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Just got our first question. Hi, Carlene, how are you doing?

Hey, I am well, thank you.

How are you? I'm great. Good to see you. How's the week been?

Not too bad. I ranked up my emails to 20 from 10 last week.

Fantastic. Good job.

I wanted to show you my numbers because they're actually improving.


My delivery rate has gone up. It's in the 90s and a half, which.

Is fantastic. Well done. That's awesome.

And my open rate has increased as well. So let me just go there. Well done.

This is great.

Automation. Okay. This one... Oh, sorry, let me share my screen. Now I will say that the open rates have been automatic replies, but hey, I'll take that from.

Now on. Absolutely. Yeah, definitely. Like I said last week, reply to the auto replies just helps your delivery rate keep going up.

Oh, got it. Okay, I will do that. Polkadok, so let's click here.

How cool to see a hundred of your ideal clients in that pipeline, by the way. That's great. So, look at that.

Okay, so here are my numbers.

Thirty-nine % open rate. Fantastic.

So it's getting there. What did I want to ask? How can I see who it is that has actually replied to me? I was able to work this out at the beginning of the week, but I can't work it out now and I can't remember how to do it. But I- Sure.

So you can click on the View Details on any one of those. So if you go back to where you were just then. Clearly, if people reply, they should come back into your Conversations tab. Open that Statistics panel up again, Carlene. Click on the Email and then click on Statistics and go down to the reply or any of those statistics. You can click on View Details and it will open up a separate panel. From here you'll be able to see things. Right here you've clicked on the delivered and you can see who's been delivered there. Next, you can click on the Opened. Stay on that same thing, click on Opened and it'll be able to filter and it'll show you who's opened that email. Next, you can see the clicks and in the same way you can see the replies. You can actually go up to the replied one up the top there and see if you have any replies. No replies there at the moment, but that's where you'll be able to see who's clicked. Again, your replies will show up in the conversations tab when people have replied there. Of course, you're looking at a date-based window, so you've got looks like 30 days in that window.

That's where you'll see all of your statistics starting to come through. So, G. H. L. Statistics are, I would say reasonably accurate, but they do leave some gaps, which I've noticed in the past. Interestingly, if you… I don't want to throw any complexity into the mix. What you're looking at there is going to give you a good baseline for where you're at. If you do choose to send emails as campaigns rather than just written into the automation itself, so you use templates and campaigns, you get a few more statistics, but that's next step. Again, I don't want to throw any complexity into the mix there. Looks like you're doing some pretty good things.

I'll just keep it simple for now.

Yeah, absolutely. 39% open rates, amazing. 6% click rates. I would say keep your subject lines the same, but your click rates, you might just want to change the offer, the body copy itself, just to see if we can start to lift that up a little bit.

Got it. Okay, so work on the click-through rate. Keep the body the same and change the-.

No, so in a diagnostic-in a diagnostic we go, subject line is the most important thing, and I heard Herosie say it the other day, once you've written your subject line, you've spent 80% of your marketing dollar because that's what only 80% of your people will see. So subject line most important looks like your open rates are spot on. So amazing, 40%, 34%, amazing open rates. So then subject line, if you're getting good opens, great. If you're getting low clicks, what you need to do is work on the actual body of the email. What is it that we can improve that makes it more compelling for someone to take an action? If you wanted to improve your click rates, you want to work on the body of that email and that call to action. What is it that we can do to make the body of the email more appealing for someone? We work subject lines as open rates, body is clicks, body and CTA or call to action. Then the last piece is conversion. How many of those people click that actually go through and take an action? Your conversions, you're optimizing on the page itself.

You're looking for improving that call to action on the page or that opt in option once they get to that page. Amazing open rates. Have a little bit of a look at the body and see if you can start to bump that up and make the offer a little bit more compelling. But amazing job.

Okay, fantastic. Now, something I was trying to do today, not very successfully, was search for associations. Now, I did so. I wasn't quite sure what it was actually giving me. Let's just go here.

I'll just pause it. I'll do a separate.

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