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It's been good. I've been busy with other things outside of DHL and White Levels Suite.

You have a life? What's going on, man? That's not allowed.

Yeah, exactly. But I am wanting to roll out a missed call textback campaign as well with the twenty-three leads. I've made a landing page for that, and then I want to run it pretty much exactly how the 23 leads is ran. Just direct them to the landing page and sign up and et cetera. Perfect. My question is... I'll share my screen.

It might be easier. Yeah, definitely man. Go for it. Let's see.

This is the landing page and it's in... I made it in my main sub account, my main account. The automations I have for it are in the separate sub account with my sending domain, right? I think.

You're right.

My question is specifically, I have a form on there. I have a form on there which is... Let me go on here—it's the email where they input their email. I obviously built this off of your template. Yeah, absolutely. I have this form. It's a different form from the 20th for lead form, but it looks exactly the same. I just duplicated.

Your form. Perfect.

Anyways, my question is, is this form going to link to the automation that I have built into this separate sub account with the sending domain?

No. No? No. No, it won't, unless you've got the embed code of the form from that separate sub account and put it onto that page, which I doubt that you've done. No, it won't. Talk me through what you're thinking.

I don't know. I guess I could just send out the email campaign for… This is your workflow as well, but this is the form submitted, and then it sends them the emails to book in if they haven't.

Perfect. Yeah, amazing.

I have this in the separate sub account because it's sending the emails and I have my sending domain from here. I guess that doesn't matter as much because it's not sending mass email. I didn't think about that. I could put this.

No, it doesn't matter. You're exactly right. It's sending from your main domain because to get into this workflow, they're registering, they're opting in, they're going into your online form, which is perfect, which is great. You don't need to send that from your separate subdomain. Only the cold email is sending that from the separate one. That's perfect, man.

Okay. Would you suggest just putting this whole workflow into my main sub account and just having the email series.

In the- Hundred %. Literally, the only thing we use the sending subdomain from, the only thing we use the separate subdomain for is sending the initial cold emails. Once they register, they're showing interest there, anything like that, they're from our main account.

Okay, cool. I'll switch that off then. Just had to do a little thinking there.

No worries. Cool. Now, Sonny, I've got a challenge for you. What does it look like for you to launch these campaigns and push go on this? How can we make sure that the next… If I see you on a call on Saturday morning, for you to be able to say to me, Campaigns are running, things are happening, things are live?

Pretty easy. The campaigns are built out already. Really, all it takes is getting them live, getting the wording and the emails to suit the niche that I'm targeting. Make sure that's what I want them to see and what I wanted to say. Make sure the link is linked to the right funnel and then just get leads from your system into my CRM and send the balance of it.

Is there anything stopping you doing that? My reason for asking is to make sure that when you jump on this call, you're going either the next step is to talk about, Okay, my open rates are there, so my conversion, I want you to make a lot of money, dude. I want you to make some money. And getting these campaigns rolling is just one way to kick that off. But it's something that we can definitely help and encourage, of course, that's what we're here for. Is there anything that I can do to help you make sure that that's ready to go by Saturday? Well, by the next time I see you on the call. That doesn't mean you're not allowed to come on the calls because you haven't done it. That just means that I'm here to help you make money and get that all underway.

Yeah, for sure. I mean, it just really comes down to time. Of course, I'm busy in my personal life and- I get it. -doing cold calls and-.

You need a VA, you need to live behind the.

Yeah, I do. But I definitely will get that pushed out.

In the next couple of days. If you need help, if you need a hand at any point, Q and A calls every single day, major, major, major focus. Make sure that this is launched for you by the end of the week, scary as that may be. I did a little post a week or so ago and I was like, Just before you push go on a campaign, just before you do something, there's always this little butterfly that goes... That happens for one of two reasons. The first reason is, What if this doesn't work? In which case as an entrepreneur, you fix it because that's what we do. When stuff doesn't work, you just knock it down and get it solved. That's fear number one. But actually, the bigger one, which is really surprising is, What if this works? Am I ready? I don't know if I can. And so that little mental block of, I don't know if I'm ready yet, can actually cost you weeks and weeks and months and months. I used to be a trainer for taekwondo, and I used to say to the kids who are a little bit hesitant about doing the sparring and stuff, The fear of jumping in is actually more damaging than just jumping in.

We used to do training with pads and all that stuff. You can cop a hit and go, Oh, actually, that didn't hurt as much as I thought it did. I'd built this thing up to be a massive deal in my own head. I got in there and I'm like, Oh, that was it? If you're even slightly worried about it, push, go, take the hit and go, Oh, okay. Nobody died. Life moved on and things like that. Dude, let us know if we can help you. We are here to help.

Cool. Appreciate it. I was going to ask, I have the 23 leads your campaign running for Spas, and I wanted to check up on my statistics as well with that for you. I'm sharing my screen again. That is. Here's Cool. Here's this, which aren't terrible. I mean, they could be better, especially the click rate, right?


Some of these are unsubscribe. I guess that's the body of the email that needs to be changed, right?

Absolutely, yes. Exactly right, man. Diagnosis is key. Have you watched the movie called Moneyball with Brad Pitt?

I do not believe so, no.

Based on a true story-.

I'm not too much.

Of a movie guy. Okay, all right. Based on a true story, I'll give you the lesson. Based on a true story, they basically went into baseball. Baseball was traditionally all about how you could swing and how you could run and were you a big guy and all this stuff. The whole character behind this or the whole story behind Moneyball was like, they built a championship team by looking at the statistics. That guy swings more… It doesn't matter what he looks like, doesn't matter how he sounds, doesn't matter that he's chewing tobacco or whatever, he gets on base more often than that guy. They built the team around statistics and they dominated. Every time I'm looking at statistics in my head, and I'm sorry if it's wearing, but this is just literally what I say in my head, I look at something and I go, I'm going to moneyball the shit out of this. I'm going to moneyball the shit out of this. I want the statistics to build me a championship team. Open rates, first thing, looking at the open rates, cold email standard in the world is 10%. I think that's a joke. One out of ten people open your email?

No, you got to be doing better than that. 30% is pretty good. That's where you're starting to go, That should be my baseline. You're about ready at that baseline, but you can bump that from 30-40 and make a massive difference in 1,000 emails that bumps you from 300 opens to 400 opens. Just tweaking that subject line is going to be a bump for you. Once you've got that open rate, so open rate is pretty good, work on the body. What causes somebody to take an action in an email? The offer that you're making in that email. Straight away when we move past the subject line, we're starting to think about the offer. What is it? What's compelling? What would make somebody click on this email? So working with personalizing the email, like using some personalized introduction for them, creating an offer that's so good that people feel dumb saying no. Using case studies in your email, right? So getting a testimonial from a client into the email with their picture, and if you're doing salons, I'm sure they've got testimonials. You could literally have a nice picture from Facebook from one of their clients that says, My nails have never looked better.

Thank you so much to the team at such and such, is an amazing way of increasing the offer. People want what other people are having a great success with, so get that offer great. Use a case study in there. Make the offer compelling. Put a time limit on it. What's the offer that you're running for the salon?

Let's check it out. We have.

Leads for your spa. Fantastic. This is leads.


Amazing. This is the 23 leads opportunity. Again, I would be trying to get some testimonials from our group and put a screenshot in there about lead generation, that stuff. You could literally say, just go into the Facebook group and grab a couple of those screenshots if you wanted to, or from our Facebook page and just put a screenshot in there. Search for... I can't remember. Michael Cook. Search for Michael Cook because his testimonial is in there and it says something like, it doesn't say anything about lead generation. What it says is, When's your next Zoom call? I'm so excited. Twenty-four hours in and I have seven meetings booked. So like that, 24 hours in and I have seven meetings booked, just pop that at the top and say, Using this system, we've been able to fill up people's calendars. Can we have a conversation about doing that for your spa? This is great. You're using the Boilerplate 23 leads campaign that we've given for you. And again, congrats, man. I'm so pleased that you're running this. But yeah, changing that body just make it more compelling. What's going to make it a drop dead, unbelievable offer for them?

And something along the lines of a risk reversal as well. Worst case scenario, if I can't fulfill, I'll make sure you've got 20 free leads that you can contact immediately for your business as my gift for jumping on this call. Work that up. So diagnose, is it the subject line? No, your subject lines are good. Is it the offer? Maybe. Let's get that more compelling. Then if you're getting opens and you're getting clicks, but nobody's booking, then you need to change the page, make the page more compelling. You're on it, man. You're exactly in the right path.

Okay, sounds good. I will look into that.

Keep in touch, Bro.

I've actually ordered Alex's book.


I got to read through that and the $100 million offer. That's what I'm speaking of.

I could literally do that. But it's within arms reach for me. One of the things he says in the book, he's a brilliant marketer, by the way. One of the things he said is, if you're reading this, go and get the audible. If you're listening to this, go and get the book. He's like, Listen to the thing and then read it. I'll read it and listen, double the input. He's an amazing marketer. What he just did was literally sold another version or format of his book to the same customer, which is absolutely brilliant. But I have to tell you that he's spot on. I've got the book, the hardcopy, and it's annotated like crazy and it's on the Audible as well. Every time I listen to it, I'm like, Yes, absolutely. That's going to make you a better marketer, which pays the bills. Just as a pause, you guys know me by now, I like to go off on tangents. Joy, I do apologize. I can see your hand up there and I'll come to your question in just one more second. Somebody said to me, not said to me, I was in a room full of marketers.

One of the guys, a guy named Ron Douglas, who's a prolific marketer, amazing guy. I've known him for a long time. I was at Webinon Con, and he's known... I did an interview with him and he's known for being a very smart, boring marketer and investor. He's taken every dollar and he's put it into multifamily homes. He's now got... Alvin, the book is called $100 Million Offers by Alex Hermozi. One of the best investments that you'll ever make. Ron was talking about investing every penny that he's ever made into multifamily properties and that stuff, and creating multimillion dollar passive income that he can now pass on to his kids. He was standing up on stage and he was saying, Having built this multimillion dollar passive income machine that I can pass on to my kids, this next line, this is the one. He said, I can categorically tell you that the best investment you can ever make is learning marketing. I went, Wow, that's interesting. Why? He said, If I learn marketing, I can put $1 in and get $2 out. If I get really good at it, I can put $1 in and get $5 out every single time because I can put an ad that just screams to my ideal audience that they raise to me and add their credit card.

From that money, that's where he's building his wealth into property and real estate. But it's interesting, and he did this whole presentation and he was like, I can spend $100,000 buying this unit block and blah, blah, blah, and I can get 6% and yield and blah, and I'm a legend. I'm a king in the space and wow, everybody thinks I'm a guru. But I can take that same $100,000 and put it into Facebook advertising spend and turn that into two million. It's like even building a multi-million dollar passive income real estate portfolio, the best investment is being a good marketer. I was like, Wow, very cool. Anyway, so, Sunny, long answer to a short question, as always. Good to see you, man. Hope you're doing great.

Good to see you, too. I'll get that going. I'll be actually out of town. Next time I'll see you probably Friday. Fantastic.

Bring it on, man. Show me your stats when you get on. That's awesome.

Good to see you, boy. Walsh, have you studied Dan Kennedy's material?

A little bit, yeah. Dan Kennedy was the first person... The first marketer that influenced me was Mel Emery, and Mel studied from Dan Kennedy. I read Mel's stuff and I was like, Oh, my God, it's like light bulbs. There was like, Dan Kennedy, who's that? I went and followed up the chain. A little bit, Dora, a little bit.

Have you got a record? Yeah, because Alex Tirmosie studied from Russell Brunson, who studied with Dan Kennedy. Then he also studied with Dan Kennedy. It seems like, as Russell says, all roads lead back to Dan Kennedy. This week I was participating in their magnetic marketing seminar. It was like an hour and a half every day. How did you guys? I learned so much about marketing that made sense that I didn't realize.

What... What was the... There's no silver bullet, but what was the one that made you go, Whoa, I hadn't thought of that. Share it with us.

Well, what stood out for me was that most people think, Oh, this doesn't work for my business. I know that's a thought that I had. But then the other thing that stood out for me, to be honest with you, is a lot of the principles that they were teaching, I accidentally did. Back in 1993, I founded a technical placement firm, and the business did really well. I built a small multimillion dollar business and sold it. But the reason why it did well was because I was thinking, What is everyone doing? I'm not doing that. Go do something different, which is what I did, and create something new. And then a lot of the things that they were saying, I accidentally did. And then I've been trying to figure out how to be a successful marketer. And now I'm consciously going to make some decisions in the work that.

I do. I love it. It's the unconsciously incompetent, unconsciously competent, consciously competent, unconsciously competent. It's the four-step system, like you accidentally did good things, and now you're going, Wow, that worked. I'm going to look back and go, What did I accidentally do? Now I actually have to do it on purpose. That's super cool. Share some of that stuff because that's really great. I found another one of Russell's books that I didn't realize was out in the marketplace, and I've got it. I think I still got it on one of my 50,000 tabs that I've got open on my Chrome window right now. It's called 30 Days. Have any of you guys read Russell Brunson's 30 Days? I'm literally going to buy it. My only hesitation is, for some reason, is that it's showing up on Amazon for me at $280 for the book. Oh, my goodness. Damn, that's a hefty book, but at the same time, I'm going, It's a small investment. Isn't that interesting from an entrepreneur's point of view? Like, 280 bucks for a book? If it was 40, I wouldn't have hesitated. But because it was that much, I went, Oh, wait, is that… Really?

I'm still going to buy it. Interesting. I'm looking forward to reading it because it's filled with two Common Club award winners from ClickFunnels. The challenge was you lose everything, they take away your Rolodex. The only thing you've got is a ClickFunnels account and access to the internet. How are you going to make a million dollars? I think they've got 30 game plans from 30 two-comma-club awards. I'm looking forward to reading that. I think it should be- Yeah.

I actually have that book. They used to give it.

To you. No, see, they used to give it to you. Take action, people. If I got it all that time ago, so I would have saved myself 200 ready bucks. But not only that, like Jim Rowan says, the book you don't read won't help. If I got that all that time ago, I would have had that knowledge. Anyway, I can't wait to read it. It should be good fun. Dora, thank you so much for jumping in. I suddenly had to leave, but thank you to Sunny as well. Let me click.

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