Using the AI systems in CometLeads program

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You do.

Hey there, Walt. How are you today?

I'm great, man. I'm great. Thanks so much for jumping on.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you as well.

I'm excited about your service here. I'm trying to get my first campaign going. What I want to do is use your new integration with OpenAI, and I have it set up, but it's not working and I'm unable to get it to work. So basically, when I try to download some sample leads, the fields are coming through empty. I thought I set it all up correctly, but I must be doing something wrong. I've already downloaded all these leads. I've downloaded all these leads and I have my OpenAI integrated with the API key. I don't know what's going on.

Okay, so you're going to both hate this comment and love this comment, and I'll solve the problem for you. Just click on DC area life coaching, that top one, that top result right there. Now you'll see you've got, okay, so somatic leadership coaching and we've got all of these results here. Next to those results, can you see three little grayed-out icons? There's one that looks like a page, one that looks like an exclamation point, and one that looks like an envelope just on the right-hand side of the business name. There you go. Can you just do me a favor and click on that button, Generate Summary for me? Little spinny wheel, and boom, now the icon is highlighted. If you click on it again, you'll see the summary of that company, AI at its work.

Okay, great.

Yeah. This is where I get to say you're going to both love this comment and hate this comment. Because you have got, as I can see there, a lot, quite like thousands of results. You've got three icons on each result. Three icons, thousands of results is a lot of clicks and clicks and clicks and clicks and clicks and my God, Walt, I can't possibly do that. That's the bit you hate. The bit you love comes, I think I've got Nassar on the screen right here, which I popped in to see Nassar on a call earlier this week. Hey, Nassar. Somewhere in the next, I had hoped it would be today being Friday, end of week, but my team haven't quite finished the rollout of it yet, will be in the next early next week, I'm hoping, will be multi-select. Literally, select all and send. Now, pause for a second because I just want to show you guys one more thing. Can you close that window for me, Jason? I just want to show you guys one more thing. I'm going to ask Jason again to click that middle one, and I want you guys to count for me.

Jason, click 1, 2, 3, 4, boom, okay, four seconds to bring back that result. Now, it doesn't seem a lot. It doesn't seem a lot. If I'm doing a call to these guys, I can wait four seconds. Now I've got an amazing intro. Okay, but if I've got 1,000 results and 4,000 seconds, suddenly I'm starting to do some maths and I'm pretty bad at that. But what I do know is that it's worth going for a walk before I'm going to see anything. What's going to happen is now this is a restriction of OpenAI. Openai only handles so many requests per second. They're getting slammed with the globe basically coming in and experimenting with AI. What's going to happen is we're going to go select all, send, go and have a coffee. Wait 10 minutes, 15 minutes, whatever it is, wait. Just wait, come back. Now they're all there, amazing. Export, add to CRM, done. All the fields have come across. The reason that they're empty when you're exporting, Jason, is because they haven't been retrieved yet. Now, guys, when we released this on day one, when we released this, we had it as automated.

We literally said, Run a search, 1,000 results, off to OpenAI, coming back, ta-da! We thought we were kings until we realized that the very first person who gave that a test in the real world, when Search, Search, Search, Search, Search, Search, Search added 400 contacts to their campaign and without their knowledge, got a $32 bill from OpenAI because automation, right? Right. They went, Holy shit.

I'm curious, how much does it cost? I just got a $20 credit in here, so I just set it up. What is the cost just for one of these?

There you go.

It's 0.01 cents.

There you go. Now, I don't know about you, but so long as I know, I can actually see daily usage, 0.00, how many? 0.0028. That's a lot of point zeroes. It seems.

Like to me like nothing really.

I can run that and I'm not going to die, but I would very much like to know. Do not send me a $30 bill without me actually pushing the button and asking for that $30 bill. That's why we've got this slower down release coming out. It should be just a couple of days. You're going to select, choose. You might go through and go, No, not those ones, not those ones. Filter by a few things. Okay, send those ones. You're going to select the ones you want to send across to the OpenAI, and only those ones are going to populate, and then they'll all come through into your exports and results.

Now, in theory, if I see this-.

In context. -yeah. Hang on, Dora. One second, Dora. Jason, if you tick that record at the top, semantic leadership coaching.

There it is right here, and there's a summary. It's in there.

So perfect. Happy days.

Yeah, it's amazing. Well done, guys. I didn't get it. Wait a second, though. I didn't get an intro, and I didn't get a subject line, and I did populate those, though. So what are those?

Okay, not 100% sure. Did you do the export before or after those ones?

After. I just did it.

Oh, did you? Do you want to do it again? And just like, if it's your populating, I will send that through to my team. So export to.

Here's this, right? That shows that it's populated, right? Absolutely. We click on it. There's the intro. Lovely. There is this. Perfect. There's the subject line. Now if we come over here, we'll try it again.

Yeah, and let's open that up.

Save it. Come back.

Generated three.

Open it. Not there.

Okay, cool. I will get that to my team. The summary came, intro and subject line. Not in export. I'll get that to the team, Jason, but yeah, thank you, man. Would that summary appear in contacts or do you have to export it like that? Yes, great question. Was that your question, Doris? Sorry, it didn't mean to get you. No, it wasn't my question. But as he's mentioning this, I was curious. Yes, absolutely. What happens is over in DHL, if you are connecting to DHL or connecting to Zapier or you're pushing it into HubSpot or whatever you might be doing with these contacts, yes, the answer is when you've got those AI summaries, AI subject lines, AI intros, they automatically create a custom field in DHL. The first time you connect with that information, it will populate those, it'll create those custom fields, so you don't have to create them. It'll create the custom fields and it'll populate them in contacts and you'll find it in the other info section in a contact record and it will auto-create those lines. Also, Dora, I'm not sure if you've seen, but it will also create the social media links.

You'll have custom fields created in your contact record for the Facebook page, the Instagram page, the LinkedIn page, the YouTube channel, and the Twitter account, as well as the AI summaries as well.

Now, I'm using Instantly also. Cool. I haven't made a decision whether I'm going to use Instantly. I'm using Instantly right now to warm up my email accounts.


But I have decided if I'm going to use Instantly to send out my emails. What's your experience in terms of which tool works better?

Yeah, great question. So, G. H. L. Is designed to be a contact management system, and they just do it so well. I mean, I love G. H. L, we are their biggest fans. But when you're talking about cold email, instantly created their program specifically for cold email. To give you an example, we, I, because I was the one running this for our company for ages, have got multiple G. H. L. Sub accounts, multiple cold email accounts going out. We built our whole thing around cold email. We had a new sales guy come on board six weeks ago, and he popped up in our DMs, and it was an amazing little experience. He was like, Hey, I don't want to waste your time, but I'm a high ticket closer. If you want me to work for you, just hit reply. I was like, Best cold DM ever. Hey, man, cool. Great to meet you. He's like, Look, I've already got my system. I've got my appointment set as standing by. I've got Instantly. I've got 50 domains. I'm just ready to rock. Just let me at it. We said, Hey, cool. Talk us through instantly. Let us know what's going on there.

We jumped in and I've got to say, it's a clean, neat, Schmick system. They've done it well. I love DHL. We've built our whole business on DHL and multiple subdomains and all that stuff, but instantly do it really well.

Excellent. All right. I had another quick question here regarding… That's very helpful. Thank you. That's the direction I was leaning, so that's a good affirmation that that's a good direction. Another question related to what we were just talking about, if I want to, until the export is working properly, it's a moot point. But how, if at all, can I create a new column? Say, I wanted to create a separate column, which I know that I do for a number of staff members or a number of employees, and have that in its own separate column. The AI pulls that data from either LinkedIn or from the website, auto-populates it into a column. Another example of how I would like to use this is crafting an intro for the subsequent emails that are going to go out. Right? Yeah, we have an intro for the first email in the sequence, but what about the second, third, fourth, and potentially fifth emails in the sequence?

Yeah. At the moment, I would say your best bet with that is going to be some Zapier Magic or Pably Magic, or you can do it in DHL as well. I would say in sequence, thinking about the prompts and that stuff, I would so pop it into… Are you using DHL? Yeah, I've got it there. You can either do this in DHL using the Webhooks thing, or you can use Zapier or Pably or whichever tool you choose. In sequence, I would say, Cool. Drop it into a spreadsheet or drop it into and then use that tag going in to then send that on an automation back to Pably and say, Write me three email sequences. What I'm saying is it's going to need to be outside of where you are. You're going to need to create that separately. Lead comes in, send each one to chat GPT and say, Write me three emails in a sequence so that I can populate and then bring that back into GLL. It's going to take a little bit of fiddling. It can be done, just half a day's worth of back and forth and getting it all working through.

Same thing with the employee numbers. Actually, we're trying to add that, by the way, but that hasn't been confirmed whether we can or we can't, but we're doing our best. Same thing with employee numbers. Drop it into a spreadsheet or a Google Doc. Use that Google Doc to trigger Zapier, Zapier, go to here, find the employee numbers, populate column X with employee numbers.


Of where we are. Use this as the starting point. Use that starting point as the trigger to fire off the next things that the AI are doing for you.

Got you. What I'm hearing is that functionality is basically not set inside this platform yet. In order to do that, I need to go to a different… Yes, correct.

You heard that right, Jason. At the moment, we've got that AI intro, AI summary, AI subject line. We've got the different contacts within the company. But I don't have the functionality at the moment where I can let you add a column into a CSV and populate that with additional info. That would have to be outside of the program.

Got you. Okay, awesome. This is an awesome tool. Well done and thank you. You should see.

Where we got coming.

Let's see if we worked on the second one here, if you're curious, because I populated this one while we were chatting.

Yeah, let's see if.

It works.

Let's see if we get some different things there. Did we tick that record?

Here's number 4. It looks like no subject line and no intro again. -interesting. -just the summary coming through.

Got that. I'll have that across my team. They've got an hour left of their working day, so they'll be popping that straight into the list. Guys, by the way, if you ever want to see what we're working on, roadmap. Whitelabelsuite. Com has got all of our change logs and you can feature request and do all kinds of stuff there as well. Feel free to keep an eye on us, see what we're doing for you. Yeah, we've got some cool stuff coming. Hey, Jason, thank you so much, man. Great to meet you.

Thank you, welcome.

Welcome to the crew.

Thank you, man.

Awesome to see you, man. Awesome to see you.

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