Setting The Automation Trigger to STOP Follow Ups

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You taught about the step in the tutorial in the training.

The stop step?

Yeah, that stop step. But I was just confused because there wasn't much explanation as like, what does that mean? I'm looking in Go High level now to figure that out. I think I do have it figured out. But I have to tell you, also, I'll tell you once you're done with this, I got something to tell you.

Okay, sure. Is it good or bad news, guys? I'd rather get it. It's awesome. It's awesome news. Okay, cool. I'll put it in there. Okay, so what Garth is talking about is, let me just share my screen. In the 23 Leads snapshot, you've got a step. So we're in the automations that we put in the folder called 23 Leads System. There's a step here that says, I mportant, add manually, on sale, add the removal step, trigger. Red flashing light, warning, warning, warning. So what the hell, man? What does this mean? First of all, let's look at what this automation does. This automation, when I put a trigger in, takes the prospect out of the follow up sequences. That's what it's meant for. Why do I do that? Well, because the real fastest way to annoy your brand new customer is to keep emailing them saying, Hey, come and talk to me. Hey, come and book with me. Hey, come and get my system. And they're like, Dude, I just paid you two days ago. You're still emailing me this stuff. So what is this for? This is to take out a customer from your brand from your follow up sequence.

They've paid you money. Stop emailing them. Right, cool. Why haven't I put a trigger in here? Simple. Because everybody uses different systems to bring in customers. So we could put a trigger in here that might be the internal DHL payment. So when they pay via DHL, it works.


What about all the people that don't use DHL? What about the people that use Stripe directly or PayPal directly or Pay Kickstart or Thrivecard or Cliq bank or whatever, or ClickFunnels. There's a lot of people still trying to win their 2.0 Comma Award by running the payment system through Click. Everybody's payment system is different. So what's the point? How do we get this to work? The only way I can do it is to tell you to manually trigger this based on however you record a sale. So let me do this in a whiteboard way. Where's my little whiteboard share? Okay, I'm going to share with the whiteboard. The only thing I can't do is tell you how you're taking a payment. If we start there and I say, however you take a payment, payment, ropping a tag, first thing, tag your new client. From there, it becomes really easy because if you can tag them based on your payment, then the stop step that we just looked at is the trigger equals that tag. Then it's super easy. Let me come back to our automation here. If you can tag your payment, however you take that payment, if you get that tag on that customer, this person just bought, then your trigger becomes the tag buyer.

Whatever your tag is that you just added buyer, whatever you want to create there as a tag. I'm not going to do this because this is the actual snapshot file. But that's the easiest way if I can offer that is however you take payment, Garth, if you can tag the buyer, this is now a buyer. Cool. Make the tag you stop trigger. That's going to be the.

Simplest way. Just add tag. Okay. Thank you so much.

No worries. Once somebody buys tag and just use the tag as the stop point. Cool, man. Hey, share the good news with me.

This is crazy. I haven't even gotten started, but I actually bought GHL because I'm an NLP trainer, Neurolinguistic Programming. So I was creating actually sales trainings and stuff like that. But then I saw the opportunity when I wanted to buy the leads, I was like, Wow, this is a pretty unique opportunity with AI and I follow it relentlessly. But I also play a little game with myself to train myself in body language and stuff like that. I play a little game called spot the CEO. Everywhere I go, I look for people who I think run businesses. Now, obviously, you can tell by their cars, you can tell by their list. This guy came out of nowhere. I was at a gas station up the street from myself. This was a CEO of a major company. He wound up telling me that he does these 20 to 80 million contracts with the government. He just got rid of their IT guy and their company is a mess. And I told him about AI. This guy literally jumped on his bike. He said, Wait a minute, I'll be back. And he ran home on his bicycle, rode a mile to get me his business card.

And I was like, I can just take your phone number. He's like, You have to have my card. I need you to have my card. So he wants to retain me to revamp their entire system. And then also, another good suggestion for you guys is I talked to Uber drivers and I talked to Google photographers, Street View photographers, because these guys are out already engaging with businesses. I partnered with the guy who does photography here. And now we're going to make a deal where I'm actually offering a reduced rate Google virtual tour in exchange. And he's also then offering them business services. Amazing. There's amazing partnerships and stuff.

Like that. Making the world go round.

And I I haven't even set this up yet. It's crazy.

This is so good. Thank you, man.

Thank you. You guys are changing everything. Thank you.

Amazing. So good. Thank you so much for sharing, man. I appreciate you. All right, guys. Hey.

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