How to Boost Results from Lead Campaigns

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I'll go that route as well.

We did a little social media session in the last couple of days. We brought in a film crew and we were recording some stuff, so we're.

Doing like an interview and one of.

My co founders, Chris, was asked by.

The media crew about calling the clicks, and he was like, how do you guys know about that?

And they were like, oh, we saw.

It on some Instagram thing or whatever. So the story was that Chris started running the cold email campaigns, right?

So this is in a company that he owned.

They were doing like real estate, three.

D real estate views kind of thing for agents.

And he built the software and used.

The system to send out cold emails.

Used a system to do that and.

Track the clicks, and was really just.

Getting an inquiry here or there. And then he said, I need money, I need to hit this. And so he had the click tracking like track every time they open the email, right, and put it into an opportunity. So I now have an opportunity board where I can see the show me the ones that have opened, show me the ones that have clicked, okay? And then every day he was coming in and just seeing, okay, these ten people have clicked. And this is the way he explained.

It on the camera yesterday, and it'll come out into the socials in a little while.

But he was like, if you send.

Somebody an email, they are not a.

Lead yet, they're not an engaged lead, right?

So Alex RamosI, cold lead, engaged lead, et cetera, they're not an engaged lead.

But if they read that email and they click, they've actually understood what you've.

Said and they gone, wow, that's interesting.

Click at the time they click, it is a massive spike in interest, right? So the concept of call the clicks.

He was literally just loading up an opportunity board.

Now we've got, these are the ten.

People that have clicked my email campaign in the last 24 hours. And in his email, he was always saying, I'll call you sometime in the.

Next week to discuss this proposal.

All right?

So he would send the email and tell them he was going to call. Now he comes in in the morning and he's got X number of people.

That have clicked from the email straight onto the phone. Hey, it's Chris, notice that you checked out the system.

What did you think?

How can we help you? Right, as a result of calling the clicks, he did $60,000 in sales in two weeks, right? And it was literally the way he.

Said it to the film crew yesterday.

Was amazing because he said it literally meant I never had to make another cold call again.

And that's the thing, it's like I sent somebody some information and that is 100% cold, right? If they don't take an action, it's still 100% cold. But as soon as they click now they have engaged with me and if.

I can get on the phone with.

Them, it is not a cold call.

Hey, it's Chris, I sent you an email yesterday. Just following up.

How are you doing?

And the statistics or the numbers showed it for himself call the clicks did.

60 grand in two weeks.

So yeah, jump into it man, let us know how you go. And one of our members, I'm trying.

To remember who it was, veronica. Veronica actually said that there is an.

Art to call the clicks because one of the things that you don't want.

To do is I use the words.

Just then was I noticed that you clicked on my whatever.

It's like, dude, that's just a little.

Bit too spooky, right?

So instead of I noticed that you.

Clicked on my message, it's just following up on the email I sent you yesterday. Like, oh, I just read your email ten minutes ago.

Really? How amazing.

Just really didn't know all the statistics, the science, I said it's an art. But there's also science. All of the science tells us that if you can contact a lead within minutes of them engaging with you, the highest amount of success happens the closest to the engagement. So if they've opened and clicked and within minutes you've called them, you've got your best chance of getting through. And that chance, that best opportunity decreases over time, right? Until you've gone like 24, 48 hours.

Later you may as well not have emailed them at all.

So it's like if I can call them in the first five minutes, my best chances are there. So thinking about that from setting up an automation, not just track the click, but send me an internal message I'm, I don't know, down the shopping centre and now I've got a message that says john Smith just clicked on your email.


Find a little quiet spot, use the app.

Hey John, just following up on that.

Email I sent you yesterday. Oh dude, I just read it just a few moments ago.

Wow, what a surprise.

What did you think? Right, so the best opportunity is to get hold of that engaged lead as.

Fast as you possibly can.

Sunny, let us know how you go. Thanks Paul.

Is there a trigger in GHL? I assume there is. Where you can set up an automation to know when they've clicked.

Yeah, use a trigger link. So make sure that the link you've got in the email is a trigger link and then yeah, you can use that trigger link as the automation starting point. So when click on trigger link, add to opportunity board and send internal notification to me.

Easy, done.

Thank you.

Let us know, bro. Good job Sonny.

Good to see you man.

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