Updating the lead generation software with the AI Prompts

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Do this really quickly and I'll come to you next door. Yesterday I had some fun with our lead generation program and the AI component within that system. I started altering the prompt for the summary generation, and the results were absolutely phenomenal. I want to show you what I mean. Now, before anybody rushes over and takes action, the changes that I made, because I saw the difference that I made, I asked our programming team to make permanent. I saw the difference, made a big difference. I asked the programming team to update it. But what I want to talk about is the fact that anybody running this tool can actually change their own prompts and the difference it makes is huge. I want to show you an example. What I'm talking about is in the integration, and this is just because ChatGPT came up and because it was a fun thing that I was doing yesterday. When I come to integration and I come to our OpenAI section in here you can change what's being said about... As the prompt sending across to ChatGPT. Yesterday I changed this. Yesterday it was before this change, and let me just grab this and copy it to my clipboard so it doesn't mess anything up.

I'm not sure if programming has updated it. Let me see if I can remove this and go back to default and see if it changes. Yes. This is what it was, okay? I've now asked them to update it permanently, but I just want to show you the difference that it makes. What it was, in the final bullet point, please give advice on the best approach for our company to create a conversation with this business. Okay? Not bad. We're trying to ask ChatGPT for the right thing, but let me show you what happened. I'll see if I can get the right one. Remember, it's asking, suggest the right approach. Okay? I think it's this one. Yeah. What ChatGPT was coming back with things like this, reach out to them through their contact form and suggesting the best approach or phone number provided on their website. Well, that's not really helpful. What's the best way I can approach these guys? Call them. Well, the. I played with the prompt a little bit yesterday, and I want to show you the difference. In this ChatGPT prompt, what I changed it to, and again, I've made... I've asked for the programming team to make this a permanent change, is, so please give advice on the best approach.

I changed it to, please give advice on the best way that our company business profile name could be of benefit to them because we sell business profile product, which is what you set up in your business profile. Let me show you the difference that that made to the results. So rather than telling us to go and contact them via their contact form or phone number, what we're actually getting now is this, advice on how our company would benefit to them. Our automated data analysis tools can help streamline their audit processes and improve efficiency. Our AI-powered risk assessment tools can assist and identify. So it's actually now telling me what my company can do for this company that I'm trying to approach. Now, my point of bringing this up and my point of recording this as a little thing is, you actually have the ability to alter what's happening in the software. I did an Instagram post on this yesterday. As a software developer, I am stunned by the fact that software now is dynamic. Whereas it used to be a software company would create something, code is in the back room, all this code coming out and a magic software application happens and hey, Presto, wow, we've got a program in our hands.

That has now been replaced by the fact that you, as the person using the software, can alter the results to your own will. Now the program that you get and the job that it does can be changed by you on demand. Again, I want to give you an example here. By changing the prompt in the software, you can change how it behaves. At the moment, our... Let's go with the subject line introduction. So subject line, write an opening email subject line from us, the business profile name, highlighting how our company can help work with the company name after analyzing the website. At the moment, that's what's being done to create the subject line. Now, just because it says subject line doesn't mean it has to be subject line. So what if, and again, I'm going to play with this a little bit here, write instead of an opening email subject line, what if I wrote write a short message that we can send in a direct FacebookFacebook, reach out. Okay, write a short message. We can send a direct Facebook reach out. Okay? Write a short message that we can send a direct Facebook reach out.

Okay? Now let's go across and get a subject line. All right, for these guys. All right, and actually see what we want to see. All right, I've stuffed up my prompt there somehow. Go back and change it again. And alter this a little bit. Actually, I'll set it back to default. Write a humorous opening subject line. Let's go. Cool. Let's see. We discovered the secret to infinite coaching success. Let's join forces. It's not bad. My point being, my point being that by changing the way the software works for you specifically can have massive impact on the way that it's performing for you and your customers. So getting an understanding of what we're asking AI to do can really change the results that you're getting in the software. Sorry, cool. I just wanted to soapbox a little bit. I'm amazed by a software developer that what we give you is now up to you to fine-tune. I think that is amazing and have fun with it and you can create incredible things. Like, use the prompts to give the results that your clients are going to love you for. That's my big takeaway there. Cool. Let me do that.

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