How to network and send follow ups from trade shows with GHL

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First question which I love.

I'm just going to a business expo. I'm standing there, I'm networking. People are handing me business cards. How do I automate that process?

Is that kind of where we're at?

Yes. Fantastic.

So what I would want to do is if this is a regular activity that you do, I would set up your automation. This is my brand new business partner networking automation.


So set it up.

Just build the automation and get it.

To trigger by a tag.

Get it triggered by a tag.

So tag is business card or tag is networking.

So when the tag is added of networking fire that automation.


So whatever that automation is. Hey it was great to meet you at the event yesterday. Incredible to connect. Looking forward to being of service. I'll follow up in the next week and see if we can get on a call together.


Just something like that. Statistic fact. 99% of all business cards that change hands at a networking event never get.

A single follow up.

So if you build your automation to even just say hey nice to meet you, you are in the top 1% of networkers.


Step one now step two. I'm out at my networking event. Hey, nice to meet you. Have you got a card? Yeah, I do great with QR code, whatever it might be. We're digital these days so it's all good. But somebody hands you a business card.

I want you to stand there and open up the Lead Connector app on your phone.


And lead Connector literally just drop into that.

I should actually do this. If I can share screen you can.

Connect your see if I can get this going on. There we go.

Let's see if I can do a.

Screen share here and show you what I'm showing you on the app.

Here we go. All right.

So put that over here and share.

My screen and hopefully you guys are.

Going to be able to see my app.

Can you see my screen?


All right.

Cool. So here's the lead connector app again. This is what it looks like. Now you can get the white label version or whatever but this is it.


So this is bottom right hand corner contacts.


Now we've got the plus symbol which is just there.

Plus drop in their name, their phone number, their email.

And guess what?

Add that tag straight right now. So whatever that tag is, you're literally.

Still standing in the network space. You're at the exhibition booth with the.

Business card in your hand and you.

Can literally add them in mobile right now. Now if you set your automation to immediately fire as soon as you put that in, it is actually not cool.


It's not cool because they know it's an automation.

So why not build your trigger with.

A little wait step so my automation would look like when tag is added, wait 4 hours or 12 hours or whatever and send a nice to meet you email, right? So now I'm literally at the event, somebody just handed me a card. I've taken 2 seconds and I've gone.

First name, last name, email, phone tag, save, Next, right?

And then I've thrown the card in the bin because what do I need it for? I've got them in my database, right? Or I've given it back to them, right? Hey, use this for the next person.


So I'm literally there on the floor of an exhibition or on a trade event, dropping in emails like crazy here, and literally just tagging them with network, network, network, network, send the email, send the email, putting them into the automation, right? And then I might even drop in a second automation step. Like if I wanted to be a professional, two days after that one would send I'd send them a text message that said just a quick follow up. It really was great to connect. Is now a good time to call?


Not here's my booking link. Is now a good time to call? And then just keep a watch out for the replies when they reply yes or sure or whatever.

Hey, nice to meet you.

Great to see you. Hey, thanks so much.


So that's how I would do it.

LaToya. Now, I did geek out about six months ago and built an amazing automation through a programme called Evernote. So Evernote evernote is like I don't know, it's been around for years. Free version of Evernote is great. Paid version of Evernote is the one that you need to make this happen again. I geeked out on it. You can find it on our YouTube channel. And Evernote has a business card scanning app right? Now, I tried this when I was geeking out. I tried this with like 20 different business card scanning apps, download from the App Store and give it a try. But the cool thing is that Evernote.

Has a Zapier integration.

So Evernote allowed me, and I literally did this at a trade show event and it was so freaking good. I just fire up Evernote, hold the business card and point my phone at it. And all of that data goes in and I click Save and I'm on to the next person.

And what happens in the background is.

It goes to Zapier, puts it into.

My GHL account, adds the tag, sends.

The message in 4 hours. And all I've done is take a photo of the card and moved on.

To the next person.

It's a super geeky networking thingy that I absolutely loved. Now that was my best version of a short answer.

I'll try and do better.

Hopefully that's helpful.

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