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Doing this one as well. First things first, to get the naming right. We get the A record set up, so you've got a link there and everything, getting it into your menu. Then walk us through the email system. Let's get it sorted out for you.

Got it. Let me share. I managed to push some things through. Yeah, got that done. Let me go back to here. Okay. This is what I've set up, but this happened when I try to access it here, but I've set it up here in my Hostgator as suite. Gosc ale. Media, and I'm pointing it here. Have I done the right thing?

Let's just go scale up media. I'm just going there as well, scale up media. Com. Suite. Goscalewith media. Com. Just checking it out, seeing what I can see on this end. When I see that, I get it open, but it's not secure. I'm seeing it as a non SSL certificate here. I've got it open. It's open fine for me, but I've got turned off the enforced SSL certificate. So for me, it's working, but it tells me what's needed. What's actually needed is to make sure you've got an SSL certificate certificate, which is a secure site certificate, on the subdomain of suite. Goscalermedia. Com. So I would imagine that you've got an SSL certificate on goscalermedia. Com.

I think I have. Yeah.

So you'll need to organise with Hostgator an SSL certificate that also covers that subdomain, and then you'll be fine.

Got it. Okay, I will do that.

Have you done that before, just out of.

Interest, Karine? Yes, I have done SSL certificates with Hostgator before.


That the question?

Yes. It's not an easy process doing it via C panel and that stuff. I mean, it is. You just have to copy and paste, but you have to copy and paste it into the right place and do all that stuff. Ssl certificates, typically with hosts, like with a hosting company like Hostg ater, come with a fee. It might be 60 bucks for five years or something like that. So it's not extortionate. There are other ways around it. If you ever wanted to put your domain with Cloudflare, they do SSL certificates that cover the subdomains for free. But again, completely up to you. So it might just be the easiest and shortest solution to contact Hostgator. Tell them that you need an SSL certificate that covers the subdomain. That's the important piece, and then you'll be good to go.

Okay, thank you. And then, so white label suite here. Here? Now, when I click that, it takes me outside. Is it supposed to take me outside?

So if you go to your agency settings, so go to agency mode settings, custom menu link, there's a little button there that you can turn off that opens it in a new tab. So go to custom menu links and go to that one, the white label sweet app one, and see how it says open mode, new tab? Just change that. When clicked, opened in an iframe, that's the one. That's the one. The option above that one. There you go. Click on Save and you're done.

I get an error message.

Try again. See if you can turn it on now. It doesn't allow you. Alex, go up. It always removes the icon. Go up. You'll need to add an icon again. For some reason it's a message. So scroll up on that window. No, go back.


No, you're okay. See how you got the thumbs up icon? As soon as you change it to the option that you need, which is down, there you go, opening a new iframe, it now has deleted the icon, or sometimes it does. That's what was preventing you from saving. Let's see if we can save that. You might need to delete this one and start again, but let's see. Clicking on Save right now, let's see. Something went wrong. See how the icon's gone now? For some reason, it does it every time.


It now doesn't even give you the feel to do it. Let's delete this one and re add it in. Delete that entire custom menu link and re add it right in there. Here we go. And no matter what you do, for me anyway, no matter what you do, adding that custom icon, as soon as you click on Save, the icon disappears. It's so frustrating. And then you just have to put the the icon back in again.

I can't find the one I wanted, but I'll just use that for now. Lisa, you can just come. Just for speed's sake.

Now, don't forget, if you've got white label app on there, that's what your people will see.

They'll see this?

They will see that name. You might want to call it something else. We recommend calling it something like Instant Leads or Leads on tap or lead gen or something like that because it becomes its own sales tool if you've got your sub accounts in there. Yeah, that's cool. So go to like that and scroll down when clicks open in an iframe. So if you don't want everyone to see it, Karline, you can turn off that Show to all accounts and then you're good. Cool. Awesome. It. Now, again, when you click on Save, you're probably going to get an error and it means that the icon has disappeared. But let's give it a try. There you go. The icon.

Has gone. The icon has already disappeared.

I know why it happens. You got to hold your tongue in the right corner of your mouth on this one. There you go.

Looking good. Fantastic. Then if we go back and then we click on the newly named instant leads.

You are good to go.

Fantastic. Great. It opened in there. That's sorted. Fantastic. Now, I need to do the SSL for the domain. Okay, I'll do that. We sorted out that. There was something else.

Yes, the emails.

The emails. Now, I was following your steps where it came to custom values. It would be custom values within here, I think.

Yeah. In your settings, custom values. Down a little bit further. Sorry, up a bit further. There you go. Great.

I hadn't put my email in yet because I wasn't sure what email to put in. Now, when I was setting this up, I set up an LC email with Go High level, and I didn't know how that related to this or whether I... My domain is go scale up media. Com. I didn't know whether I needed to create another domain, go scale up media. Net, and then generate an email for that and then use that email here.

That is best practice. That's best practice. Got it. The best practice is absolutely to send... Let me pause for a second because you probably just need to have one extra step. Go scale up media. Is this your primary account, Colleen? Is this the account that your customers are in, that all of your actual clients are working in that CRM? Is this your primary account? I guess is the main question.

Yeah, my primary account. My primary account.

Okay, cool. I'm just going to ask you to stop sharing for a second because I just will show you. Again, best practice is how to set this up. Let me grab... I'm going to subject everybody to my world-class whiteboard drawing skills. I apologize in advance. Let's go. B est practice is this way. Hang on, wait a second. Can you guys see my whiteboard?


You can. Okay, great. Fantastic. This is your primary account. At the moment, I can see that you've installed the 23 leads over here and you've got this set up. The email in this account should always be your main, in your case, dot com email. But what's this box over here doing? Over here, what we suggest is set up a new sub account. The beauty with GHL, of course, is you can have unlimited. This is marketing only. Again, install the 23 leads over here as well. 23 leads. Set up email sending from. Net or. Io or. Co or something that's not your primary domain. This sub account, so this is where you connect the lead system to here. Now, again, this is best practice. There are plenty of people in our world, in our white level suite community that don't do this. But this is best practice. Connect the lead system using the API key over here. So API key of the marketing account let's call it that. So all of the leads come into here. All incoming leads from the tool come into this sub account. We mail from this sub account. Every click in that email, so we're sending out emails, come and subscribe, opt in, join my calendar, download my free whatever, all of the links in the emails point back to your main account.

Okay? So you go through the series, clicks go to main account. So literally, the only thing we do in the marketing account is send the marketing emails. All of the links go back to our main account. Come and subscribe, opt into my calendar. Everything after the click comes to the primary account. All of the follow up emails come from the primary account after they've opted in or they've downloaded or whatever it is, the call to action that you're getting them to do. So I know it's a little bit confusing and again, it's best practice. But what are we trying to achieve here? What we're trying to achieve is to protect your primary domain. And again, hand on heart, I have never had an email account blacklisted or blocked. Actually, I've had it blacklisted, but I can just apply. Please unblacklist me. Yeah, sure, done. But we have had people, we have had members of our white label sweet community that sent as few as 50 emails and got blacklisted. How did that happen? If you're sending from a dedicated marketing email account, it doesn't matter because you're like, My. Net doesn't work, so therefore, I'll switch it out to my.

Co or my. Io or my hyphenated name or whatever it might be. It almost becomes a comes like a disposable domain. But if your primary domain gets blacklisted, you're in all kinds of trouble. You can't send out invoices. You can't connect with your actual clients. Your appointment reminder calendar, emails, don't send. It's it sucks. So this is purely for protection. We don't send marketing emails from your primary account. Just because it's a risk. Why take the risk? We can set up a free account with GHL. We can set up a new domain, costs 10 bucks for a whole year. Bit of a pain because you have to just put the new email into the new account. But once that's done, all of your marketing emails go from that sub account. All of the links point back to your main account. So if they say, Yes, I'm interested, or they click and they go and they opt into your calendar, or they get into your main database, anything that's opted in, responded, replied, booked in, all of that stuff, all happens in your primary account and all the follow up happens from there. But marketing happens from the sub account.

Does that make sense, Kelly?

It's slowly making sense. When you say primary account, does that exist in GHL or in.

Multiple accounts? This is one that you just showed me. This is your growth... What is it? Go up marketing. Go up marketing.

Go scale up media.

Yeah. So this is your current go scale up media. You've named that. That is your primary account. That's where your clients live. That's where you're going to be invoicing from. That's your websites live. This is your primary account. This sub account over here is literally existing only from a marketing point of view. It doesn't have to contain anything other than a list of names to email and a series of emails that are going out. So that's the only reason it exists. And your go scale up media then is your primary account.

Okay. So what does that look like within go high level itself?

Let me show you. Yeah, no, I get it. It's again, there's many, many, many, many people in our community that don't do this because it's... Can't be bothered, it's an extra step, but it is best practice. So let me again show you what this looks like. Our Go High level branding is called Comet Suite. So that's our colors and stuff. You're about to see Comet Suite as our brand. So what does it look like? What are you talking about? So let me do this as quickly as I can, and I'll show you. Again, best practice just how to set this up. So in Comet Suite, our primary account is white label suite. Okay, so all of our... Where am I? I hate it when it doesn't show up in the list. White label suite. So this is my primary account. This is the... Good on you. I'll go this way then. What you have is go scale up media. We have white label suite. This is our our primary account. White level suite. There we go. Okay. So this is where my customers live. This is where we do our invoices from. This is where all of our funnels are.

This is our business. This is our primary account. We do not send marketing emails from this account. We send only opt in emails from this account. We send only follow ups. Once people have put their name into a form from this account. But we send our males marketing email from a completely separate sub account. So in this case, we've got a few of them set up. This one is for business coaches. So we send all of our marketing emails from a marketing email account. So my automations in here run. This is where I install my 23 leads. It's all the same as you guys have. Okay? So this is what we used to call our 23 leads. So we have our cold email sequence being sent from here. Okay? We have our tracking all sent from here. We have all of our outgoing cold email marketing sends from a dedicated mailing sub account. That's the only thing that happens in this account is the mails get sent. So when we connect up our lead system, all of our leads, like I come down to here, I get my settings, I go to my... Sorry, my business info.

I get my API key from here. I plug that into my leads tool. T's connected up to my lead system to the marketing email account. All of the cold leads that I generate go into the marketing email account. I mail from that account. Now, every click in the email messages themselves, in the actual emails that go out... Here we go. This one here. In the email that goes out, if you're interested, click here. Okay? So we've got our whole sequence and all that stuff going on. This is actually... Sorry, where's my links? I'm looking for my links. My links are in the templates because this is a template. But the links all point to my primary account, so I'm getting them to opt in on my primary account. I'm getting them to take an action on my primary account. I'm just mailing them from here.


So let me come back and speak face to face. Why do we set it up that way? Surely you can have multiple email accounts on one account. This seems like a stupid extra step. Unfortunately, with GHL, they only allow you to email from one account at a time. Okay, what do I mean by that? You can only email from one account at a time per sub account. So if I come down to my settings here and my email services, I can actually can list as many email accounts as I want to right here. I can have 100 different email accounts listed here. So why do I need an extra sub account? Because GHL only let you email from one account at a time. So even though I could have my. Net and my. Io and my. Co and my. Whatever attached here, only the one that's got a tick on it will actually send at any one time. So I need a dedicated sub account with a dedicated email to do my marketing. And then I have my primary account with my primary email connected on a different account, and that protection level stays in place.

So, Karli, what does it mean? The simplest way is, again, if I grab my whiteboard there, set up a new sub account. Okay, pop into GHL, go to sub accounts, create new. As we did with ours, just call it Marketing 1 or something like that. Marketing 1 account. Connect up an email address to that marketing account and the email address you connect up is the disposable, the throw away one. So. Net. I o. C o, whatever it might be. So new sub account, new email address, install the 20 free leads snapshot just purely for the mail layout to be in there. Plug all your leads into the marketing emails and then all of the links in those marketing emails, when somebody clicks, you send out an email and somebody says, Yes, Colleen, I'm interested, click. That click takes them to a landing page with a calendar or an opt in form or something like that. And all of that collateral, the landing page, the opt in and everything there is on your primary account. We market from a marketing account, we do everything else from our primary.

Got it. So where you're teaching us to put the values in, the value for the email should be my primary email. Is that correct? In the primary account?

Great question. Not to confuse the issue, if you're following my instruction and setting up a dedicated marketing account, the custom value in your marketing account, custom value equals I'm going to call it it's a terrible but disposable domain, disposable email address. In the primary account, you won't be sending marketing emails. Again, if you're following my advice, primary account, okay? The custom value equals your real primary email address. Does that make sense?

It's slowly making sense. If I could just share my screen one more time, please.

Now, again, this is best practice, guys. Not everybody does this. It's completely up to you.

Sending from Karli n. So the email that goes here, step three.

If you're in your marketing account will be your marketing email. If you're in your primary account, it'll be your primary email.

Okay. Is this here what should be in my marketing account?

Yes is the short answer. What you've set up here in your primary should actually be set up in your marketing account.

I'm with you. Okay, so then that's it.

Pause. Pause. Pause. Pause. Pause. Pause. This domain here.

Okay. Where? This one.

Okay. So you set all of this up again in your marketing account, but this domain name, this is where you're sending people to. This is where you're getting them to click towards. This doesn't need to change. This should be in your primary account. This is your main landing page.

Yeah? Yeah.

Exactly this set up. If you go and set this up in your marketing account and just make sure that this email is your marketing email address. That didn't save. Yes, it did. There you go. Yes, set this up exactly like this on your marketing email account and you'll be good to go.

Okay. Okay, so then I don't also need this in my primary.

Do I? You do not because you won't be sending 20 free leads marketing emails from your primary account. It's fine that you've done it. It's great. It doesn't harm anything or change anything. But set this up again in your marketing account and you don't need it in your primary account.

Got it. Set up a sub account. That's my mailing account. Is it just the automation that I put in the mailing account?

Yes, you don't need anything else in there except for the automations. You're absolutely right. You don't need the landing pages, you don't need anything else. You don't need the calendars. All you need is the automations in there. Absolutely. Got it.

Okay, that makes more sense. Okay, I shall make an attempt at that, but I may be back here one day evening.

Yeah, jump back in. You've done great work because you've got it all set up. It looks perfect. Do that same thing again in a marketing account. And again, this is not compulsory, but please do it. It hurts me so much when I see people say, Oh, my email account got blacklisted. It happens. It It shouldn't happen if you're warming it up slowly and doing all the things that we teach, but it happens. And if it's on your primary, man, it's painful. It's the world's worst feeling. If you've got it on a marketing email, it's not a big deal. Getting an email unblacklisted usually is just an application process. Hi, Mr. Blacklist O wner, please remove my email address. I promise I'll be good. And it's like, Yeah, sure. Cool. Dude. But sometimes it's not that easy. Sometimes it's like, No, you've broken out, whatever, and blah, blah, blah. Okay, well, if it's a marketing email address, it's not the end of the world. But if it's your primary address, it is the end of the world.

Got it. So when I had set this up, so I have my primary domain, but I haven't used that in Go high level. But I think what you're saying is I could, and that would be my primary, so I've set up leads. Goscaler media. So there's actually nothing on the. Com go scale up media. It's just there in the data. But I could actually make that the primary Yes.

You could.

Got it, and have it here in Go High level. Got it. Okay.

Now, one thing as I do this, Karine, again, just best practice. I've just typed into my browser over here, go scale up media. Com, and I get a, This page doesn't exist. There is nothing on go scale up media. Com. From your email there, it's leads. Go scale up media, 23 leads offer. Obviously, that's a page that exists, but there's nothing on go scale up media. Com. Is that correct?


Now that we're getting into best practice, best practice, make sure that there's something on that domain, go scale up media. Com. Make sure that there's something there. Because people who get an email, the first thing they'll do is go, What domain is this? And they just want to see something on the page. Is this a real company? Because otherwise, people will not respond to you at all. So make sure that there's something on there. And when we set up our marketing email, again, just to add one extra step that you need to do, and let me put this into a step by step for you, if you like, when you set up the. Net or the. Co, the disposable, please also do a redirect from that disposable email to your main website. Meaning, if I set up go scale up media. Net, I will also then put a redirect. Go scale up media. Net redirects to go scale up media. Com because people will check it. People will be like, Oh, what is go scale up media. Net? And if they come to a page that says 404, this page doesn't exist, you just lost them.

They're gone. But if they type in go scale up media. Net and it redirects to a page that represents your business, you're good, you're golden, no problem at all. Can I ask you to stop sharing? And I'll just put this into steps for you guys. So let me get my zoom controls, which always seem to disappear. Here we go. Steps, steps, steps, steps. Let's do this in steps. Steps. Step one. S tep one, register a new domain for marketing only.. Net. Co, etc. Whatever it might be. S tep two, create a sub account on DHL for marketing only. Step three, install the automations from the snapshot into this marketing account. Step four, change the email links Sorry, let's just say custom values to point to the right places. Step five, set up a redirect from your new domain to point to your primary domain so people can validate it. I guess step six, if that still shows up on my screen, if I've got enough space. Step six, over here in that case. Step six, add your new email to LC email in your new marketing account. Step seven, go. Oh, wait. No, actually, step seven, connect your new marketing account API to the leads tool.

Step 8, I'll give you guys this checklist. Step eight, run leads now in marketing account. Step 9, go. Is that okay?

Yeah. Yeah. This is recording so I can go and watch it again.

Yes, absolutely. Again, Karlin, sorry to throw this at you, but you've done everything right. Just need to do that again in a sub account. You've done absolutely everything right. Me saying this is just to make sure it's best practices. You can run then thousands of leads through that marketing account. You can keep the. Net for years and years and years and it will become your marketing outgoing email center and your primary domain will be protected. And guys, for anybody that's watching this as a recording, this is exactly what we do with a client. When we bring a client on, we literally say to them, Hey, great to have you with us. Let's get you hooked up with your lead system. As part of our system, we're going to create a primary account and a marketing account, and we do that for protection, and we're going to do this for your client. Set them up with two sub accounts on GHL, one for primary, one for marketing, and you're always going to keep them protected in that way.

Got it. That makes a lot of sense. I didn't realise we were to have a primary sub as it were, and then a marketing sub. Right, I will go ahead and do that.

The great news is you've done it. You've done it all perfectly. So tick tick tick, tick, tick. Do the same thing again in a sub account and you're gold.

Okay, that's great. Thank you so much. I really appreciate this. You're so dedicated to us. No worries at all. Thank you so much.

So don't forget that SSL certificate coming back to where we were. Thank you so much, Colleen. And guys, that little checklist, I will post that up into the Facebook group as well so that you guys can get that. So checklist into group. And I'll tag you as well, Colleen, so you can have that one as well. Cool. Awesome. Thank you, Carolyn. That's excellent.

Thank you so much.

All righty. So that was.

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