Does the new A2P System Stop Missed Call Text Back

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Hey, Collin.

Hey, you all doing good? I am sitting outside right now and there's a construction site behind me, so forgive me if there's.

Some- Take a note of their number because Collin will want to approach them.

Oh, yeah. Maybe I'll walk down there and grab a picture.

Yes, please do. Nice. I love it.

Cool. First of all, I pushed out the… I know I talked to you a week ago. I've been off the map, out of town for the past week and a half. Anyways, I pushed out that missed textback, automation, all that, everything.

My challenge to you last week was, what can we do to push that campaign out? I was waiting for you to come back and tell me, Dude, well done. Amazing. So good. Great job.

I don't know if you have the question or the answer to this question because I know it doesn't really regard you guys and it's not what you are doing. But if you know, how does like A2P affect the missed text back? Do they have to opt in? Or if they are registered, is that fine? If the company is registered with A2P, can they just operate as normal with the missed call textback?

Yeah, great question. I am not the best to answer it. From what I understand, so, guys, this is not the epitome of knowledge. This is just my very, very, very shallow understanding. The ADP regulations pretty much state that unwarrant or unsolicited text messages are on a very short, thin, icy path that won't last very long. Does that include miscalled textbacks? I'm just trying to think logically. Logically. The ITP exists, ITP regulations exists, so that you, without any initiation on your part, don't get spammed with text messages, right? We all do already. Every time a political party sends me a text message, I feel like throwing my phone away. I'm like, How did you get my number? One, why are you texting me two, and you've just made sure that I don't vote for you? Three. But anyway, separate text. However, if a customer calls me, they have initiated contact. They have contacted me and I am replying. So even though they haven't opted in, so again, guys, please make sure that you're staying legal, compliant. This is not legal advice, and anybody that follows my advice will surely die within the next 10,000 years. If they've initiated contact with me and I've replied, I feel like that's okay.

Right? Right. So the A2P regulations exist to protect people from unsolicited contact. That's not what missed call textback is. Missed call textback is responding to a customer's inquiry. I think it's okay, Sonny. It's worth digging into a little bit more. First thing first, make sure you're registered for A2P blah, blah, blah. Make sure you're doing all the right things. Jump on and have a look at the forum. Dhl had an awesome webinar on A2P a couple of weeks ago. Did you catch it? Do you want me to find you a link?

Was that the initial one, I think?


Yeah, I watched half of it, I think.

Okay. Any answers that have come from that?

Off the top of my head, it was a couple of weeks ago. No, regarding missed call textback- Let's just do a quick.

Look here. I'm going to go to where we all go when we're looking for answers, which is Google. But then I thought, Hey, why don't we go straight to the high-level official community and do a quick search on A2P, missed call textback? Because I'm pretty sure somebody will have asked that already. A2p, missed... I know you guys can't see my screen. If I find something good, I'll share with you. Until then, just talk amongst yourselves. All right, What do we got? Are you looking at the high-level official community or another group? Official community. Just finding some answers here, just educating myself as we go. Joe is a pretty active member of the community. There it is. Chase from from from from... I checked with GL corporate attorney, and they said, One text is okay, but calling does not mean you have consent and cannot text anymore. I could not agree more.

Okay. Okay.

This is interesting. One preventative measure is real time DNC lists and litigation lookup and using TCPA compliance system that can be programmed based on rules and regulations. It. Joe looks like he set that up with a do not call list register and that stuff, but that's pretty much your answer. Chase checked with DHL corporate attorney, and they said, One text is okay. A single missed call textback, Hey, sorry, we missed your call, can we help you? Is fine, but that doesn't give you permission to add that person to a marketing list and continue to market to them over and over. Okay. Again, I am as far from a legal advisor as a crockadile is from a cucumber, but that's a starting point. Sonny?

Okay. Yeah, I will dig into that more.

But in theory, in theory, let's say, customer calls plumber, they have a conversation via text, is that conversation? First of all, is that conversation one text by the attorneys?

And then second of all-.

Conversation is a little bit different.

Yeah. So you know back and forth. So originally it would be, Hey, sorry, I can't take your call. I'm fixing the pipes. And then they respond back again on text. Now that's a.

Conversation- So that's a conversation. But what it isn't, is it isn't permission.

It isn't permission to mark it to that number down the track. Now, I might, again, guys, not legal advice, I might get away with a follow-up text in a week that says, Hey, John, just a quick follow-up. Did you ever get that problem sorted? Related to the same issue, I might get like, That to me seems reasonable. Cool. Okay, somebody contacted me, I had a conversation back and forth, Come make it Tuesday, come make it Friday. How about this? Blah, blah, blah, blah. Okay, cool. I might get away with a follow-up a few days later that says, Hey, John, did you still need a hand? But if I then put that number into a pool and in a month's time, send them, Hey, we're doing a special deal for all members of the community, I'm starting to be gray there. I haven't got permission to market to that customer. It's not really… It's gray. It's gray. I don't know advice needed. I don't know advice needed. Does it kill our mistexed callback, massive wins that DHL has been famous for so many years? No, not at all. Because that single text back to a customer, Sorry, we missed your call.

Can we organise a quote for you? Or something like that is so massively valuable. It doesn't have to be anything to do with marketing. Really, it doesn't. It can be literally a text message answer service.

Right. Maybe in that text, I don't know if that's not compliant or something, but create a link or put a link in that text to visit the website. For it to look like an appointment with them.

Best missed callback text system that we ever set up was for a fencing company here in Australia. I'm super proud of it. I don't know, millions of people have built much better systems than this. But what we did was we literally just created a response chain. We said, Hey, sorry we missed your call. Your business is important to us. Please reply with one of the following three options. One, you need a quote. Two, you need a service. Three, something else, and you'd like us to call you back. Then we set up the auto reply, wait for customer reply. If one, send a quote link. If two, send a service form. If three, send an internal notification to my team, my customer service team. Now, a call comes in, call is missed, text goes. Text goes, text says, Sorry, we missed you. Business is important. Respond with one for a quote, two for a service, three of something else. Customer replies with a number. One, we reply with, Thanks so much. Please fill in the details here link, and we'll organise a quote for you. Customer replies with two, Thanks so much. Please fill in this form and let us know what service you need.

Customer replies with three, Thanks so much. Our team's been notified and somebody from our company will give you a call within the next 24 hours. That's how we build it and massively effective. I checked on their account yesterday, actually, and they had 267 people that had gone through that mistext callback in the last two weeks. Amazing. Super cool. They love us. That's just been super successful for us.

Also on that, do you have a checkbox, like an opt-in? Yeah, absolutely. On the page, on the web page, right? Or on your phone?

100%. Okay. Then you're.


At that point. Exactly. On that A2P compliance thing, that little box down the bottom of the form that says, By ticking this box, we acknowledge that this company may continue to communicate with us via X methodology. Done. You're compliant. Done. You've got it on file. You're absolutely playing within the rules and everybody's staying safe at that point. Take them to a form with a tick box 100%, David. Best way to go. So missed text, text goes, Hey, we'd love to help. Please fill in this customer information on our form link. On that form is that little tick box that says, I consent to this company contacting me. Bingo. Hello. Best way forward. Sonny, does that help?

Absolutely, yeah, for sure does. Thanks for that.

No probs, man. Did you have a follow-up? Hands gone down.

I had unrelated questions, so you can stop.

That recording for me. Make sure you did it.

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