Creating Users in GHL Via Zapier Or Pabbly

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Nice to see you.

Yeah, absolutely. Quick question. Somewhere I must have missed the code somewhere my system is creating because I had some people go through it. It create the sub account, but it's not creating the user account I'm using the.

Man, I've had this so many times. So it's a GHL thing, not a white level sweet thing. When you create the sub account for a new user, great, it creates an account, but it's not creating the sub user. It's like something in GHL that my head tech, nick, tried to troubleshoot this using Pably and Zappier and a million times. And in the end, we just had to reach out to GHL. I think it's literally something on GHL's end that it's not allowing the API to create the user. I can't give you a this is my answer because I can't remember what the GHL response was. I do apologize, but it's a GHL question.

It's not the contact ID because at one point when I did it, the sub account was created. But when they logged in, they logged them into my main account.

That to me says that the step... So it created a user, but it created your user in your account. Ugly. In that case, which one are you using? Zappier or Pably?


Pably, cool. In that case, in your Pably, your...

You got the location ID and.

The contact ID? That's the one. That's the one. It's the location ID that is the issue. You've created a user in location ID, insert yours, and it should be insert theirs.

So contact ID?

No. Let me just grab Pably and I'll see if I can show you and see if we can pull this up on this.

Because I've been watching videos. I know I saw it somewhere and I've been all up all night because I'm really ready to push this out. I got quite a few.

Let me just see if I can find it really super quick. Test sub account user. Hunter Questions, guys. I'm thrilled to have you guys with us. I'll get to you as soon as I possibly can. Free trial account creation. Here we go. Okay, so let's walk through the steps. First of all, we catch that web hook. Great. Then we do what? We actually create the location right here. This is the recipe we used to share. Delete your insert.

Is that different from the connector one?

No, this is... Here in my example, I'm actually using the API key documents from Go High level themselves. Again, let me pop that into the chat. You've got that URL. That's the API key that we're... Sorry, the API documents that we built ours off. I create the location and I pop in all of the details else. Okay, it's all in there. Now, what happens is this is the bit, Terry. The response you get back, this ID, this is the location ID that you just created. When I first You got it. When I create a location in GHL, it feeds back and says, done. Here's the location. Here's everything that we just put in there. That, which is now what? Step two, step two response of ID is the location ID. Now when I actually go and create the user, which is the last step here, again, I'm creating a user, but I need to specify the location ID. This needs to come from step two's response. Does that make sense? In step two, I created the location and step two gave me a location ID. It. Now, when I need to create a user, I need to tell it in the location you created two steps ago, that's where I want you to create the user.

Does that make sense? We got video for this?

Yeah, man, I'm recording this, but there is training on this as well.

I thought I see why I messed up.

You got it?

Yeah, I got it.

I love P ably. They're awesome, man. If you can just walk through something, it's like, oh, damn, I just didn't even notice. Hopefully, that's helpful, dude. I got it. The problem that we were facing, the one that I said was a DHL issue, was once the user is created, it wasn't sending out the login email. It was like, Why isn't it created? When I create that user manually, it sends them a, Hey, welcome aboard. The way we ended up getting around it ourselves internally was literally to specify the password. I don't know if you saw that in the step where I create the user, I specify the password. I'm literally saying I'm forcing it to create a specific user with a specific email and a specific password because the email is not sending. Normally, when you create a user in GHL, it sends out a welcome email. Hey, welcome. We've just created you a new account. Here's where to log in. But when you do it with the API, it's not sending the user email. So the way we got around it was to force the password. So then we just created an automation in the back end.

It was like, Hey, John, welcome to your new system. Here's your logins. It's like, We just replaced the email going out with our own because we couldn't get it to fire. So that was...

I'm good.

Cool, man. Awesome. Glad we could sell them.

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