

Take you ten minutes, run the search, send it over.

Happy days, right?


Low value.

So sell the software guys so you can get the recurring income. But if you're doing it as a paper lead model, you can sell the unqualified leads at a low price. The more qualified they get, the more expensive they become and the more work you need to get. So, John Logar, great training, his model, he's got a paper lead model where he's charging a 5000 $8,000 a month.

Retainer for clients and has hundreds of clients.


Amazing dude, incredible business model. But it's about the amount of value you deliver the lead. Now, if I give you a name and number on a piece of paper and say that's a lead, it is.

Worth, whatever, $5, right.

But if I give you a name and number on a piece of paper that has answered the can they afford it? I have a great client. Do they have a buying need right now? Are they in the exact market that you're looking for and really literally standing by with a credit card in their hand? What's that lead worth?

Two grand?

Five grand, depending on what you sell.


So, again, if you're doing paper lead to a high volume industry like nail salons, the lead value is still small. Now, you might get a lot of.

Them, which is cool.

Like you can build volume, right? Get 100 people a month and get.

Paid $500 per person or $5 per person.

You're still making 500 a month.


You got to find a lot. But if you're working with higher value organisations, like, for example, luxury yacht retailers, right? Guy sells luxury yachts for $32 million. A yacht probably only sells six a year. But a lead qualified, nurtured, high net worth individual who's looking to buy a.

Yacht, what's the lead worth? 50 grand.

All right, I have a real quick story.

One of my good friends runs.

Before I even got into this particular software programme and created it, he ran a lead generation business where his commission.

Per lead was $200,000 commission per lead.

Now, the leads he was looking for were medical emergency evacuations.


And he set up his whole business to monitor social media and monitor for some keywords people who went on adventure.

Holidays, kayaking through the Amazon, right?

Broke their leg because of whatever, and found themselves with a satellite phone in.

The hang going, help me get the.

Hell out of here.

Anybody on Twitter that can help me.

Get out, it gotcha.

Hey, how you doing?

You're in trouble? Yeah, man.

I got a helicopter standing by.

Look, your insurance company is going to cover the cost, but I need to get you out of there, otherwise you're going to die from some swamp infested disease. You ready to get picked up?

Sweet, bro. Let me send it to you.

Hey, Mr.

Helicopter. I got a lead for you.


$200,000 per lead.


Now, shockingly, he was selling ten leads a month. It's a big planet, right, but how.

Much is a lead worth?

Depends on how much the sale is worth. Nail salon lead might be worth five to $10. Sat appointment in a chair, right?

Financial planning organisation.

Lead might be worth five grand.

Medical evacuation emergency, 200 grand.


So scale depends on what they do.

So the qualification process would be, would you say, get an automation, get a form going?


And then have that?

Here's how it works, Mr Customer.

I'm about to qualify this lead for you.

What will you sign off on? How old do they need to be?

What income do they need to have? Like, your client will tell you what makes a good customer, and at the end of that conversation, you get their agreement that goes like this.

So what you've just told me, mr.

Professional Golfing Organisation that signs and works with retirees who play golf what you've just told me is that if I can find you a lead that is.

55 years and over, that lives in.

This particular suburb and earns this amount of money that has just retired and is looking to learn how to play.

Golf, that you will pay me $500 for that particular person.

Am I right? Have I understood and repeated that back to you? Well, so now my qualification questions relate specifically to what the client told me they need. Hey, welcome to XYZ Golfing Pros unimaginable. We're going to send you a playbook that is whatever.

Can you tell me how old you are?

What's your net worth? When did you retire?

Where do you live?

You build your qualification questions around what your client needs you, but you get them to say yes. If you can give me a lead.

That ticks these boxes, all right, I.

Will pay you X. Now, pro tip.

Write this down.

If there are five questions on that qualification age, income, retirement status, location, and willing to play golf.


There are five questions. That is a 100% qualified lead.


Pro tip.

Want to make more money?

Ask the client to sign off on a 50% qualified lead.

What if I can give you two of them? A retired person who's looking to play golf. Is it worth half the lead?

Just make sure if I give you a 100% qualified lead, you're going to pay me $500. If I give you a 50% qualified.

Lead, can I get 100?

Again, it's just that making sure you're maximising your income and again you set.

Your so qualification sends an automation to the Comet hat says, Dear Client's Name, great news.

We have a new lead who's qualified to learn all about golf in your local area, and I'm super excited to send them across to you. They answered question one with this, question two with that, question three with this, question four with that, question five with this. They are a 100% qualified lead.

Do you accept them?


Client says yes on yes, send lead and invoice.


So what questions should we ask?

Whatever the client will sign off on.


I need to know that this person is alive.


If I could give you somebody that's.

Got a pulse, will you pay me?

Yes. All right.

Hey, Mr.

Client, can you confirm that you're alive?

Yes, I am. Lead. All right.

The higher the qualification, the more the value of the lead is going to go up. So the client will tell you what they want to qualify at. You build your automation to suit you. Make sure that they accept the lead before you send it. Because otherwise what will happen is you'll send 30 and they'll pay you for.

Twelve because they'll say, oh, the other 18 sucked. If I'm doing the work, my criteria is you accept the lead, and on acceptance, I invoice you what you do.

With that lead up. Let me tell you, if you invoice somebody for a lead, they will work that lead hard.

If you give someone a lead, they'll burn it.

But if they've already paid for it.

They want their money back. So they'll actually make sure it works. It's a much better model. So I send you a lead, you.

Accept on acceptance, you text back, yes.

I send you the lead and an invoice.

Happy days.

Let's move forward. Good model.

By the way, how to make an offer so good that people feel dumb saying no costs you nothing. Mr. Klein, I don't win, you don't win. Happy to work.

Let's roll, man.

Greg, in terms of what to charge, I would ask them on the call how much client is worth.

Yeah, sorry, I missed that one piece.

Of math from there.

Yeah, so do the math. So a formula again, just simple math.

Mr. Client, what's an average deal worth to you?

$3,000. Cool.

So every time a new client literally signs up with you, that is a cash register ring, and that puts $3,000 in your account, am I right?

Yes, it is.

Okay, cool.

What are you currently spending on your lead cost? How much does it cost you per lead right now? Now, nine times out of ten, you're going to get an I don't know, but you're going to say something like Facebook ads, all that kind of stuff.

If I can give you a fully qualified lead.

So sales techniques kicking in. Right now, a sale to you is worth $3,000. The next question needs to be how many appointments do you need to sit with a qualified lead to get a sale? What's your closing ratio?

All right, so a sale is worth three grand.

How many qualified sits will your salespeople.

Need to close that sale?

Best guy closes at 50%. Worst guy closes at 10%.


I need to work off your worst guy.

So if your sale is worth $10,000 and your worst guy needs to set.

Ten appointments to get a sale, that.

Means your lead cost to sale is.

$300 to break even.

So what you're telling me is if I can get you a lead for anything less than 300, your best guys are going to make you a lot of money, and your worst guys are going to make you a bit.

Is that okay?

Yes. Sweet.

I'll set my lead cost at 250. All right, now your job is to.

Give them to your best guy. So your returns invested, but for every lead I send you, that's fully qualified, you're going to pay me $250, which means you're going to be in profit.

On your worst guy deal. All right, so maths, what's your average deal?

What's your conversion rate for a fully qualified appointment? Sitting face to face with you on.

A zoom call today, right?

How many does it take you to sit to get an appointment to get a sale?

The guy might say one. You give me a fully qualified deal.

I'm a one to one closer, dude.

Give him my number.

I need that guy.

Right, but it's not a realistic thing.

Your best is going to be one.

Out of two, right? One out of two, you can't win them all.

So one out of two.


So a lead is worth $1,500 to.

You because two sits, one sale, break even at 1500.


I'll charge you $1,000.

Deal. Right?

So so long as you can make it offer so good that they feel dumb saying no. If I can put a guaranteed sale transaction in front of you for cheaper and that makes you money.

Are you happy to do business with me?


Now, Sonny, lock this down before you run a single lead, because I'll tell.

You what will happen. I'll tell you what will happen is.

That when they start paying you ten grand a month and 20 grand a.

Month and 50 grand a month, at.

Some point they're going to go, man.

We'Re paying Sonny too much money.


At which point, you need to have a clause in your contract that says on the day that you and I decide that you can no longer accept.

More leads this month, I will have.

Your permission to pass them to your competition.

In other words, if I've generated 200.

Leads for you, but you can only.

Take 100 because your sales teams are maxed out, then, dude, I'm still getting paid for the other hundred. So you either scale your team or I scale your competitor.

Now I'm being a dick, right?

I'm being harsh.

But you need to lock this in.

Because at some point, your client, you're going to get good at this, Sonny, right? At some point, your client is going.

To go, whoa, I can't do anymore.

And you now have hit a ceiling of your growth. So just literally have a little clause that says on the month that you cannot accept any additional leads, I have your permission to sell those leads to the next interested party. Don't mention competition, but just say to the next interested party right now, here's what will happen.

The business owner, I'll go, sure, done. It doesn't cost me anything, right?

On the day that you've got so many leads that you don't want anymore.

I don't want to be stopped.

I'm going to take those leads and.

Sell them to the next financial planner.

I'm not going to say that to.

Your face, but I'm going to say.

To the next interested party.


So again, just put those things in place, dude. And I know go back and watch this recording because I know I've just given you a fire hose, but hopefully that's cool, right? So closing ratio, price per sit, value per lead, conversion rates, make sure you've got it in place, signed off, accept the lead, right? This is the criteria for an accepted lead. You will accept it, and I will invoice you. And on the day you tell me.

No more, I will sell it to someone else. Everybody good?

Let's get to work.

Is that okay?

Beautiful, Walt. Thanks. Happy days, bro.

Forth and make.


All right, cool.

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