Presenting White Label Suite and Making Sales in Different Industries

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We and say, hey Sonny, good morning, man. How are you doing? Doing good. I have got a haircut yesterday, actually, so nice. Good to see you. Thanks.

I just wanted to if you could.

Quickly run over, I know you did.

A fairly new release of some features in the software. If you could just quickly run over.

That just what you've released.

So I can have it in my.

Mind and pitch it?

Of course, yeah, of course.

Is there anything specifically anything that you've seen that we need to go over? I'm actually at a bit of a disadvantage this morning because I'm coming in from a four day strategy session and haven't caught up with the team. My next meeting is to catch up with the team, so I'm at a disadvantage. But what have you seen that you've.

Liked so far or which ones have.

You seen that you'd like to go.

Over or just all of them, I guess.

All of them. What would be most valuable.

Say, to a business coach.

In those new.

Jump in?

Let me just jump and I guess GHL isn't the lead system in.

GHL is not loading on my end, so interesting.

No problems, no worries.

So I'm just catching up and going.

Through and making sure that we have that in play. So again, I'm sorry, I'm at a.

Bit of a loss because I'm the next one coming up.

Okay, I know what we've got coming, but I'm not seeing anything.

Brand new bro.

Except for the bulk AI tools now, which came out during the week.

So that's where we were able to individually select the introduction, the summary and the subject line. Now we can do one click on bulk. Yeah, we've got some other stuff coming through soon, but I can't see anything that's live.

So I'm curious if you've seen something specific or if it's just literally how do I pitch this to a business coach? Yeah, well, hold on 1 second. My brother's talking.

I'm literally scanning through everything I've got.

Coming in and looking to see if we've got yeah, I guess all the.

Icons that pop up, those are just links to their platforms, right? So we can connect multiple different platforms with them and then the generate, summary, generate, intro and subject line are all fairly new right. With us with chat, GBT and just being able to customise the emails for them, which would get higher open rates and such.

So let's have a look through and think about who a business coach is.

Going to be working with.

So a business coach is going to be contacting a specific company that might be looking for an individual person or they might be working at a company level to train all of the staff on sales or on communication, on relationships or whatever it might be. So yeah, if you're looking at the results. So we're in an industry search.

You've got the socials here, so this.

Is step one of what we're going.

To do with the socials.

So step one is, hey, I've got.

These guys, I've got my AI intro.

Generator here, so I can literally copy and paste this.

All right?

And there's one feature that I have just seen. So one of the things is, now we want to be able to edit in app, so I can edit this. I just want to change it up a little bit. And Chris comes from our business profile.

So all of these prompts to the.

Chat GPT system come from business profile. I'll cover that in a second. So I've got these guys, I can see that they've got a whole bunch of employees here, so I might want to work with big companies or small companies. I'll be able to see that in the system and I can say, okay, cool, look, I'd love to approach these guys. What should I say? I've got all this that I can copy. Then I can come across straight to, for example, their Facebook or Instagram. So I could hit their Facebook account and I could literally drop in a message straight to these guys. And if I wanted to, I could just copy and paste that introduction. So here we go.

Here's this particular company.

And I could literally just paste that in there. So I've taken it straight from my chat GPT. So this is designed to make prospecting faster, right? So we say okay.


This is my ideal customer. My AI tools allow me to get a summary of this company, so I'm able to see, for example, who are they, what do they do? And again, one of the biggest things that you can do in prospecting is.

Make sure you're hitting the right prospects.

So you're not wasting your time. So we can see, for example, we know how big a company they are, we can see exactly what they do, we can generate an introduction, we can tweak these introductions. And that's what I was saying with the profile. So in your profile information here.


Set up your own profile, so you're able to say, okay, this is who I am, this is what I do, this is what I sell, this is who I help, right? And I was doing this for a.

Demo for a client yesterday, so I'm.

Not Melanie, but she was. So that's why I put Melanie in there. And actually, guys, when you're looking to sell this as a programme, one of my biggest sales tips of all time is to set up the profile before the meeting, take that extra two minutes, look at their website, fill this out, so when you get to actually do the demo, you've got it all loaded for them. It makes a massive difference. So it's taking the information of your company. You're able to tweak the instructions to Chat GPT, so you can come over to your OpenAI and you can say, okay? For example, that introduction, this is what we're sending across. Act as this person from the company called my business analyse the website of the client I'm trying to reach, introduce our company, noting that we sell this, this and this and it helps those people provide them with this. Now I can keep the text in two clear sentences and don't include subject. Do not reply with I hope this finds you well.

Right? So that's just teaching the AI what.

To say or what to create. Now you could literally do it. You can tell the AI to change things up.

So in this one, write a humorous.

Opening email subject line. I added that word yesterday in the demo. You can train the AI to answer differently. Okay, so write a humorous opening email subject line. We could actually challenge that out to.


Write a personal.

Social media message.

Now just because it said subject line doesn't mean it has to be subject line. Write a personal social media message from.

Us, all right, and save and now.

When I come across and do my come down here and get a subject line instead of being an email subject line, what it should actually do is.

Generate the personal social media message, all right?

So you can change the AI to do what you want it to do.

Which will give you a okay.

Server error.

I have to cheque that if I've destroyed the prompt, I might go back and set that to default. But you can change what's said by the AI, all right, so you can contact them on any platform. Of course, we've got the contacts information, and one of the other new things that's popped in is this thing called labels. So for example, what are the labels doing?

I've got Lucy, okay, I want to.

Reach out to Lucy. So let's say I've just sent Lucy a DM, something like that, and now with my labels, what I'm able to.

Do is say, okay, I've messaged Lucy, all right? So what we're now able to do.

Is literally see who we've messaged, who we've sent out the information to, all right? So I've contacted this company, I've emailed.

Them already, all right, so now we're able to set these labels on here.

And we're able to philtre on those labels. So now I've got 1000 people in my contact list. I want to say, okay, show me.

Everybody who I've already emailed, all right?

So go to label where I have emailed apply. So now I can take everything else out and just show me the ones I've already emailed. Just show me the ones I've already messaged. Just show me the ones I've already contacted. So that's something they're new as well. So, yeah, literally it's designed to be a prospecting lead generation tool. Find me the ideal client. Find me the different ways to communicate with them. Tell me what to say using AI. Keep a track of how we've been able to do that and get all of the information that we can about every individual person within that company and find us the right person to speak to.

So that's kind of the wraparound. Sonny cool. Yeah.

That gives me a good herky. Did you record that, by chance?

Yeah, I did. There's also an extra one there where we used to do this individually. So get an introduction, get a summary, get a subject line for the AI. Now you can, for example, Philtre and then do on bulk so we can say Philtre, where the company size is more than 100.

All right?

So now I've only got a list.

Of bigger companies in my list, three.

Of them, in fact. Now I can say, go that and do all of the introductions or all of the summaries in one click, so rather than go through a thousand leads at a time. So one of the things about that, though, is that it does take time. So Chat GPT only handles I think.


Depending on whether you've got a paid account or a free account. It's like three a minute if it's a free account, or it's 60 a minute if it's not.

And so it'll queue that up and.

It'Ll send them through one by one. But then you'll be able to see those results and you'll be able to come in and get those results, obviously.

And go from there. So, yeah, like wrapped around, find ideal.

Nurture, see where you can contact with them, create what to say, keep a record of who you've sent information through to, philtre those results and target in.

On your ideal person. Well, thanks for that.

While I have you on here really.

Quick, this is unrelated.

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