White Label Suite Open Office Hours Calls

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Hey, Bud.

I thought for the last two weeks I was popping down to the Wednesday calls, but you're not there. No, I.

Passed that to Kyle.

Okay, so you're doing Fridays and Mondays, is it?

I do Fridays now. Nick does Mondays, Ebony does Tuesdays, Kyle does Wednesdays, Ebony does Thursdays, I do Fridays.

Is there a team? If I have this problem, I go Monday or something like that? Or how does it work?

Technically speaking, we should all be able to help wherever we can. Only nobody else in the planet can be Walt Baylor in the same way as Walt Baylor can, like just what I said before. Nobody else is going to have the same opinion or methodology as I do. Nick is really strong on automations. He can troubleshoot an automation with a blindfold on. The man is a magician. Nick is really awesome in the tech set ups and that stuff. That's Monday. Ebony is incredible at processes and systems. Ebony is really awesome in terms of, first of all, she's a knowledge queen. She knows the software better than anyone else. She runs the support desk with an iron rod. She's incredible at the service side of things and the knowledge side of things. Ebony is your best bet for how does it work questions in terms of the software itself, and how can I get my staff to do what I want them to do? She's built all of our processes, all of our paperwork and systems and documents and flow charts and that stuff. So she's incredible at software knowledge, implementation and process-driven growth, Ebony. And the skill set.

Kyle is our marketing wizard. He is Facebook ads, he is Google ads, YouTube ads. He's marketing campaigns. He's how should I approach this market? What message would be great in this space? He is a marketing legend. That's Wednesdays and then Friday with me, you get what you get. Just come on. Don't talk cooking, but everything else is fine.

We missed Thursday. Is there anybody on Thursday?

Ebs again. It's Ebney again. Ebney service, processes, use of the software and implementation. Ebbs, Tuesday, Thursday.

Got it. Brilliant. We talked about Google Tag and Facebook pixel. Is there a way to move that over to our CRM, like in a tag or a field?

I think it comes over already. Let me just double-check. I think it comes over in one of the fields. Let me just quickly check that. It will just come over with a yes, no, I believe. Check in, demo company. No, I'm wrong. The socials come over, but the pixels don't. Would it be helpful if they did?

Yes, please.

Done. We'll make it so. Okay. Tixels. Custom fields. Can do.

Next thing, burner email sub account, the marketing sub account, let's say the- Don't.

Ever use that term in front of your customer, by the way.

Yeah, okay.

Right? Burner, email, cool, happy, understand exactly what you mean. Say that to a customer and you're a drug dealer. Got it.

The correct words you should use is dedicated marketing email. Yeah.

Got it.

You're a dedicated marketing email, go. We'll start with that.

Yeah, the dedicated marketing email. When do you think, let's say, the delivery is reducing below 80, 70%. What's that cutoff percentage then you know it's a waste?

It will happen as a hammer rather than a drip. What will happen is you'll go from 85% to 16%, it'll go boom. The reason for that is you've been blacklisted. Anything other than that is just time and just momentum, just movement. I've got an email address I've been using for 15 years and sending literally tens of thousands of emails per month, and we're still getting 86, 87% open and delivery rate. It's not an overtime thing, it declines. The reason deliverability, if you get it right at the setup, which is your demarc records and all of the text records being right and spam tests and all that stuff, cool, we got a great thing. We're warming up our email address right. It should, in inverted commas, should, because nobody controls the email gods except Google, it should continue on forever. But if it doesn't, it'll fall off a cliff. It'll be like 80%, 80%, 80%, 12%. At that point you go, What happened? And you go, Blacklist. If that email address has been valuable for you, getting on a blacklist is not the end of the world. You can literally just apply most of the time.

Hey, Mr. Blacklist owner. Really sorry. What happened? Don't show. But we've implemented a whole bunch of stuff to make sure it doesn't happen again. Please take me off the blacklist. Again, if that email address is valuable for you, it's an application worth doing. But if that email address is a dedicated marketing email address that we're happy to just go and get the next one, just go, That's the point in time. It'll be a cliff. It won't be a steady decline. If you get blacklisted, that's your time. If emails are going into spam box, if emails are going into spam, it's not a cut and run thing. It's not like, Oh, my emails are going into spam. Let me try a different domain. It's not the right approach. The right approach is fix your D-mark records, make sure your tech records are in place, add a massive amount of text in your PS and disclaimer, which you guys may have heard me talk about before, have a thousand-word legal disclaimer at the bottom of you. I can see confusion there, Ganesh.

It's one of the best -I can't understand what you mean.

No, on the email, it's one of the best email delivery tips I've ever heard in my entire life. The reason that emails go into promotions is because the AI algorithm looks at the words in an email and decides what percentage of those words are promotional and either puts it into spam or puts it into promotions and you're dead. One of the best email deliverability experts that I've ever heard speak said, What you can do is either take out your marketing words, which means you end up with an email that says, Hi, nice to meet you, and doesn't say anything else because let's face it, what we're doing is marketing, like your email will be... You can either take out the words that trigger the algorithm, or you can just add a stack more words in so the percentage is way less. The best I ever saw, and I copied and pasted it, was beautifully done. It was PS, whatever, call to action, PPS. The legal team have told me that adding a disclaimer to my emails is the best way to make sure we stay compliant these days. Let me tell you, on August 17th, I met with my legal team, and we just created this entire PS system.

I'm going to tell you the story. What? You're still reading it? Okay, well, this goes even further back, way back in the galaxy far beyond. We created this company for all the right reasons and turtles are amazing. If you're still reading this, keep reading from my favorite recipe on FigJam. It's just completely unrelated, funny, humorous. It was actually so funny that my friend forwarded it to me and said, You got to check this PS. It was just like thousands of words of a legal disclaimer, just talking about the company and the weather and where we live and how you're still reading this? Oh, my God, you're one of those people? Okay, well, let's make it entertaining. It was thousands of words. I didn't realize how important that was until I heard the email deliverability experts say to me, You can either change the percentage of marketing text by removing your marketing words, or you can just simply add more words because now your marketing text is less than 1% of the actual words in that email. Hey, guess what? You're inboxing. Your email ending up in spam or promotions is not a cause to cut and go.

That is a cause to tweak your DMARC records, add your PS text, change your subject lines a little bit, and create a little bit more conversation in your email thing, and that will pay you back 10,000 times over, and you'll fix the problem rather than recreate the solution on your next domain.

Yeah, that was a fantastic tip. Thanks for that, Pray.

That guy charges $5,000 for that tip. Invoice is on the way for you, Kanesh.

Then there is this, I think, the spam checker as well on the internet. We could literally paste the email copy that we have written and check what percentage it thinks- Perfect.

Absolutely. Use spam checker, email checker for delivery ability options. Don't pay for blacklist delisting on email checker because email checker have a scam system going on where they give you a false positive and you pay 20 bucks and suddenly magically your false positive is gone and it's actually not a real blacklist at all. If you want to check your blacklists, use MX toolbox, blacklist checker. Dora, great resource there for email disclaimer templates. Again, just make them long, make them funny. Go to ChatGPT and say, Write me a funny email disclaimer of at least 2,000 words. Just sit back, go and get a coffee, come back and get it when it's done. You don't have to be a writer these days. It's amazing. Email checkers, spam blocks checker, all that stuff is super important.

Awesome. If that does happen, it drops to, let's say, 10%, 15%, what do you then do as such, shift to a new sub account or just change the S-M-T-P. No, don't need to shift to new sub account. -just change the S&TP.

Yeah, just change the S-M-T-P. No, keep all your automation stay the same, everything stays the same. Just change your S-M-T-P and update your custom values with your sending from address and you're done. It should be a five-minute exercise.

Oh, brilliant. But when we are maintaining multiple sub accounts for a particular client in order to send more emails, it's difficult to not overlap. There might be customers here, duplicates here. How do you actually manage when you're maintaining multiple sub accounts?

I typically go with different niches. For us, I can talk internally. We've got three mailing accounts that are mailing out for White Label Suite at the moment, or for our Comet Leads program, and our three niches are in three different sub accounts. One niche is business coaches. We have business coaches going from... That's our primary niche over there. Our next one is marketing agencies. We have a separate sub account with a separate niche. If you just want to stay in the same niche, it's going to be a little bit more difficult. I would then separate it by city as an example. I might do New York, or I might do West Coast in one sub account, East Coast in another sub account, South America in a third sub account. I do what I can to make sure that that doesn't happen. Now, is thatDoes that mean that the same company is never going to get a duplicate email from you? No, but you reduce the chance of it happening. We do it by niche. Literally, we email different niches from different sub accounts. That makes it easy to do. But in terms of same niche, I would separate by geography is probably the best way.

That's useful. The instantly thing that you were talking about last time, how is that... I mean, massive scalability wise, I think, instead of DHL, you recommend instantly IPV, right?

Look, we've built companies and clients to incredible results. 20, 30 new appointments every single month, and we've done it only on DHL. Every time instantly popped up all the way up until this new staff member started with us a little while ago, I used to say, Heard great things, have never used them. That was because it was the truth. I heard great things, never used them. Never had to. Never went down that path. But when my new staff member popped up and he had the account already and it was something he'd done before, I was like, Dude, show me. He logged in and it's like, It's nice, it's clean. It's got a good interface, it works. Here's what I know for sure. If you're trying to lose weight, any movement is good. Go for a walk. You don't have to run a marathon. Just walk around the block. Same thing in marketing. Any platform is good, and it's the one that you get used to. Before I started with DHL, I was using Woodpecker and liked it, didn't love it, but I liked it. I used Lemlist, liked it. I had active campaign as my email, everything else is in active campaign.

Didn't love that, but was fine. Got into DHL and went, Wow, don't need any of that. Cool. Build my house on DHL. I have done, again, done incredibly well. The person waving the flag that says instantly, and the other guy on the other hill, on the other side of the hill, raving the flag going, Woodpecker. And the other guy going, DHL. In the middle is the guy running the football game going, That team against that team come together, let me sell tickets. Everybody's got their own team. I love DHL. I use DHL. I know it inside out. Everybody's got their own team. So instantly, good program, great program, love it. Fantastic. Really clean, super good. Looks really built well to scale. Would I immediately go and put a new client on it? No, because all my team is trained on DHL. But if a client knew about it and was using it, I'd be like, Great, let me zap your leads into there so you can keep using the system that you're using. Yeah, good program.

Okay, thanks, Paul.

No worries. They don't have a vault over there. That's the only thing that I've got to put a big tick in our column over here. Hey, guys, thank you so much. It's amazing to see you. Let me just click on this one. My.

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