Automations and Snapshots with the White Label Suite Packages

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Quick breakdown. So the 20 free lead snapshot is kind of, hey, I just got started. I want to get some traction going on. The 20 free lead snapshot was the one that just blew everything up for us. It's the starting point. It's like, go out to market, get some people contacting you, get them booked into your calendar, get that initial outreach going on. 20 free Lead Snapshot is the base suite of our success and thousands of other people that have come through. White label suite. The Million Dollar Snapshot is designed for people who are really just getting started in their agency. It's like, hey, it's brand new. I don't really have a landing page yet. I'm not really sure what I'm selling just yet. I need a place that I can brand myself. So the million dollar snapshot was our agency framework. It was like, here's a short video of what we do. Here's some information about our company. Here's a way that you can get in touch with us. And here's a contact form and a calendar link that you can book in and find out more details connected to that is here's an email series that will follow you up.

If you opt in to find out more information, here's the email series to keep sending you back to the booking calendar. So 20 free leads out to market. Bring some people in. Million Dollar Snapshot is more kind of slower. It's a nurture sequence designed to have that incoming inquiry from native traffic. And then the other one, which I just showed you a moment ago, is what we call our sales booster, which is designed to be I have clients on my database or I've been marketing for a little while, and I want to make some sales. So how do I do that quickly? That's the sales booster. That's the one that says bonus fast sales snapshot in the system. And that's the one that's kind of, like, already got pre written campaigns that I can send out to an existing database. Hey, guys, great to see you. Come and buy something new that I've got. So those three are almost like, beginner 20 free leads, intermediate, create my agency framework. Fast sales booster is advanced. I've already got clients. I've already got a database. I've been doing this for a while, like, hit the send button and make me some money.

So they do have a little bit of crossover. So one of the best things that I can offer for you, Tamara, and this has saved my bacon so many times, is inside of GHL itself. Inside of the framework is the ability to see which automation has just happened with one particular person. So if you drop yourself in as a test, it's a great way to go, because if I pick up a contact here and let me just grab anybody here, if I grab this particular person inside of their contact record, if I scroll down here. What's really, really cool is all the way down to the bottom, I think. Man, we got a lot of information in GHL these days. Keep going, keep going, keep going. Here we go. This one campaigns and workflows. If I drop myself in as a test, I can actually see which workflows they've been through in the past. So this really helps me troubleshoot. It's like, damn, how did that person get a text message, an email, whatever, on the same day? And it's like, why is that working? So I can actually see which workflow they are in right now.

All right, so I can literally go to it from here. So that little picture of a science beaker on here will take me to that workflow. So I can say, okay, so they are currently in this snapshot. They are currently in this automation. Sorry, my apologies. And they just finished this one. And just before that they were in this one. So now I've got a place I can troubleshoot. I'm like, how is this crossing over? So I can literally come into the first one, I can open this up and I can go straight to that automation. And I can see where did they fit into it? That was the trigger. Damn it. Now I can see why those two things crossed over kind of thing. So, as I said, that's saved my bacon so many times by being able to see in a particular person which workflows are they in right now and which ones have they already been through. So I can troubleshoot. I might have 100 workflows in my system. I don't know which one they're in. Cool. Now I know which one are they in. That allows me to go back in and just audit my checklist and that kind of stuff.

That's awesome because, yes, I was bouncing around in the system like, where are they? I can't find where are those? Leave that. So that's great to be able to scroll down and, and have the workflow open. Awesome. One other question I have. When do we decide when we're running a campaign whether we're actually utilising the demo account?

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