Using the Comet Leads Tool to Set Power Meetings

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Hey, buddy, how are you doing?

I'm doing great. I'm doing great. You ready for the weekend?

I am.

I'm just- We're going on to the next stuff you and I together in the last couple of days.

It has been absolutely insane, but I just wanted to quickly share. I had a couple of awesome calls this week with some of our clients. Nice. One of them pulled up. His name is Eric. He's been in our world for close to about two years now. He said what he did was he went into... Because of the pandemic, he decided to, hey, just travel and get a car, travel to different cities, explore. Now what he does with the tool is he uses it to find speakers, coaches, consultants in every city he's going to and says, Hey, I'm coming to town. We're getting together with 10 other amazing people. We're putting together a book. Would you like to partake? We've looked you up. We think you're amazing. And of course, he does qualify them. Now these people are paying him between 2,000 to $3,000 per person to be in the book. That's one. Now he's just going from town to town finding these amazing people, launching these book series. Life's pretty simple for him. That's one story. Another one is his favorite book. Hang on, wait. Actually, I.

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