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Did you watch the video Expanding Your Search?

I did, yeah. Okay, cool.

The way that works, and people have said to me before, Oh, well, it's really slow where you have to expand it out and you can only get this amount per time or whatever. The reason we do that is actually to get more details. So if I come over here, let's run a new search for this same thing, and I'll do a share screen here as well. So away we go. Landscape is in London. Let's start there. Landscape in London. Let's get our location set up, and we'll run Landscape is in London over here. Now, we have Landscapers in London starting to come into our toolkit here, into our system. Here they go. Starting to bring in. First method of expanding the search, we come down and we just hit this Load More button. Why do we even need to do that? Why don't you just give us as many as you possibly can, as fast as you possibly can? We actually slow down the results deliberately. That seems counterintuitive, right? But no, it's not. Because a lot of our clients and a lot of your clients don't want 500 landscapers. They want 50, or they don't want 10,000 window cleaners, they want 20.

So we slow it down because otherwise your clients will blow through their credit super fast and you'll get complaints. The other thing is because our first data point is Google Maps. Google Maps works specifically on that location. If you're looking for an accountant in this postcode, they're going to give you the accountants that are closest to you first. First method of expanding our search is just this one, load more results. Now, there's normally a couple of clicks that you can add that to. So you can go from 20 to 40 pretty quickly. You can go from 40 to 60 pretty quickly normally. And you'll see this at the top here, some already existed. Now, this is the key with the way that you are asking the question, Karlin. If I had separate campaigns, one for Manchester, one for London, one for Leeds, one for Reading, the system will just put all of those in. But if I keep them in one campaign, it won't do any duplicates. So it won't charge you for duplicates. It never charges you for a duplicate result. If it's in the same campaign. But if you run them in separate campaigns, it might add the same company in 20 different times if you've got 20 different campaigns.

So step number one, if you keep them in the same campaign, your duplicates won't ever be a problem. So then we start to go, Okay, well, let's expand your search number two. Because as I said, our first data point is Google Maps. As we look at this, I can see that my results are very closely in the center of the screen here. But if I zoom in a little bit, I can see that, okay, I've got the center of London because that's what I asked it for. But I can see also that I've got nothing really in Wembley, in Harrow, in Edgeware. I don't really have any results and I can get even closer. In Islington, I can get as narrow or as broader they want to go. So now I can literally come over and I can start to add more results by just expanding that geography by what I can see on the screen. So let's start with Wembley. Okay, now go and get Wembley. And again, there'll be some results that were already in this campaign. So we say, okay, now I've got more. Some were already added and all my dots have moved to Wembley.

Great. I can load more, load more, load more. Do what I can here. Load more, load more, load more. And I can literally just keep adding to this campaign. And even with the explanation, you can see that it's what, three minutes and I've got 85 results in my campaign here. So it doesn't take long to really bulk this out. So now I've got that, I can do one more and go, Okay, cool. I'm just typing what I can see on the screen here. Kensington. Anybody that's running a landscaping business in Kensington is going to be hard up because there's not a lot of land in Kensington. But anyway, so away we go. Now we're expanding our search, we're adding these to the campaign, and we are able to get more results and more results and more results and more results. Just in terms of a speed thing, I was challenged at one point to find as many digital agency as I could in Australia in a shorter period of time as I could. And in three and a half minutes, I had 2,365 results. So literally, once you get the hang of just next suburb, next move it out, move it out, move the pin drop over here, move the pin drop over here, you can get your results quick.

So we typically say 10 minutes a month, you'll be able to get your 1,000 leads in the areas that you're looking for. But in terms of campaigns, we manage duplicates on a per campaign basis. So no, there's no way to merge those in one campaign here in the tool. But of course, you can merge them using tags as they go into the CRM. So you could create a tag, and then obviously, as they go into the CRM, you can then sort your lists by tags, et cetera.

Got it. Okay. Because I watched your video after I had done it this other way. Then I thought, oh, okay, well, how do I merge them now? Because now I know how to do it properly. I've got this lot over here that I did my way, as it were, before discovering this way. But if you can't merge them, you can't merge them. Next month I'll know.

And by the way, congratulations. I loved your post in the Facebook group where you were like, okay, time to go and run some leads. Make sure I got those done before the month runs out. So guys, this has been actually... Let me do a stop screen share for a second. And David, I think it's only by city name, but I'll check that in just a second. So this has been a point of contention for a little while. Why do credits expire? Because we're trying to keep your clients, your businesses, we're trying to keep them using the system. If the credit's bulked up, this is what we could see happening. 90 % of the people who cancel with us tell us that they canceled because they weren't using it. But we are very concerned that if we let the credits bulk up, literally people are going to look at their system and go, Oh, man, I've got 2,000 credits now. I don't just stop my billing. I don't need it anymore because I've got them. It's like, Well, we actually want to make sure that they're keeping using that system with you. So it's a little bit of a 50-50 .

And we definitely want to put it to the vote with you guys because ultimately, it's you guys that are making sales of the program. Do you want the credits to expire or don't you? I'd love to run that as a survey. So I might actually ask that separately. But drop in the chat, Hey, we've got 18 people here, less the fathoms. You're more than welcome to vote. Would you prefer that the credits never expired and just bolt up? Or are you happy with that it expires every month? Brad Carolyn says, happy that it expires. Hey, Brad Ellis, superstar in our group, making a ton of thing. Running low is an opportunity to get creative with them. Great. To Infinity, what does that mean, Christian? Tell me. You'd rather they expire, Colleen? Yeah, cool. So we will run it as a bit of a survey. I won't take 18 people out of our 2,000 as our sample. So Carolyn says, I want them to stay. Exactly. So there we go. We've got a bit of a difference there. And it's ultimately, no matter which choice we make, we're going to upset someone. So we're not really too sure about how that works.

But anyway, so, Karlin, I was super impressed that you were like, Okay, the credits are expiring. I've got to go and get them. What's really cool is that you did that and you've got them in your campaigns because once you actually run those searches and you've got them in the campaigns, they never go anywhere. So I can run my searches, I've got them in my campaigns, and now I can start to push them into my CRM later on. And one of our members, one of our partners during the week had a great conversation with them. And they were talking about the fact that their agency was only just getting started. And for them, paying white label suite wasn't an extra cost that they were trying to juggle. But they found a really creative way. They just wholesaled 250 leads three times to three of their prospective clients for 50 bucks a pop. So they ran a campaign for that client, a campaign for that client, a campaign for that client, and they were pushing them into their account. And then they get 250 leads to keep it themselves, but the cost of white level is so it was covered.

I was like, That's great. And my point of that was that they didn't actually give to the clients 250 leads in one pop. They gave them 50 a week. So they were dripping them they didn't want their credits to expire. So they're putting them into their campaigns so that they don't lose the credit. And then they were just pushing them across on a week by week basis, as long as the client was paying. It was like, great. There's some really cool ways to be able to do that stuff. So again, long answer to a short question, Colleen. But no, you can't merge the campaigns. Coming back to that one. And well done on running the leads, using them creatively for the next thing is a great way to go. Cool.

Thank you so much. That's great. Thank you so much.

Always nice to see you. Thank you.

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