How to link your marketing sub account to your main account with lead generation

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You. Yeah, thank you very much. These calls are absolutely amazing, and I know it's early on Saturday for you, so I appreciate this. Thank you, ma'am. I'm ready to get it going and I've got just want to make sure my workflow and the email, I guess my question is just some technical things. What should the reply email be on the cold outreach? So should it be my real email or should it be

It should be the email that you send from. So even though it's a burner email, anytime you reply, like, natural human inclination is just to hit the reply button, right?


So asking them to reply to a different email address is a sure way to flag yourself as a Nigerian scammer. All right, so just use the same email and forward it. Okay, Mr. Client, if this is of interest, hit the reply button and just use the word interest and I'll send you over. The next step, make sure it's the same email that you're sending from.


And then when do you move the lead from your cold outreach sub account to the main CRM?

When they take an action that enables you to continue to communicate with them. Now, typically, that is either an opt in, so drop your email in here and I will send you the blah, blah, blah, or it's text back this number or it's a book into my calendar. Any action that allows you to continue to communicate with them with permission is the step that puts them into your primary CRM.


Okay, so up until that point, if they click, they're still a cold lead, right? But they click, and this is a great step, and they get to your main website and they say, yes, David, send me the PDF of the five steps to whatever, blah, blah, blah. Now they are an opted in engaged lead and they are in my primary CRM.

Okay, so on the snapshot that you have, like the 20 free leads, let me share my screen real quick and this might help.

Let's see here.

So this is in my outreach, my cold outreach sub account. So the bookings, would you go ahead and have that if they book and then move them over?

No, you book them in on your primary account. Okay, so the 20 free lead snapshot, install it twice, install it once in your marketing account, but you only send emails. Nothing else matters from that account. It's just install it because it's one click and it's easy, right? So install it in your marketing account and install it in your primary account. Okay. And then split it in your mind. The only thing we do in the marketing account is send emails. Everything else we do from the primary account. So that means your calendar is in the primary account, your opt in form is in your primary account, your website is in your primary account. Everything else that isn't an email being sent is in your primary account. So then the link in the email, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, click here to book in with my calendar. That link takes them to my primary account, because when they opt in over here that's my point, that they are now no longer a cold lead. They are now an engaged lead. So that click them out of your marketing account. The click puts them into your primary account.

So you actually don't even at that point, you wouldn't need to use, like, pabli to move them from one sub account to another. Because I had that question.

No, because you're opting them in, they're taking an action on your primary account. There is literally no pablis required.



Boy, that's a lot easier.

That's perfect.


That was worth hanging around for.

Yeah, for sure, for sure.

Now, Alvin, what you need to do is get this man a coffee, all right. And let him push the button. All right? So, Alvin, your job is to make sure that David's got there you go. I love, like it's so cool. On my screen, I've got Dora sitting between you guys. So I just saw Alvin reach behind Dora, and the cup ended up on Davis. It's like some sort of magic act going on over here.

I love it.

So good. I love you.

Cold reach.

I can do that. I can do magic. Thanks, Mel. That's awesome. That's great. I still hold in my heart very dearly that entrepreneurs are the magic. Entrepreneurs have the sparkle in their like, that's what I said to you earlier, Dora. It's like, the first time I kind of felt this come from the very being that I am, was I was talking to our good friend Curtis, who's a very big success story, and he went from man rags to riches. He went literally from sleeping on his friend's couch to last month, he did 250,000 in revenue. Wow. In a month.


And I remember sitting with Curtis, and Chris was at that point where he was like, I can even feel the plate of food that we had in front of us. We're sitting at a restaurant, and Curtis was with pleading in his eyes, looking at me, do should I do this or should I do that? And I said, Dude, there's a million people for $10 an hour that can do that. But only you have the magic to do that. That's your thing. If nobody else on the planet can do that as well as you. Now, that's for all of you guys. Nobody else on the planet can sit across from a CEO and be Dora Taba. There's not a single person on the planet that can be David Stone as well as David Stone.


There's not a single person on the planet that can have the same magic as you in an interaction with another human.


That's where magic happens. So every single time we do stuff that doesn't facilitate that magic, we're costing ourselves money, and we're costing the community the opportunity to work with us. So get that out of your space and in. Alvin if what you can do is magic, then you do your magic. And, David, you do your magic, and everybody else will benefit as a result. So, guys, make the magic. I love it. Sorry, my little soapbox. I'll just put it away over here. Take it out again next week.


Love it, guys. Awesome. David so, is that cool? Does that help you with the tech mail from the mailing account and do nothing else? Everything else happens in your primary account. That's where you're building your real long term.

Yeah, perfectly. I think it was on A-Q-A earlier this week. There was this talk about tablet and sub accounts and all that kind of stuff, but this totally makes sense, and I think I'm ready this weekend to to make it happen.

Amazing, man. Let us know. Just thank you. So in the group and just say launched, man, because I'll sell.



Bring it on.

David great to see you guys. Thank you so much, guys. I did have ganesh pop up. I'm happy to stick around. Ganesh. Let me just push on the stop.

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