How to set meeting lead times and buffers in GHL

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Do that again.

So latoya's question there is, hey, I really don't want to take a meeting by surprise.

I've got my calendar booking link out.

There, and the last thing I want.

To do is look at my calendar.

And see that I've got a clear afternoon and somebody be able to book.

Me like 30 seconds out from right now. And it's like, damn, I wasn't prepared.

So when you're setting up your calendar, so you're in your company, come into your settings and go to calendars and in the calendar itself.

So now we're setting up a calendar.

Guys, are you seeing my screen?

Is it okay?



So in the calendar here, what you.

Want to do is edit this and.

Throw in your availability.

All right?

And now when you scroll down in.

This availability window, we can see how.

Long is the average meeting. Okay, so 60 minutes, how long does the meet?

So, sorry, meeting interval. First thing here is how often do I walt to take meetings?

Do I want to make spots available.

At 09:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00?

That's on the hour, right?

That's the meeting interval. Or I might be every 30 minutes.

Which means I'll show spots available at.

9930, 1030, et cetera, right?

Or how many intervals do I want per day?


So on the hour, how long is my meeting? When I put a block of time into the calendar, how long should that block be?

That's the meeting duration. This is the one that you're talking.

About, minimum scheduling notice, right?

So with this setting as the way.

I've got it on the screen right.

Now, somebody cannot book me within the next 24 hours.

So I need at least one day's.

Notice before you can get into my calendar, right?

So I can set that to be.

1 hour, one week, one month, 2.

Hours, 5 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, one day, whatever it might be.

So I might say, do not book me within 12 hours of the existing time.

And again, my availability is going to be set by what hours I work, right? So I only work between these hours. So if it's 04:00 on a Tuesday and I've got it set that you.

Can'T book me within 12 hours, then.

By nature, my next available spot is.

Going to be the next morning at.

Eight, because that's 12 hours later, right?

So that's the meeting that you want to change. You want to say how many hours from right now, this minute in advance, do you want to open up that first spot?

That's where your setting is, right there.

And this one is how many days.

Do I want to show in advance?


So again, in pure experience, there is.

No point booking a meeting any further.

Out than I think two weeks, right?

So I've set mine to be 21 days. But I feel like if somebody books.

You in 21 days from now in 20 days from here. The chances of them showing up are tiny.

It's like they've forgotten why they even booked.

So, for me, my calendar is hard.

To get into, so it's like I.

Only have a certain amount of spots.

But it is time in advance here.

By hours and maximum days forward that you're taking bookings.

That's what those settings are for. Is that helpful?


Beautiful. Saving that.

Now, the three last fields there, just.

To finish off that recording.

Maximum bookings per day.


So depending on how you work, what.

You'Re doing and what you're presenting on.

Those calls, you might want to have.

A maximum of like three, four calls a day. So after, even if I've got spots.

Available, if I've taken more than my.

Maximum, do not book me until tomorrow.


And that next one, do I take group bookings? Is the 03:00 spot open for five.

People at a time?


So then it will say, okay, the.

First one's booked, the second one's booked, the third one's booked.

Like, if you're doing group training, I.

Only do five people per group.


I can actually set up how many spots are available at those meeting point times.

And the next one here is the buffer time.

If somebody books me at nine, I.

Need a 60 minutes buffer after the.

Meeting, before you open up my calendar.

Again, it's like I need to take my notes, I need to update the.

Person, I need to send them a.

Proposal, I need to do all the.

Stuff that we talked about on the meeting.

So if I have a 09:00 booking and it goes for 60 minutes, it'll finish at ten. But my next available spot won't open up until eleven because I need a 60 minutes buffer, whatever that time might look for.


So that's all of those settings in.

The availability section in Calendars.

Hopefully that's.

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