Talking through the new AI Lead generation tools with White Label Suite

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Let's see if we can get Karline on early this time. Hey, Karline.


Great to see you.

Thank you. You too. I'm so excited about the AI aspect.


I can't wait to start using it. Actually, I have two questions. Let me start with that. I set up my API and I'm able to click the plus button and get that paragraph. Now, do we have to click that button for each and every search, or does it generate that paragraph automatically?

Great question. At the moment, and remember, this is the version 1 of this part of our tool coming up. Guys, has everybody seen it? Does everybody know what Colleen is mentioning there with the AI tool? Nope, that's why I came on board. Okay, all right. Let me just do a show and tell first of all, then, I guess, if that's the case. W here we go. Make sure we're sharing the right screen here. Okay, so that's still my staging room. Let's jump across to our live environment so that we can see that there. Hey, nick, thanks. I can see the hand up little bit. So a couple of people with hands up. I've got nick and Christian as well. We'll jump straight across there. All right, guys. Brand new feature overnight released is a couple of things there. We've got the new social profiles coming through. So we've got Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube being picked up from the site, making sure that we've got those details. And they're being pushed across to our CRM tools. So that's great. You've got all of those into your CRM. And what Karlin is mentioning there is the two additional icons here.

We've got an exclamation point and a plus button, and this is driven by true AI in the background of the program. So, Karlin, long answer to your question, but I just wanted to explain it since it's our first day with these new features on deck. Wow, 17 people in our Q&A call for today. This must have caused some waves overnight with these updates, which is great. So what we need to do is there's two set up steps to make the AI work. Set up step number one, come up to your profile, which is up under your name in your profile and set up your business profile here. Come and set up your business profile. I did this a couple of demos. You can see some of the times I've been a landscape gardener or demonstrating being a recruitment agency, but you're literally putting in all of your details here. So this would be for me, white label suite. Actually, let's do it as a pretend company. So let's say, for example, I'm a window cleaner. So Walt's Window cleaning, Walt's window cleaning, and I'll leave my website as it is. What do I sell? Commercial window cleaning.

So I'm showing you this not with white label suite so you can think about how it would be related to your client. Who does it help? Busy companies that need property maintenance. Okay, what does it do for them? Gives their offices a clean look for clients. Personality and name that you've got with the system. This is set up step number one. You literally are creating your business profile in the system. Once you've got that there, ethen let me click on Save. Great. Once you've got that there, the next part of our AI update is twofold. Now we create a campaign. This campaign is going to be I'm looking for office buildings, so I'm looking for property managers. Let's go with that, property managers, and I'll look for high rise property managers. I've got property managers in my campaign. Now I'm looking for commercial property manager. And let's just go with Miami because it's easy to type when I'm in a hurry. There we go. Okay, cool. And go. Now, what's going to happen is, of course, the normal things that happens with our leads tool. We run, we find all of the commercial property managers or whoever it is that we're looking for in the location that we're looking for.

We've got their business name, we've got their address, all of the normal stuff. But when I come across to the campaign now, a couple of things we'll be showing here. First of all, all of those social icons. As we're finding them, you'll see them there. Second thing is you'll start to see these little bit of website analysis. So we're seeing if they're running Google tag manager, Google Analytics, have they got a Facebook pixel on their profile? These things help us understand how to approach the client. If they're running pixels on their site, pretty good bet that they're spending money on advertising. So you can come in there and talk to them in a different way. Now we get to the AI. Now, guys, there's two components to the AI. First question is from Colleen, does it auto generate? I'm just going to refresh this screen so we see a few more things pop up here because it does take a little bit of extra time for the AI analysis to go through. I'm just doing a quick refresh here. So you might need to add 30 to 60 seconds to your wait time before you send it across to the CRM if you want to.

Now, the first one here is this point. I promised there was two set up steps. Sorry, I only covered one, which was the profile, but I'll come back to it. The first one is this exclamation point. This generates automatically, Karlin. So what is this? This is actually an introduction cherry paragraph created on your business profile and analyzing the website and then giving you an angle to go in and talk to these people. So remember, we're a window cleaner in this example. Hey, there, I came across your website. Couldn't help but notice how sleek and modern it looks. As you're a new of Walt's Window Cleaning, a trusted commercial window cleaning company, I understand the importance of maintaining a clean and professional image for business companies like yours. Our expert team at Walt's Window Cleaning specializes in this. Now, this is an opening paragraph which is personalized to that company. So the prompt in the background, again, we can have a look, the vibrant colors and creative design really caught my attention. And again, something that is personalized and unique to this particular company. The virtual reality experiences you offer are truly mesmerizing. Something unique about that company, about what they do, is all part of that initial introductory paragraph.

Now, that introductory paragraph also pushes across to my CRM. Now, guys, imagine how that works now. It's in a custom field. So now I can actually have an email with an AI generated introductory paragraph as the opening paragraph of my email for every single person I send out. So I can send out a thousand emails and every single one of them can have a different opening paragraph with a compliment to the business and an approach from us unique to what they do. Okay? Super, super, super, super cool. The second part of Colleen's question was the summary. Now, the other button here, as we look, is a little plus button. And at the moment, Colleen, to answer your question, it's manually generated. But what does it do? As I click on it, it takes a few seconds to run and it turns from a plus button into what looks like a little document. And what that document now gives is a bullet point, point by point summary of the company that you're approaching. The company, these guys, is an investment firm focused on real estate acquisitions. Okay, they specialize in acquiring distressed properties. Okay, in a variety of real estate asset classes, they use this experience.

Okay, cool. So now my team can call these people and know about their company straight away. So this is the research and this is the AI looking at that out, looking at that website and giving him a summary so that my salesperson can jump on the call and say, Hey, guys, I noticed that you really do get into a lot of investments in commercial and residential properties there. I see that you're acquiring distressed properties as a window cleaning company. I'd love to chat to you about that. Maybe we can help increase the value of your properties immediately. Whatever. I've got some ins. Have you ever been on a sales call where the guy goes, Wow, you guys have really done your research. And they're super impressed because who does that? Well, AI now does that, which is really super cool. So, Karli, to answer your question, finally, the introductory paragraph is automatically generated. The summary at the moment is manually generated. And the second set up step, and guys, I should have covered this first. The first set up step was that business profile. The second thing, how do I make this work? You need to have an open AI API API key in the program.

Openai. Com, an API key. So you need to come up to, again, your name, you need to go to integrations, and you need to pop open this Open AI API, which is right here, and pop in an Open AI key right here. Now, Open AI is free to get started, but to use their API key has a cost. So this is not a compulsory thing in the program. You don't need this to make this work. But if you want to make the AI tool work, you need an API key. So you need to head over to openai. Com. You need to sign up, and once you've signed up, you can log in. And after you log in, you're going to be taken to this screen, and then you can go to the API tool, and from the API tool, come up to your name and get your API key right up the top here. So there's a tutorial on that that we're adding to the system as well, but those are the steps. Now, when you sign up for Open AI and you want your API key, you can get the API key for free to give it a try.

And Open AI will give you $5 US of credit, which is about 750 API calls back and forth. We're running our leads and all that stuff. It's going to tue up pretty quick with those introductory paragraphs. And then it's about $20 a month to continue to use that AI tool. So completely up to you if you want to use it, but that's how to get that done. So, Karline, long answer to a short question, but again, training on what we have now in the program. The introductory paragraph is automatically generated. The summary is manual at the moment. What we're looking to do is do that multi tick select. So we go tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, generate. So it does multiple at a time. But at the moment it is a manual one.

Got it. Fantastic. I'm glad that the.

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