Creating Profitable Business Groups With Lead Generation

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One last question for our day. Okay. So, Sunny says, Along with GL tools, I'm thinking of taking a slightly different route with the leads tool. Cool. I'm thinking of helping businesses make partnerships with similar mind of businesses, creating a mutually beneficial relationship by sending each other business. Awesome. This could be a one on one relationship of multiple businesses collaborating. I'm having trouble thinking of how to price this service as I could be forming long term lucrative partnerships for these businesses. If you have thoughts or input, much appreciated as always. Well, yeah, cool. I have done this before, Sunny, and I've seen people do it before at a much different level. When I've done it before, I was working with local communities literally here where I live right now. I only did it four or five times because there wasn't enough money in it for me to do it longer term. So maybe that's the secret or the thing they were asking. What I did was I connected people like a real estate agent, a mortgage broker, an accountant, an insurance agent, a quantity surveyor, the people that all have the same customer base in a particular location.

I charged 500 bucks to put that community together and create a lead gen system for all of them. I only did that four or five times, and I did it with different spaces in different industries. Easy to do. Probably I didn't charge enough. And especially now knowing what I know with the lead gen system, I actually suggested to somebody else the other day, do that, create business nodes, but charge them a monthly fee and you run the leads into the node. What do I mean by that? What if it's a thousand bucks a month split between five companies? Right? A thousand bucks a month, I will put 1,000 leads a month into your system and all five of you can benefit. I'll send information about the quantity surveyor, the property owner, the mortgage broker, and I'll do this on a rotating basis, $1,000 a month and you guys can all split it. Now you actually have a monthly recurring income. I suggested that the other day. I believe good model. You can do that in every city in the world. You can do that in every suburb in the world. You can create multiple nodes that do that.

Good system. Be and I create that breakfast networking international thing where people pay thousands of dollars to come and have to bring their leads. But you can do that as a service business. Pretty cool. The other angle that I've seen it done is where you are the beneficiary, you are one of the beneficiaries of the node. So in other words, I'm a lead generation company. Who else could I work with? Let's get a web designer, a Facebook ad specialist, I don't know, a graphic designer, and create a node over here and do that lead split as long as I get some of them. I'll do that again in the next city and the next city and the next city and the next city, and I'll create referral partners for me to grow my business. Again, two different angles. If I'm doing it for other people, I'm setting it up, make sure they pay me, I'll run leads into that entire network, or I'm creating it as a feeding ground for me and my company, and I'm doing it in multiple different states. I'll send you web design companies. If I find them in Seattle, you send me companies that need our lead gen service and we'll all grow together again and again and again and again and again.

A couple of different models. How would I price it? Well enough so that you can eat, make a fortune, buy a mansion, and a Ferrari when you have thousands of who love what you do and want to pay you millions of dollars. Well enough. Don't ever price too low because you will work yourself into the ground and you will die trying to serve. That's it, Sunny. Hopefully, that's helpful. Guys, thank you so much for joining me. You made my Saturday morning heaps of fun and look forward to seeing you each and all around the calls. Just because this call ends doesn't mean our support and support desk on staff all the time, support. Whitelabelsuite. Com. Drop into the Facebook group if you need us and we look forward to seeing you on the next calls. Thank you. Thanks, everyone. All right. Bye. See you, team. Bye. Thanks.

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