White Label Suite: Wholesale Your Leads To Cover Your Costs

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There, Walt. How are you? Sorry, I'm about 3 % left on the phone.

All right, man, let's fire it off. What can I do as quick as I can so I don't lose you?

Absolutely. Really quick. So $1.50, 1,000 leads. If we only need about 300, that's the bare minimum package. Is that correct?

So 1,000 is the minimum package. If you don't need that many, I suggest you wholesale it off to a client. So you use $400,000 date and sell them 500. Covers your subscription to white label suite. Game on.

So you can actually parlay it out that way?

Yeah. So in the leads tool itself, in the campaigns, each campaign you can connect to a different API key in GHL. So you can literally just run a campaign for a client. Mr. Client, hey, I've got this leads tool. I'd love to run 500 leads for you. What clients are you looking for? You can put leads into their sub account and you can wholesale them like a split from your own subscription if you need.

Okay, cool. Curious to know, is anyone basically taking those 1,000 leads and as the agency going down and really drilling in and finding the best of the best, 300 to 500 and saying, okay, these are the ones I'm going to shoot on over to the client?

100 %. The dollar value of that is massive. John Logo, who's our rock star leads trainer, he runs his own business and he just basically found us as a GHL company. We just become a friend because he's using our tool to do that. But the difference, Jamey, is that he's actually... So he's getting an industry. Let's say it's real estate or it's mortgage brokers or whatever the industry is. He's running the leads for them. He's doing the qualifying for them using GHL, of course. So he's running them through a survey or he's making sure that they're a qualified lead, warming that lead up and passing over a hot qualified lead to his end client. But the thing is, he's not charging 500 bucks a month to do that. He's charging $8,000 a month to do that. And he's basically really saying to his client, I'll give you five leads a month, warmed up, qualified and ready to go, but it's going to cost you five grand or eight grand or whatever it is. So yeah, there's heaps of people doing that because the more you develop the lead, the more the lead is actually worth to the end consumer.

Yeah, absolutely. I'm in John's master class and thanks for pushing us into that. He's great, obviously. Then the other question I had was, as far as your cold email outreach. So you're doing that all through GHL? You're not using anything like instantly or quick mail or anything like that?

No, we do it all through DHL. We've actually 100 % transparency. We've got one of our subcontractors who came on board as a commission only salesperson. And he came on board with an instantly account that he already had 50 warm up emails. And we were like, Dude, you got to come over to GHL because that's what we're talking about. And he said, Dude, if I come to GHL, my results are going to drop by 60 % because I've already been working this system for the last two years. And we were like, Dude, you're on commission only. Do what you want to do. So full transparency, we internally run GHL. We've got 10 accounts running right now with cold email outreach going all through GHL. But one of our guys does use instantly.

Got it. It sounded like a large bulk amount to be running through that. I guess it's through multiple emails.

Oh, yeah. Domains, rather. The amount is 10 separate domains, 10 email addresses.

Okay. Got you. Cool. All right. Hey, well, appreciate it. You're a gentleman and a scholar. Have a great Saturday and a.

Great weekend, man. Great. Great to see you, man. And you've still got two %, so enough to text the wife. Great to see you, man. Thanks for dropping in. Appreciate you. All right.

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