How to get the most from the White Label Suite program and leads searches

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Am doing wonderful.

Great to see you.

I am so excited about this. Johan ended up at an AI workshop day that I was at, and I fell in love with him and your system. I already used Go High Level, which is your CRM that you're using. I've got that. I'm using that. But today I just got into the late gen.


I've got questions for you as to how to work with some of the things, how to get things to come out the way I'm looking and what I need to do, what I'm looking for and how to pull the information that I need?

Yeah. Feel free to ask now. Have you gone through the onboarding with our team?

Not yet. Okay. I have no idea about the… This said this was onboarding, so I'm here, and I guess I'm onboarding with you, but… Fantastic.


Well… I went through the training class, and so….

I got.

Things set up.

We do have onboarding as well. If you wanted to jump on a one-on-one with someone from our team, they'll walk you through how to set up the techniques and all that stuff. But fire away, I'm thrilled to have you here. You were saying that you're looking how to get the best from the system. So tell me, Joy, who's your ideal customer? Who are you really looking to attract?

Right now, what I'm attempting to do is different from looking for my customer. I am an outsource CFO, and that's where my customers are at. But what I'm doing right now is I am working for a client and I'm looking to get media exposure.


And so what I'm attempting to come up with are the contacts, the producers from the TV, radio, and the newspaper contacts, magazine contacts, whichever contacts, but in our local area.

Fantastic. Let's do it. What we want to do, so this is our leads program, obviously, what we want to do is we want to focus on a few different things. In the tool, there's three different ways of searching. There's industry, which is niche, which is vertical. I'll show you that one. There's people, which is going to get you a long way forward. Then there's the single search as well, which can put you in touch with the right person. I would run all three searches. Your industry search is going to get you a bulk amount of people that you can reach out to on a campaign using Joe, Go High Level. The people search is like the laser-focused targeting sniper. Then the single focus is like... It's a terrible analogy before you see it, so bear with me, Joy, and I'll explain it. My single focus, always think of a mafia hit. When you see those movies and the FBI is trying to take down the drug ring or whatever, and they've got all of these little minions down the bottom, and then the next guy up, and then they get in contact with the next guy up, and that's the kingpin.

That's the dude. We use the single search to reach the guy. But I'll show you how we do that. Let's start with an industry search. I'm going to create a new campaign over here, and I'm going to call this Joy's PR explosion. Let's do that. Okay, so now we've got Joyce PR explosion. What you need to be able to do first before you do anything else is click over here to settings of that campaign and make sure you've got your CRM connected.

That I've got connected.

Fantastic. All right, so we got that in play. Now using the industry search, we're looking for verticals, we're looking for industries. Here I'm going to look for, as an example, let's even go with a TV production, something like that, all right? Where are you based, Joy?


Detroit, Michigan. All right.

There you go.

Detroit. All right, let's go. So TV production in Detroit, Michigan. Let's see what we can find. So we're going to start to bring in, just as an example, Full View Productions, Green Sky Productions, World Fair, M1 Studios, Avalon Films, Network Production Studio. There's quite a bit going on here. So we're going to be able to bring in the people that we're looking for on the industry search.

Except I'm only looking for the specific TV station people, the production people at the TV.

Stations themselves. Fantastic. Now, can I ask you why?

Because I'm looking to get interviewed.

On TV.


Amazing. Fantastic. Perfect. All right, so let's go with TV crew or TV… Do.

Me a favor quick. How did you get to this screen where you're at right now?

From this screen, you do the search, and then once you've done the search, you just click on the actual campaign itself over here. That brings you up to this one. And if you wanted to see that map, it's there.

But it's not the map that I wanted. It was the left side of it that gave you the ability to change the industry or whatever.

Yeah, so from here? We did that one there with the-.

No, but you had another one up that had the left side. It had the… There we go. That's the one. How did you get to there?

Great. So this screen shows up when you first do that search. So if I go...

Again- It says it doesn't for me.

Okay. So if I do my search, let's go all the way through. Let's go the same campaign and I go TV production and I'll go just outside of Detroit this time. Actually, I'll keep Detroit. Why not? And we do that search. As soon as you click on it, you're getting this view coming up.

Except that's not what comes up for me. I've never seen that come up.

Okay, all right. You can get back to this screen. You can get back to this screen by just clicking on any of your any of your campaigns.


And then it's got this one. And if you want that map view going up again, you can just come up, click on New Search, all right? And rerun any one of the searches that you've already run. So if I rerun that search, I get that I get the map view again. So there it is.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Okay. No worries. I can change the business type quickly and easily and go from there.

Beautiful. Beautiful. Absolutely. Or you can also do that. You don't need the map to do that. You can click on this and you can just click up the top right here where it says new search, and that'll give you the business type and location and you can do it right there as well.

Thank you. That's perfect.

Perfect. See, that's what we're here for. We're here to help. Here's some Ninja strategies. Now we've got this search going on, and let me just do a quick refresh here and see what additional information we can gather. We let this run up. Now what we're doing is we're able to actually see where these people are at. We can start to find contact details as we know. We've got info at full view. We've got info at Green Sky. We've got these guys here. Who else can get you interviews? It's a producer, right? It's a- It's.

The producer that works for the TV station. Cool.

Even though you can reach the TV stations and the studio is doing the industry search, your major win is going to come here in the people search. This is where your major win is going to come from. Now you get less emails, but like I said, it's like a sniper. You can pinpoint exactly who you're looking for. This time we need to do a people search. Again, I need a different type of campaign. I need it to be a people search. I'm going to go for TV producers like this. Actually, I'm going to give you this one as well, media, because I want to show you something.

Thank you.

Let's go. First of all, I can do TV producer and I can do let's go Michigan.

Actually, just do Detroit because I'm looking only for Detroit.

Okay. You don't want to get any exposure for your clients? It? No? Okay.

No, we're just doing Detroit right now. We've got people coming into town. We've got somebody coming in from out of town into Detroit.

I've got Clarence. He's a news producer. Vincent is the CEO producer, TV producer. Sheila is a corporate communication specialist.

Yep, those are the names that I've got. Fantastic. I know the names.

Amazing. So now we've got TV producers in and around Detroit, Michigan. Now we're going to get their email addresses in a second when we click on this campaign. But the reason I also wanted to add media in here is because there's a whole bunch of media that's not TV anymore. If I went a YouTube producer and I went YouTube producer, guess what? Content producer, executive producer, social media manager, product specialist. What if I went this one, podcast, host. Go. Boom. Podcast host, podcast host. All right, host, podcast host, podcast host. Now we're starting to talk, right?

Oh, wow.

All of these people are 100% desperate for interviewees. They are always looking for the right people to be on their podcast. They absolutely need it. Again, I'm just from somebody that's run a podcast before. I'm constantly looking three months out, go and book me, get me some, make sure I've got content for that next week or that next month. I can, for example, come over to John or I could come to Jessica and I can just literally click straight to Jessica's profile on LinkedIn, and I can reach out to Jessica right from here. I can follow a messenger right here. I could send her a connection request. I can make that happen. And of course, when I click on the campaign, Joy, so now when I actually click on the campaign, we'll start to get some email addresses as well. Now, we might not get tons of email addresses with the personal search because people are like a little bit, they sometimes don't put their own personal email up, which is where I want to talk about this media hit thing. There's mafia hit strategy that we use in that last search. So first search, industry, find me all of the TV channels, find me the production studios, find me those industries, that's your bulk.

Then the people search, I can find my individual key people that I'm looking for. Now we do the mafia Hit style. I've got a campaign over here already for my mafia hit, and I'll give you that example. Duane, great to see you, man. I can see that question there. I'll be right there with you. I'm going to grab that campaign and I'm literally going to do that exact search. I'm going to go forbes. Com. Now I'm going to find everybody that works at Forbes. Let's go. This is what I mean by doing the mafia hit. I literally go, Okay, I might not be able to get the executive producer, but if I could take out for lunch the associate editor, I might have a better win. Now I can come through here and I can start to go, Who should I… Lauren Fieldman. Lauren. Lauren's the senior editor. Hey, Lauren. Just wanted to say hi and let you know that you're doing such a great job and see if I can be of any assistance to you and the team. By the way, anyone you can hook me up with that could do that stuff.

Now we can start to focus in on specific organizations and we can find the people that are working there. Now, you might not find everyone with every business, right?

But… I don't care if I get everyone. I just need a couple.

You only need the right ones, and that's what makes the big difference for you. Is that helpful, Joy? Those three different.

Methodologies and- Extremely. Thank you. I love you. I love you all. Not just I love Johan.

Well, I love the man as well. He brought us all together. I'm very thrilled with that. Cool. Hopefully that helps. Joy, we run these Q&A calls literally every single day. I feel that. We have over 1,000 digital marketing agency owners in our Facebook group that are sharing ideas and doing that stuff. If you shout out in that group at any time, Hey, does anybody know how to… Whatever, everybody will jump in and help you there. Definitely, if you come across to our members area, which you would have got access to as well, which is app. Whitelvelsuit. Com. And inside of this members area, this is where all our training is, you come to this training and resources sectionAll right. You can find all of the training and the videos and the templates and everything that we've got. We've also got this live support thing here. If you need a hand, you can just click on that.

You're saying here, where is that? Because I've not seen that.

Okay. Cool. You signed up from the tutorial.

This is- I signed up from-.


Johan yesterday? -the freebie that Johan gave us.

Fantastic. Just reach out to our support desk. Let me pop that into our Zoom chat here.

Thank you.

Actually, do you know what? I won't share screen. I'm not sharing screen, am I?


I don't want to give away your email address. I'm just going to come over here. I'm just going to give you access to that right now.

Thank you.

Let me see, Joy, that I've got you in my system, and I'll make sure that that little piece is unlocked for you as well. Inside of that members area, you will find… Why is my DHL running slow? Inside of that little members area, you'll find live help. You'll also see that link to book a live onboarding call as well.

Thank you.

That is there. Let me just make sure that's… Now I'm running. Okay, Joy. And Frances is our last name, All right, Joy, stand by.

Thank you. God bless you. I love you.

He sure does. Thank you. Let me do this. I'm going to make sure you've got access to that training area like this. Cool. Let me give you access to this one. Okay, I'm going to give you access to this free snapshot, which will get you into the members area. Thank you. I'll give you access to that one. That'll get you into the members area. From there, you can book in an onboarding call and you can do all that stuff as well. Let me just make sure. There we go. If you head on over to… Wait, one second. I might have to do this a different way. There we go. I'm going to do this a different way. Enjoy. There are a lot of good videos when you log in to the White Little Sweet support page. I find those helpful.

Thank you. That's seeing as I just got in here today, I'm learning and I appreciate all the information. Thank you, Dora.

Thank you. Dora is a rock star. She's amazing. You could.

Follow no more than Dora. I can tell.

—than Dora. Okay, so I've just made sure that you've got to log in there, Joy. If you head over to app. Whitelabelsuite. Com, just popping it in there, and use your email. The password is the same one as we set when we first set you up, so I don't mind sharing that with everybody. Right there, you'll be able to jump straight in.

Thank you. God bless you. Thank you very much.

You're welcome. Great to see you. Great to see you. Thank you so much. All right, guys.

I'll be back.

Good. I hope so. All right, I've got... Let me just do... You stuck with.

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