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Best answer to this is simple. Your question was there was a particular place that you found where they had leads for three or four cents or something along that line, and you were worried that you were struggling to find a justification for the service that you provide. The question was, is my justification everything else I do? And my answer 100% is yes. The reality is—and guys, hand on heart, you saw me do a posty yesterday about a sales demo I ran yesterday. We closed a $10,000 deal yesterday selling leads on its own without G. H. L, $10,000. The reality is in the marketplace right now, this very minute, there are companies... You could go to Fiverr as an example, the fiverr. Com. You can buy a CSV list of names and email addresses that have two and a half million records on it for $7.80 Does it have any value? Well, don't know. If you're a spammer trying to get somebody to be your Nigerian inheritance because your uncle passed away in the box full of gold is on the whark, then maybe. But it doesn't have a lot of value. I understand what you're saying, David.


There's a company there that has niche search, so surely that's different. At the same time, ZoomInfo is selling lead generation and business lead creation services as a minimum of $17,000 annual subscription. There's products that range in price from two and a half million records for $7.80 all the way through to 100 a month for $17,000 and every single point in between. There's going down to McDonald's, you can buy a burger for $5.40. But you can go to a high-end burger joint, one of Gordon Ramsey's burger places, and pay 25 bucks for a burger. There's always going to be different levels of service for product everywhere in the world. Again, hand on heart, yesterday, $10,000 sales selling leads only without DHL because the value that we're giving to the business is unbelievable for them. In my experience, and again, I've done this a lot, I do sales calls every single day. Sometimes I wish we didn't do so many, but hey, nice problem to have. So hand on heart, only once in hundreds of calls has anybody said to me, Oh, we buying our data from D7? I'm like, Oh, cool. Amazing. $190 a month for 100,000 business records.


How is this working out for you? Oh, yeah, we get 2% click rate or 2% open rates and whatever. I'm like, Great, fantastic. I've said, Look, we've run, and we have specifically tests against and us with a 30 or 40% open rate versus a 2% open rate. Which way you want to go? They decided to stick with D7. Cool, man. Nothing I can do. Once in hundreds of sales calls, most, and I'm going to say 90%, 90% of the businesses I've ever spoken to don't even know that this lead generation even exists. So what I can do is I can get caught up in the fact that other people are selling my product for cheaper, or I can just focus on the people that I want to get to, and there are millions of them. I can go and buy, I'll use this as an example. I'm pointing next to me, as if you can see, because yesterday we got a delivery of some new towels and linen because one of the stores over here, Target, you guys have Target, but it's a different Target than we have. One of the stores over here had nice towels and linen on a 40% sale, and my wife put an order in and it arrived yesterday in a box.


It's sitting right there. It's nice. The towels are good, the sheets are good. They're nice. I like them. They're good. Looking forward to having them on the beds. But they're a lot cheaper than Sheridan. Sheridan also do towels and linen, and it's four times the price. We bought those ones because they're perfect for us right now. There's always going to be competitors. What we provide in the marketplace with the social data, with the analytics data, with the live data, not database data, with the AI tools that we've just dropped in is so phenomenal for 90% of people that a business yesterday put $10,000 on the table without even a blink because they needed it for their company.


Yeah, that's what I was looking for, is really the value proposition. I don't want to sell on price. I never want to be in a position to sell on price because that's a race to the bottom profit-wise.




Fast way down. I don't want to be in that game. I just need to know, like you're talking about the verbiage, is there anywhere in training I can find all the details? If a rare case that somebody says, Okay, I'm competing head to head against X, Y, Z, and what do you offer? How would your quality stacked up against these guys?


Yeah, we don't have a one-pager because, again, there's so many different thousands of companies out there. Please do ask. I know Ebony's answered about D7 a few times in the group. Just have a quick search and just see. That one that you mentioned specifically, I haven't come across that one before.


Yeah, it's really interesting. It was a N-A-I-C-S code. Just looking up business codes like CAISC codes, like the C codes. I saw that as an association, NAISC Association. It was really interesting. I just saw Lead Gen at the bottom, so I clicked on it and I thought it was fascinating.


I was.


Like, They've got it just by default, they've got to get a lot of business. I was shocked if they can offer.


Interestingly, they must get a lot of business, and interestingly, I'd never heard of them. That's right. The great news is, if you can cook a burger right now, you can open a restaurant despite the fact that thousands of other burgers exist in the marketplace. It's a really amazing thing that when you have a service, there's always enough companies. When we think about it, how many businesses do you want? Would 1,000 businesses paying you 500 bucks a month give you the lifestyle that you're thinking about? You need 1,000, right? There's 25 million. If you take your thousand, there's still 24,999,000 for everyone. There's more than enough business for everyone to have more than enough business. There's always going to be cheaper options. There's always going to be more expensive options. The way that you position yourself, sometimes I've closed the deals just by saying, Yeah, but would you trust it? I've literally come across a cheaper… Not when I'm in this space, but when I've been working with ERP software or when I was in real estate or when I was in automotive, I've literally used the words of it, Yeah, you get what you pay for.


It's so easy to overcome that. What you deliver, you, David Arnold, in combination with the leads tool, is far more valuable than just the leads tool. What Hashim and Dora and Ron and Ganesh and Sonny and Nassar and Colleen and David Stone deliver when they sell the leads tool is far more valuable than just the leads tool. Again, hand on heart. I can stand next to somebody and say, There's somebody out there selling this exact same product for cheaper than me, but when you buy from them, you don't get me. The choice is yours.


Also, if I'm doing a done-for-you-service, it's a slam-done if I'm doing a done-for-you-service.


It's like, Hey, look, before we start down this product, what I want to tell you is there's a really, really cheap option over there. If you don't want to pay me, you should go and buy it, put it out there in front of them. But if you do, you don't get me. So let me tell you what I do, done for you. Dude, that is an absolute slam down.


Yeah, and what you told me a while ago when you and I talked about different types of leads that you can buy out there, is you guys decided in your business plan not to scrape, not to go out and find and hunt and peck for email addresses. You actually have the best way to get the right email addresses. That's why your open rate is so much higher than those cheap data sources.


There you go. Yeah, absolutely. And David, as you said, the done for you is the thing. Guys, I am so sorry I've got my wife standing at the door doing this to me. I've got to jump. Guys, I love you so much. Thank you so much for being on part of my Saturday morning and part of our world. Just because this call finishes doesn't mean our support finishes. Don't forget, we've got a team there ready to support and help in any way we possibly can. Ask questions in the group, ask questions of the support crew. I know Labor Day coming up in the States this Monday. Have a great Labor Day weekend. Our team are still on deck and we look forward to releasing some cool stuff with you guys over the next couple of weeks and let us know how we can help you. Our goal is to make you guys successful. Thank you for being part of our world and we will come back to you next week with our next calls. See you on the Zoom. Thanks. Go have fun with your weekend. Thanks, man. Cheers. See you soon, guys. Thank you.


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