How to get my clients to onboard with White Label Suite

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Doing well, thank you. Question. So yesterday I was asking... I'm using Virtual 9, and I want them to run searches for me. And I was asking a question about how I can target my searches. And then I was introduced to the AI functionality. But then later in the evening, as I was thinking about this, I'm like, well, you know what? They had actually asked me to create a video. And then I thought, well, I wonder if you guys already have a video that helps people who are new as an SOP to know how to navigate through. I can set everything up in my account, but then is there an existing SOP that I can give them that will help them navigate through to build a search? Or should I wait a little bit? Because there's part of me that wants to learn how to do this, but I know I need to focus on- Be the magic. -doing sales.

Rather than doing the sales.


The person that's speaking to the income-generating opportunities. Don't be the person running the wheel in the background. I love it. There are videos and you have them and they're available as a snapshot. So in your members area, which is available through your dashboard, but I'll just go straight to it, members. Whitelabelsuite. Com, in your members area, I believe it is in level two, you will find the tutorial videos about how to set up the program and search. Connecting, cool, Instagram client, snapshot there. White label support videos download all tutorials as a snapshot. When you download this snapshot, it will install for you a members area, and that members area will have in it all of the how to use this program videos. Create new campaigns, editing campaigns. There are three different searches, search tips and expansions, filtering your results, adding integrations, add those search lists to your CRM, connecting with Zapper and Pavee if you want to. After going through these videos, your VA should only have one question or two questions. Who are you trying to reach and where? And if you can say, I'm trying to reach these people in this location, after going through these videos, they should be able to set up a campaign, create the search, expand the search, add it to your CRM, add those contacts to your Drip campaigns.

So yes, all there.

Okay, are the AI things in there?

No, they are not. And let me come across to my ClickUp board, which is my current to-do list, and it is in-app onboarding. It's on my list somewhere. Tudor is on AI and Open Socials. It's on my list today.

Okay, because that's really the main area that I want them to learn. Because I think from what I understand from level nine that they have VAs that are familiar with how to search on them with white.

Label suites? They are. I would wait until we do that bulk request thing because that'll change things.

Okay, so then in the interim, should I just have them do industry searches? Because my goal, to be honest with you, is to find businesses that are doing a revenue of three million or more, and I want to contact the CEO or founder or CIO directly. I know in the past when I've done searches that... I think I did people searches, but it might have been industry search as well, where I was able to find people based on their role or position. I guess I'm thinking then that I should just continue to search in that way to find those.

I think so. You're only a few days away from having that Bulk Select API. You could literally get your Leveline VA running right now and putting 1,000 or 2,000 industry search people into a holding pattern for you. So when the AI tool is ready, you can then just Bulk Select and run it. Yeah, don't hold off. Get them to start to run the search. There's nothing bad with having a list of potential prospects ready for you to take action on. Nothing bad at all.

Okay, perfect. Thank you.

You're welcome.

Good to see you. Will there be an email when that AI video is available?

Probably not. We all get too many emails, but there will be a big shout out in the group.

Okay, sounds good. Thank you.

You're welcome. Great to see you. Thanks, as always, Dora. All right, jumping in. David, I see you're not back. You dropped your hands.

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