Lead Gen Software | Sometimes you just can't fulfill: Time to say no

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Hey, I'll try to be quick. I want to get your opinion on something. I posted in the group that I have a potential roofing client who's looking for some really specific leads. Johan answered that, but he answered it on well, but on a B2B level. He's looking for more residential stuff. He's looking for one-storey, large-scale houses with this specific tile roofing. I'm thinking with the leads tool, best way would probably be reach out to people that are in and around houses a lot, like real estate agents, plumbers. I'll think of more.

But- Yeah, creating those referral groups is a great way to go. With that specific request, I'm looking for single-storey homes with a specific tile roof in this. I'm actually going to say to the client, Look, Mr. Client, this tool is not ideal. It's not designed to be that specific in its search. There's literally millions and millions of people that it can work for. But I would say it's not ideal. Now we can give it a go. We can give it a go and we can run and find plumbers and electricians and landscape gardeners and people that can refer business for you. We can do our local campaigns, which I talk about often, reaching out to schools and associations and sporting clubs and people that are in the community. We can hit those bigger organizations because obviously they have the people that are living here. But it's still a shotgun. It's not a sniper pinpointing the exact person I'm looking for. It's still a shotgun. Go to the school, get into their newsletter and have a little thing there if you have a single home with them. It's not ideal, sunny. Somebody said to me once in my early in my sales career, You can't call yourself a salesperson until you've said no to at least one person.

No, this is not the ideal system for you. Again, depending on the trust level and depending on what else you're doing with the client, I could say, Look, we'll give it a go. I'm not confident that it's going to give you the results that you need, but let's try.

I'm thinking Facebook ads would… I'm sure Facebook ads would work better. I'm not too- Yeah, I would. I would, absolutely. -adapt to that, but I would probably hire that out because he is looking for leads.

Yeah. So Facebook ads, and again, our third partner in the group, Chris, runs a solar power company, and his Facebook ads are very specific. Do you have a gas, hot, water system and live in this particular suburb? If yes, we can save you three… It's very specific. The goal with Facebook ads is let the copy eliminate everybody that it doesn't suit for. But yeah, Facebook ads would be your go there, man. Okay, cool. If you do want to hire it out, drop into the group. There's plenty of Facebook ads guys in there. Actually, Sunny, if you want to learn it, go into the group and ask someone to teach you. Just say, Hey, guys, anybody want a client? And part of me giving you the client is teach me as I go if you want to learn. If you don't want to learn it, just flick it out.


Sorry, man, I know that that's not the ideal answer to a question. I would love to be able to give you the magic bullet, but it's just not the ideal client for that one.

We cannot do everything.

You don't know. We're going to try and do as much as we can, but at some point we need to say, Yeah, not this time. Cool, man. Thank you.

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