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Help you? Hey, Walt.

Yeah, just a quick question. I just wanted to jump on, like, the email train, just verify that the process I'm thinking of is correct. So when I onboard a new client, is it smart to I watched one of your other videos talking about this. Am I buying and registering them a brand new domain through cloudflare and then setting it up in their sub account that I make for them? Sorry, that's what we did myself.

Yeah. When we started, we pushed that back onto the client.

And what we found was that they didn't do it.

What we found was that we were waiting, have you set your DNS records up? Have you done? And they were like, no, not yet. It's like we chose to do it internally because them doing it was way too slow. So actually what we did was we said, okay, every new client is going to cost us $10 in a domain.

And 30 minutes worth of cloudflare set up. Right.

And so, literally, every single client, part of our value stack. Like, we actually made it a part of the offer. We're going to register a brand new domain in your marketing to protect your thing. That's a cost that we're going to.

Incur to make sure that this is.

Set up for you. So that's what we did to make life easier.

Then we could just go through a.

Checklist with our VA, set up the DNS records, make sure the text records are like it was so easy when we did it because we just had a SOP of a process, which I've given the checklist before. Happy to give it again if you want it.


So we did it for the client because otherwise you're waiting weeks and it.

Just doesn't get done.

Okay, that makes sense. And I guess that's what the setup.

Fee should cover for that anyways.

100%. Absolutely. My favourite three words. Set up fee. Set up fee. If you want to make it. Three words, set up fee. Now, let me just grab my do you want that checklist, Richard? This is our onboarding checklist that we give to our VAS. There we go. Copy that.

Dropbox link.

It's in the chat.

Let me get it here.

So this was our tech setup checklist. Every step's. Got a loom video on it. So every time there was a new client, we gave them this checklist. We still do give them this checklist, register a domain, set it up on cloudflare, set up your text records, create, like, literally everything on that checklist has.

Got a loom video.

That's how we train our VAS. So I do it first.

I loom it, and then actually, I.

Took it one step further. One client coming in. I actually did it as fast as I could.

Like, just go, go.

So I knew how long it could take if you were really onto it. And I got a complete client set up done in 17 minutes. So then I gave the VAS 3 hours.

I was like, okay, every client should.

Take you 3 hours.

I can do it in 17 minutes, right?

Yeah, it's okay.

So here's the checklist, here's the setup.

And yeah, our VAS were setting up two, three clients a day when Chris was maxing out our sales, I think his best month ever, he did 42.

Sales in one month.

So like three a day was necessary.


So, yeah, cool.

Hopefully that's helpful, man.

Yeah, I appreciate that, Link.

I'll definitely use that. And one last thing real quick, 30 seconds if I have time.

You do, man, you do.

How do I email 5000 leads from because I know there's like a 5000 leads per month option, and right now I need to separate mine accounts with freemium. We just talked about I'm only on one account currently, but if I want to reach out to 5000 leads a month, three domain, do I need two different sub accounts with two different emails? Three different sub accounts?

Three different sub accounts. Because what we teach is a maximum of 100 emails per day per domain, not per email account. So I could have Xyz@consulting.com and Abc@consulting.com.

Same domain.

I'm talking 100 emails per day per domain. So you need three domains. And this is again part of our value stack. When we were selling the 5000 lead package was we will register for you.

Three independent domains in your leads tool.

We literally just set them up in different campaigns with different API keys. So account one, account two, account three. Like right now, I can show you. We've got three marketing email campaign sub.

Accounts running for our own lead gen.

So we practise what we preach, we've got leads, account one, leads account two, leads, account three. And we broke that further down into niches. That was just an easy way for us to make sure that the emails were specific. So email account one runs to business coaches, email account two runs to, I think it's financial planners, we did it that way. But 5000 emails a month, you need three domains. You're going to send 100 emails a day, but that doesn't add up because it's only 100 a day.

Times 30 days is sorry, 100 a.

Day times five days in a week is 500.

And there's only four weeks in a month. So that's 2000.

So actually that's how you get to your three. You've got 5000 emails across three accounts. It actually gives you 6000 capacity and you're good to go. We don't send emails on weekends.

Don't know why entrepreneurs work on Saturdays.

But it was just a conscious decision we made. I think it was to make my maths easy. 100 times five is easier than 100 times six. But that was just me again being lazy. So, yeah, to run 5000 emails, get.

Three accounts, super easy.

We had a sales guy start with us in the UK four weeks ago, the first thing he did was register 50 domains and I just went, Damn. He's now running with four appointment setters, four full time appointment setters, keeping his calendar busy. So maybe there was something in that, but yeah, so we run a 5000 email system out through three accounts, three.

Sub accounts, three domains, and you can.

Use the same lead gen tool for all three sub accounts, right?


So all you need to do, all you need to do let me just do the share screen thing really quickly, is all you need to do is in your leads programme itself, which is here.

Hang on, I'm in admin mode, sorry.

Let me go back to dashboard mode.

All right, cool.

So all you need to do is.

Set up the three campaigns to point to the three different sub accounts. So I go, okay, I want this account, I want this campaign to run to my marketing number one account. So all I need to do is in integrations, come up here and I.

Can just add multiple connections here.

So I go and get the API key from mailing account number one. So this is mailing number one API key, whatever it is. 12345.

Okay, done. And now I've got it, I've got it.

Sorry, I need to put a real one in there. You can see that I've got them here anyway. And then on a campaign basis, click.

On the settings and just choose which.

Sub account you want it to go into. So don't send it to my main.

Sub account, send it to my mailing one.


And then do the next one.

Do the next campaign and the next campaign. So now I can have multiple campaigns pointing to different sub accounts in GHL.

That makes perfect sense. Okay, I got it.

Cool, man.


Thank you. You're welcome.

Good to see you.

Pop in anytime.

All right, let me do this very quickly.

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