Insert the AI components to your emails with Lead Generation and GHL

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So yeah, so I'm starting to get opened.

Woohoo, you're starting to get opened. You got 40% open rates. I'm Australian, I need to talk in high in round numbers, like 40% open rates.

Beautiful. Well done.

So that's very encouraging. So I'm getting the click. So I've got one appointment, but I was just wondering how I could use the AI to actually hang on, how do I open this email?

Click on Edit action up the top left.



There you go.

Yeah, so I think last time you mentioned I might need to change this copy to actually get more people to click and I was just wondering how I could use the AI to actually change this copy. Now I know you have mentioned this to us before, but I then get lost on which session it was, so I was just wondering yeah, how I could do that. And I know you mentioned that when I do use that, I'm going to be charged a fee, so I need.

To be aware not only that, so you get charged a fee, but not only that the fee is paid to OpenAI. Right. So it's not us it's paying that to OpenAI. Not only that, what I did mention on that particular call that we spoke about this was that as you run.

Leads in the leads programme, only the ones you select will actually have the AI introduction inserted. Right.

What do I mean by that? Have you got the leads tool that you can open up?

I'll show you what I mean or.

I can share screen and show you. So what I mean is inside of.

The leads tool, it's not every single result that's going to have your introduction.

Inserted, it's only going to be the ones that you select. Now we have just done the bulk select guys, so you can select all run at once. Intro is done for 50 of them or however many it might be. Right, so what I'm about to show.

You, Colleen, is selective. So be careful.

You might want to have an automation that and again, be the magician, don't be the builder. You might want to have an automation that actually separates the campaign.

If they have an introduction, push them into that campaign. If they don't have an introduction, push.

Them into that campaign.

So one trigger with a split that.

Says if that field is populated, cool, send this campaign. If it's not populated, send the one that doesn't rely on it.


So make sure that that's something you can do. You can selectively.


Yeah, I'm just going into finding the.

Tool that's okay, so I'll show you that in just a SEC. If you want to do you want to just share screen? Again, back on automations. Yeah, I do apologise. You asked me to do something specific.

For you last week, which was take that video down and I didn't. And thank you so much for being with us on this call, and I apologise for not actioning that, but I will do so right now.

So you're on the ebony's q a call.

I've got one more Q A call to find. How quickly can you scroll? Not quickly, evidently.

There we go.

Block out my contact details, but I think it was a great video. So I'd love for you to keep it up there, but if you could just block out my cool, I'll do that.

I'll re upload it. Okay, cool. So you're in the leads tool. Can you just open up the top campaign result that you've got there? Marketing agencies, 60 results on the left hand side. Just click on that one.


So you'll notice that right now dept.

Does not have an introductory paragraph populated.

Nor does Perplex marketing.

You literally need to select which ones.

And then send it across to the AI so that it populates until you do.

So it doesn't have any information that.

You can then use in your email template. So that's step one. You need to specify which leads.

So tick that box or actually you.

Can tick multiple, and then you can literally just send it across and get that information.

Have you got your OpenAI key in there?


Okay, cool.

So you can either tick right next to Dept. You can click the middle button.


If you click that, it'll do that, it'll send across to OpenAI. OpenAI will create an intro. And now you can click it again and see it.

So now it's there.

There you go. Perfect.


So now you can edit that and you can do all that kind of stuff from here if you want to.

So now that one record, when you.

Send it across to GHL is going.

To have the intro filled in, but the other 59 in that list do not. Right.

So now that we know that one.

By one is the AI, now let's.

Come back across to the automation and I'll show you how to put that into your system. So you may actually need to have sent across some data for this to trigger, but I'm sorry, if this email is reaching the wrong person, could you please forward it on? So that next paragraph, you can just like drop in a new line there.

We won't save this by the way.

This is just to show you up in Custom Values.

Down a little bit.

Down that one there. Custom Values. Click down in contact.

So open up the Contact submedia top. Go up a bit. That one there. Scroll all the way down on that.

New list that just opened all the.

Way to the bottom. You'll see custom fields.

And in here you will see the intro by II.

Fourth one down from the top.

Got it.

Boom. Clicking that cool.

So now whatever the AI has generated.

As that introduction will insert into your email individually for each client.


Does that make sense?

So now that's what I was saying, that only some will have that intro, the ones that you've selected and some won't. So it depends on how you want to run the campaigns. You might want to have a split that says if that field is populated, send this email. If that field is not populated, send another email.

Colleen, you are the magician.

There are a hundred people in the.

White label suite community right now desperately.

Waiting for you to post a message.

That says, hey, guys, who can hook.

Me up with an if then automation so I don't have to do it and I can get to sleep at.

01:00 on a Friday night. You are the magician. The magician cannot be tired.

The magician cannot be buried in tasks that are the magician's assistant's job.

Otherwise, no one will buy a ticket. The magician needs to deliver the show.

Got it.

That's great for reminding me about that.

Thank you.

Yes. I just wanted to try and up these numbers and get a few more appointments so that I can practise and push myself.

I love it.

Comfort zone and get some business.

It looks like you're doing an amazing job. If you've got a 40% open rate and a 10% click through rate, then as Alex Homosex says, there's a couple of different ways you can scale a campaign.

One is be better.

All right?

And up until a certain point, being.

Better gets you diminishing returns.

Like be better, be better, make it better. Optimise tweak, do the subject split test.

Make sure you got it.

But in the end, there's going to.

Be minute improvements at some point. At some point, you're going to get to the fact where you just can't.

Get it any better than that. And at that point, the only thing.

You can do is more.

Once you got it good, you need to do more. So that is once I have clicks.

And appointments and I'm comfortable, that at 40% open rate is pretty good, 10%.

Click through rate is not bad, then.

The next thing I need to do.

Is just do more of it.

Got it. And we need to write.

Okay, so like you were saying, I need to select the ones that I.

Want to use, but you can either do it individually by clicking on the buttons next to each word, or you can select the company. So I won't get you to do this, but just select them all. And then over on the right hand side, just go all the way to.

The right and up a little bit up there. You can actually do all right, so.

You can do all of the intros in bulk. Now, it's going to take four or five minutes to run, so you need.

To run it and then come back.

Later and export it into your CRM. But that will do them all in bulk. So you don't have to click each individual button anymore. You can select the ones you want, then you can run them through the AI and then let it run for.

A few minutes and then come back.

When they're all done and export them.

Into the CRM system.

Oh, this is new. I don't remember seeing this.

No, this is new. This is new. There you go.

That's great. Okay, that's all my questions. Thank you so much.

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