Finding Associations as a great source of leads with White Label Suite

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Do that and that. That way we have a little topic on. Okay, so we've got a people search. People search, and what was the actual... Can you click on New Search? Yeah. That's not bad. Go back to where you were. So, Concrete Association, you've got Vice President of something in the concrete association. Looks like it's not a bad mixture there. Live Nation, dice, Live Nation, Live Nation. So scroll up just a little bit, if I can ask you, Colleen, and click on the new search over on the right. On the right, the button there. Go up a little bit. Down… Sorry, that one there. Click on that one. Because what that shows me is your search history. See that one there? President London, UK. What we need… This is looking for a specific person in UK, but if we do this as an industry search rather than a people search, you're going to start to find more results. Now, how many concrete associations will there be? Don't know, but let's give it a try. Let's create a new campaign in the industry search. I go, New campaign, industry search.


Just type in, give it a name. Let's just call it associations for now. And Create. From here, the business type I would search for would be... Let's go with construction association or concrete association if you wanted to get that specific.


Let's start in London, if that's where we're going. Not associations, association. I'll tell you why in just a second. Let's go London and hit Search and see what we can find.

Okay, should I put concrete flooring or….

See, it's really specific.

So thinking, scroll.

Down a little bit, let's see what we've got here. World Cement Association, Slag Makers Association, Construction Concrete Structures Group, construction plant hire… You're in a good space there. That's a pretty decent result. Scroll down all the way for me, all the way down to the bottom, and let's see. Okay, so we've got 10 results and there's no load more. A concrete is association. You wouldn't think there'd be too many of them, so this is probably all. But can you go back up to our search windows there, right there? So instead of saying concrete association, can you try concreting association and just see if we get any more? Don't forget, you'll never get a duplicate that drops in. So concrete ting and hit Search again. And of course, we can do our expansion of our search. We've started in London, we can start to move out. Check that out. Twelve results have been successfully added to the campaign. Scroll down. What you actually got just then was more than your first thing. Now we've got Gambika Association UK, Granite Limited, Concrete Reps Limited. Just pause there for a second. You can hit that button, Load More, because now we're starting to get a lot more results.

Think about what we just did there, guys, because that's super, super, super important. I stopped you, Colleen, when you first typed in, Concrete associations. I stopped you because how does a business refer to itself? That's what we actually are looking at here on the screen, and that's super, super, super important. How does a business refer to itself? A business would never to itself as a concrete associations with an S at the end. They might say a concrete association, but they would never refer to themselves as a plural. We have to think, how would a business refer to themselves? Now, instead of concrete association, again, thinking how would a business relate to itself, we found a lot more results when we looked for concreting association, because that's how a business will list itself, I am a concreting association. You might, again, find more results or different results with concreters association. I'm a concreters association, or I'm an association of concreters. Guys, this is for everyone, not just people who are looking in the construction or concrete industry, thinking about how the business will list itself, will describe itself, will give you very, very, very different results.

Now we're starting to see. Can we just start to have a look here, Colleen? Click on the actual associations campaign that you've created there. Now we're starting to get some different results, and of course, you can expand that search out. Click on that one. Right here? Yeah. What I want to show you here is instead of searching for the actual person, now as we get these contacts, click on Show Contacts on that first one. I just want to show you something. On those first results over in the Contact Persons column, click on the show contacts link. I keep going to the right. I keep going to theright. Keep going to the right. Keep going to the right. Keep going to the right. Down. Okay, click there. Scroll down so we can see. Now we're starting to see some people here. We're starting to see Tia and Hassan. Keep scrolling down. I'm looking for something specific and I'll point it out when I see it. Boom, stop there for a second. So rather than look for the people in a people search that were very narrow, when we've done the search and found the actual company, we're starting to see the positions of those people anyway, right?

Would Natalie, as the head of communications, be a good contact to reach out to just start a conversation about doing a presentation to the Concretors Association of London, for example? What we've just saw there, Colleen, was different keywords searching in your industry search will give you massively different results, and you're starting to see those titles. Now, not everyone will list the title. We don't know if Diane is actually the CEO or who it might be, but if we have title, we'll list it. You can start to see that that information there is becoming super valuable in your next step, which is the reach out. Does that help, Colleen? Being able to really fine tune that search word has given you lots of different results, and also being able to then see those positions for each of those people is starting to reap the benefits as well.

Yeah, that does help. And talking about keywords, I wasn't sure, because what I'm looking at is concrete floor polishing, but I didn't know whether saying that was too specific, or whether I should just leave it a bit more broad and say concrete. What would you suggest? Because what I was finding when I was just doing the normal industry search, excuse me, was when I typed concrete floor polishing, I was getting some businesses that were concrete floor polishing, and some businesses that were wooden floors, and some businesses that were just something to do with flooring, as opposed to just specifically concrete flooring.

That's a really good point as well. I'm really glad that this has formed part of the same little recording here because… I can see it there in your campaigns. Do you want to just open up the concrete floor polishing campaign that you've got there on the left? Fourth, down from the top, I think it is. Concrete floor down a little bit, down a little bit, stop, down there. Yeah, open that one up for me. Again, the reason why wooden floor people have popped up is, again, because of how businesses list. So just because they're listed as wooden floor, but you've searched specifically for concrete floor polishes.


Actually happening here is these guys have all got concrete floor polishing listed somewhere in their business. So scroll up just a little bit. I just saw one that is a good example of what I'm talking about. Keep going a little bit further, a little bit further, a little bit further that one. Mason's Resin Driveways. Now, we don't have email addresses for this one. Mason's Resin Driveways, and you're looking for concrete floor polishing. They're like, Dude, wrong result. No, no, no, no, no. Theirbusiness name is Mason's Resin Driveways. But in their business listing, they have listed the words concrete floor polishing. What does Mason's Resin Driveways do? They do Resin Driveways, exposed aggregate, concrete polishing, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Just because the business name is something, something, something, they have listed concrete floor polishing as one of the services that they do. That's a business that is in your space, even though the business name might not be. Example might be ABC, import and export. Why did they show up when I'm looking for electrical wholesalers? Because one of the things they import or export is electrical equipment, and they've listed that.

You're actually finding your ideal client there despite what their business name says. So, Epoxy coatings or surface solutions, these guys do concrete floor polishing. Even if they say, even if they're business—and you can imagine if you're a business owner and you've built your business on wooden floor polishing, and then 20 years after your company has been created, you decide that concrete floor polishing is also something you're going to do, you're not going to change your business name, but you will add that to the services that you provide on your business listing. You get both and you're in the right space.

Got it. This one is Block Paving.

Yeah. I'm like, Okay.

They are called Block Paving Hucknall. I bet if you went to their website, one of the services they list that they do is concrete floor polishing because that's what you were searching for and they turned up.

Got it.

Right. It looks like you're in the right space. You've got some pretty solid leads there, I would say, Colleen.

Got it.

Okay, fantastic. Good job. Thank you so much.

Guys, I'm getting early.

I love it. Guys, I hope this is helpful. Even just seeing that difference between concrete association and concrete associations, the difference in the listing and concrete versus concrete team, thinking about how the business describes itself will get you much different results in your search.

What I was trying to do when I did this, the people... I did this, yeah. The first thing I did in the first day of the job was get the President of the Association. The way I thought about it, that wasn't the right way, and I should do it the way you buy industry, I suppose, too.

Your industry search just gets you so many more results. Got it. The thing is, again, thinking about who you're trying to reach, the CEO of the concreting association or the person who's in charge of the President, what if they don't list their email address? You're like, Oh, man. Because on LinkedIn, a lot of people concerned with privacy and that stuff just simply don't list their email address. How am I going to reach this person? But if I've got a list of everyone that works at the association and I can find out that the president is Janine, I might not have Janine's email address, but if I can get an email to someone that says, Hey, I'm trying to reach Janine, could you just put me back a reply and let me know how to reach her? Now we can get it. I'm not saying that people search is wrong in any way. You got to be specific about the people that you're looking for, which you did, but there's also a lot more volume in the industry search, and that'll help you create more opportunity as a result.

Got it. Excellent. Thank you very much.

Always lovely to see you. Thank you so much, Colleen. All right, let me do this one.

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