Getting People To Do It For You With White Label Suite

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So I've just got a couple of quick questions. First question was, I think I asked this the other day, but I didn't get a full answer. But is there a way that we can stack packages? Like, for instance, if I want to do like a buy one, get one, or something like that?

Yeah, not at the moment. So we've got this coming out in the next week and you're starting to see little bits coming into the software that are there to support not at the moment and not on the base package. Kevin so what we're about to release is what we're calling the unlimited licence, where as an agency, you can choose to upgrade to an unlimited licence level and then you can configure it however you want to configure it. At the moment, you've got a pay per licence model, so it's like you're a white label member, which means that you have the licence to white label our software, but every time you do that, you're literally doing a transaction. So it's like, I've got a client, buy a licence, sell a licence, it all happens automatically. But you've got that one for one. So that doesn't give you the opportunity to go buy one, get one, or buy one and give five or however you want to configure it. But the unlimited licence upgrade, which is coming through in the next week or so, is going to be there ready to do that. So at that level, yes, you'll be able to, but at the paper licence model, every single licence needs to have a fee attached to it.

Awesome. Got you. I was watching one of the master classes as complementary partner. So in that you had mentioned that at some point in time, possibly, you guys would be potentially being able to be hired for services or onboarding or kind of like It stuff, I guess. Has that happened? And if not, do you think that will happen? Will that be a possibility at all at some point, you think?

Yeah, great question. So we, as a young business, have kind of been finding our best ways to serve in the customer base as well. So at the moment, if you go to store, you can purchase services from us. It's almost like a runout sale, it's almost like end of stock sale. We're actually not going to be doing that for too much longer. If you need us, we're there right now. Like, you can go and buy set up package or set up an install package, or you can just buy hours from our team. But what we're quickly realising is that our best way to serve is by providing the best software support that we possibly can so we can grow our team in that particular way. So, yes, at the moment, Store, you can buy packages from us. But I would highly encourage if you're a growing business, if you're looking to create a team around you, I would highly encourage services like Level Nine VA, where Joe Rare, who owns Level Nine, they have over 1500 VAS that they've placed with GHL agencies. And that number is from like, three months ago, so it's probably increased.

But Joe will find a person, make sure that they are actually trained in GHL. I'm not sure of the rates. I guess they depend on what kind of person you're bringing in. But for pennies on the dollar, you can actually have a full time person working for you. So let me give you a comparison. One of the packages that we've got within our system is like full set up of all the snapshots and all that kind of stuff. It's like, I think 599 for us to come in and do like a whole big setup. So $600 599, whereas for like $1,000 with Level Nine, you can have a full time person for 40 hours a week. You're like, Man, I don't need somebody for 40 hours a week. Well, the thing is, and I've said this on recordings before, is that every one of us as business owners knows that there's 100 things we should be doing, but we don't have time, right? And as soon as you can get that first client, make sure you've got a setup fee at the start. So it might be 297 for the software, plus $1,000 setup fee.

The goal of that setup fee is to take that and invest in a staff member so that you've now got somebody on team you can grow while they're doing all the work. And if you ever need a list of things your VA should be doing for you, just literally Google that phrase. There's hundreds of them. But just off the top of my head, things you should be doing but aren't right now getting into Facebook groups and connecting with the Group admins, reaching out to people who are in there, who are in your ideal target market. Getting into LinkedIn and running your connections and making sure you're reaching out to people and saying hello. Dropping into YouTube, making sure you're commenting on other people's YouTube videos and Instagram posts and getting those connections going. Running your email marketing, putting leads into your database. These are just like six to eight things straight away off the top of my head that nine out of ten entrepreneurs aren't doing. And if they were at the bargain basement price of $250 a week, their business would be increasing. So, yes, you can buy services from us. There are also tonnes, over 1400 agencies in the white label suite group itself.

And if you post in there, hey guys, can anybody do blah, blah, blah? You'll have a whole bunch of people say, yeah, cool, $100, I'll set it up for you, whatever it might be and, of course, level nine VA highly recommend them. The guys run an incredible organisation over there, have heard nothing but good responses and results. We've used them ourselves. We've got a couple of people from level nine in our team and that gives you a resource that you can then use to actually grow and expand. So, long answer to a short question, man. But, yes, you can get us to do it. As I said, it's a run out sale. It's not something that we're going to be doing forever. But I would highly recommend getting a team member, training them up, giving them an SOP Loom video. This is how to do it, because that will be an Comet hat you can rely on ongoing and it'll be a lot cheaper in the long run.

Got you. Yeah. So the snapshots were in the store. I didn't look a little bit deeper, but, for instance, if there is, I guess, back end problems for the White Label suite, for the lead gen, where would we find that?

Yeah, so, support, we've got like, eight full time staff members on our support team. Nine times out of ten, you'll get a response back within a couple of hours, maximum. Sometimes it's like 15 minutes, depending on what time of day it is. But, yeah, support, you can ask absolutely anything, how do I do this? And in terms of help setting up a snapshot, if you can, just say, hey, I'm stuck here and here they'll send you a Loom video back, they'll walk through troubleshooting, all that kind of stuff. So we're live on Q and A's five days a week. We can literally go through anything with you at any time. And the support team are there ready to help pretty much 24 hours a day. I will say six days a week, but with time zones, it kind of overlaps anyway. So, yeah, White support will always be there with you as well, Kevin.

And is that if we have a client that is having problems with that, we would go through support and then get back to our client?

Essentially, yeah, that's the way to go. So don't forget, you're our client, so we look after you. Right. And then you need to then provide that support for your clients. But there are also other services through third party providers like HL Pro Tools, Extendly and Growthable, where each one of those companies have been through our training and have actually got our support docs and they're a paid service. So I think Growthable is like, super affordable and you put in a Growthable connection or an extended connection or a HL Pro Tools connection, and then they actually can also not only support your GHL, so they provide support for your GHL sales, but they can also support the White Label Suite programme as well. So not a bad investment, but again, something that you want to look at with that first or second sale to make sure that you're funding that. When we were growing, we had HL Pro Tools, and that was invaluable just having somebody on staff answering questions about GHL. As we were learning, we ran Extendly for a little while, just again, because we built that relationship with everybody in the space, so we wanted to test out everybody's services.

Extendly were amazing. The new player in the market is Growthable, run by Ryan Ryan O'Connor. And again, we tried out their services to make sure we've got that relationship with everyone in the space. They've all been through our training as well. So any one of those can support your GHL and your white label with a very cost effective support that takes you out of it and has knowledge people ready to help your customers in the system. So, yes, you can do. Support with us is included. Of course. Hey, guys, I need a hand. We'll give you an answer, you drop that back to your client. If you want to go one step further than that, grab hold of Extendly or HL Pro Tools or Growthable, and they can actually be embedded into your GHL app and be able to help at the same time.

Sounds good. Thanks for the clarification. I appreciate it.

No worries, man. Great to see you.

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