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So Christian says, do I recommend instantly for email warmup?

I have personally sent more than a million cold emails in my life. I've never used instantly. I've done a lot of work with before we started with GHL, I was using woodpecker, but since we started with GHL, I've only ever used GHL. I've only ever used GHL, but one of our partners came on a couple of weeks ago, immediately went out and registered 50 domains and has been using Instantly and has had amazing results. So why not?


Amazing. I haven't personally I've always only ever used GHL, but people have been using Instantly and got great results.

Why not?

If you're getting great results, do it. So again, I've only ever used GHL and I warm up the emails by sending out slowly in the way that we teach. But instantly again is a great system and people are getting great results. 76% open rates, which is amazing. When redirecting a domain for Cold email, is it enough to do it in GHL or does that also need to be done inside of cloudflare as well? Great question. You can redirect inside of GHL. That's literally the way that I do it. So I point the domain to GHL and then I manage all the redirects from within GHL. So I go register the domain on Namecheap or GoDaddy or wherever you get your domain, point your nameservice to cloudflare awesome. Connect GHL to cloudflare awesome and now manage my redirects from within GHL because it's just easier. The only exception to that, Christian, just to kind of expand on that a little bit, is the www redirect. So guys, if you don't know this, it's such a stupid thing when it comes to domains. You know how sometimes we put in www dot waltswindowcleaning whatever, you type that www.


The way the Internet sees that is.

Actually like a subdomain. So you could have leads waltbayless.com or.

Leads GHL, whatever, you could have a subdomain. Everybody knows what a subdomain is. It's something before the dot. The Internet actually sees www as a subdomain. So if you type in your owndomain.com and you go to the web page yay hooray, happy days. That's what people expect. But if somebody types in www yourdomain name, they will see an error page.

Unless you've set that up.

So what you actually need to do is register your domain, point it to cloudflare.

Cool, happy days. Point that domain to GHL. Cool, happy days.

Create a subdomain in GHL sorry, a.

Subdomain in cloudflare www dot and also.

Point that www dot GHL and then redirect the www dot to the non www version. Ugly.

How do I say that?

Easier. How do I say that in an easier way? Make sure you set up your www dot as a separate subdomain and make sure you manage your redirect inside of GHL as well.

Christian for that one, are the steps to that anywhere in the resources available.

Dude, there's a million different tutorials on doing that.

Which particular step are you stuck with?

What you just mentioned about.

The right, right?

Yeah. All right, cool. Let me show you. I'll do this super quick again. There's a million tutorials out there. Can you guys see my screen? Just give me a thumbs up if.

You can see my screen. Yep. Cool. Thanks, David.

Great. So, Cloudflare, let's jump in here. I'll do this super quick, Christian, because there's literally a million tutorials on this. But if you come into Cloudflare and let me just grab one of my.

Websites that I've got here, that one.

Will do for now. So this is a domain that I've added to Cloudflare. Okay. And over here I've got my GHL open. So I've got my GHL system and I've got my cloudflare system. And the only step I haven't shown you is registering the domain and pointing the name service to Cloudflare. So hopefully you may have done that already. So now I've got my domain on Cloudflare. Cool. Now I've got my GHL open. Our GHL is called Comet Suite. That's our branding, but it's still same thing. Launchpad dashboard task. This is GHL.


So here's my account. And now I want to add that domain. So I come down to settings, I.

Come to domains, and I want to.

Add a new domain. Okay, cool. So add that domain and pop it in here.

Now what's my domain?

It is fieldtasker.com.

Okay, cool.

So I'm adding my domain just like that.

And it says point the A record to that.

Okay, can do copy. So what I do is I go to DNS and I go to add a record. And I go a record.

Leave it blank or put that in and do that.

Turn off the orange thingy.


And done.


I've already got this one on here.

Yes, I do.

Man I already have that one pointed to it. Okay, fair enough. But it's already there. I've done.

That amazing.

Now the next step is I also want to do a www redirect here. Okay. So I need to add another domain. So I've add this one. I've got field tasker added to my system. Yay hooray, it's great.

Done. Yay.

Even uses my language. Yay, it's done.


But I also need to add the www system in here. So I go again, add a new domain and this time I go www dot. Pop it in there.

No, had it copied and pasted. Field tasker. Right.

And make sure that that's also set up with either an A name or a CNAME. Okay, so again, I make sure that.

That'S also in place here. CNAME, www dot. Right?

And then now I've got both domains in my system.

I can redirect one to the other.

So redirect the www dot to the non www dot version.

You mentioned that.

You had to set.

Up a separate sub account in order to do that.

No, you manage it in the same account.

It's subdomain.

It's a subdomain. The www.

Sorry that I made you go through that.

No, that's good, man. Q and A's are Q and A's, bro. It's like you never know what you're going to get.

I'll read to you my third question. I already have it in the chat.

I've got it there. Is it better to do mass cold email with a great offer up front and a less personalised message? Okay, can you define your question a little bit? You've gone. Is it worth taking it slow doing custom cold email, or is it better to do mass cold email with a great offer? If you were with Arnix training last week, the offer is the king, right? Nothing is as important as that. Literally. Like my answer in a Facebook post this morning, somebody was saying, hey, I'm getting great open rates, I'm getting great clicks, but nobody's taking any action. Why?

It's your offer. It's your offer.

It always is. It's always the offer. And Anak gave the example where he was like, okay, guys, if you give me $10,000, I will build for you a half a million dollar a month business within 30 days. And if I fail, I'll give you $50,000 back in writing, signed by lawyers, verified. Like, you give me ten grand and I'll give you a half million dollar business within 30 days. And if I fail, I'll give you 50 grand to say sorry.

It's like, dude, I don't care how broke you are.

I'm getting my ten grand together, right? Just give me a few minutes.

I'll make it happen. It doesn't matter. It's the offer.

That offer is so ridiculously good that who says no to it? So it's always the offer. Is it better to do personalised cold email or is it better to do a mass approach? Did you guys have that advertisement in America where it was like, why not have both? So we genuinely recommend what we call the Dream 100 approach. And the Dream 100 approach means I choose I pick my top. Like, if I could work with that client, that one client might be worth 50 grand a month to me, right? That's a Dream client right there.

Okay, so am I going to take.

The risk of just sending out mass to that drink? No, I'm going to personally, I'm going to research. I'm going to find out exactly what I'm going to do. Such a great proposal. I'm going to send them a bowling ball in the mail, which I've done before, by the way. I'm going to do crazy stuff to get that Dream client. Okay? But I'm not going to do that crazy stuff for 1000 clients a month. So my answer is, why not do both? The Cold Email Manifesto is a really awesome book for creating opportunities out of a free system of email. So I say, why not do both. You've got all of the leads tools in the world, like all of the leads in front of you with the leads programme, set them into a campaign. Create use that same subject line. Quick question get your open rates, create a great offer. Get them clicks, get them interacting activity going on. And at the same time, use the leads tool to really pinpoint those dream customers and do something special for them.

Right. Because that way you win. And that's what we're here for. Okay. Awesome. Thank you, Walt.

Hey, no worries, man. Great to see you. Thanks so much for jumping. All.

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