Creating Killer Offers: How To Craft An Offer

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You so.

Much for sticking around.

Thank you. I'll just ask the question. What would be a killer offer for... We were talking about concrete flooring companies the other day. What would be a killer offer for the supplier, so concrete flooring suppliers, and then for the service provider? What would be a killer offer.


The service provider?

Great question. I'm going to answer the question generically so that therefore it does not matter what industry. Karline, did you happen to catch Anick Singhal's Master class with us last week?


Okay, I will drop the link. It is in our Master class vault. It is going to the Master class vault and scroll all the way to the bottom. And A nix is the most recent one, so that's where you'll find it. Let me grab the link and drop it in so you can go directly to it if you don't want to scroll. Anick Singhal. Do you know who Anick is?

I do.

Okay. So Anick has been a long time friend and mentor of mine. I've never had star shock before. I've known Anex for years. But to get him on this call, I was actually a little bit hands shaking when I was doing the intro because I admire him that much. He's a hero to me. The reason is because he has built an information marketing business. Last year, he did $32 million as an info marketer. $32 million in one year from selling information. The guy is one of the best in the business. Let me grab the link. I'm going to drop it in here. Again, it's the last one in the vault. If you want to scroll all the way to the bottom or click there if you want to get it. Now, what A nick talked about on the call was how to create a great offer. How to create a great offer. And he gave a framework which is duplicatable and easy to follow. I've got it next to me on my desk. I'm literally keeping it here. And he gave a framework. So he said that there's seven components of creating a great offer.

And the seven components, the first four are about the product. So he said you've got to have the gold, the map, the shovel, and the guide. I'll go through each one of these in just a second. The gold, the map, the shovel, and the guide. Then the next three are about trust. The first one is assurance. You got to eliminate the question of assurance. I want to be assured that I'm going to get what I pay for. The next is speed, how people will pay to get things done quickly. Risk reversal is the final piece, taking away all the risk from the client. So gold, map, shovel, guide, and then assurance, speed, and risk reversal. So let's talk about that in terms of what about your suppliers? How do I make a great offer? And I've talked about this before. The simplest way to think of this is two restaurants that are open for business. One has a sign out the front that says open, and the other one has a sign out the front that says free glass of wine with your lunch. Dude, I know exactly where I'm going. I'll go and get my free glass of wine.

Thanks. It doesn't matter if the proprietor of the first restaurant runs out and goes, Oh, I'll give you a free glass of wine as well. I've already made my decision. I have one second to make that choice. You better make your offer so damn good that people feel dumb saying no. So thinking about that in terms of a supplier to a concrete company, what is the gold? So in any time that we're building an offer, what's the gold? Why will people rush to you and scramble in the dirt? What are you offering that's so valuable that they will do that? What is the gold? For that particular company that's supplying to a commercial concrete business, the goal that they might offer could be different. Now, it might not be what we think it is. The gold, of course, might be the chemicals or whatever. That might be the goal. But what if the goal was the speed of delivery? So your clients will pay... The gold is I can get it for you in two hours. Maybe that's the goal. So first, what we need to do is define what is going to make people scramble to get to me.

Now, if it's price, I can get you this chemical for 10 % of what you would normally pay. That's a short gold rush. It's what we call the race to the bottom. If your gold is based on how low my price can be, pretty soon you're going to be out of business because you can't go any lower and somebody's going to beat you at some point. But what is the goal? When we're sitting with a client and I'm saying to them, what's the goal that you can give to your customer? Again, Amazon Prime, two hours delivery, man, happy to pay. Free delivery on millions of items, happy to pay. What's the thing that makes it super valuable? When we're talking to businesses about lead generation, that's our gold. Dude, let me put a 1,000 of your ideal prospects through a sales system for you every single 30 days. People are scrambling for it. But what does the concrete company supplier have that is super valuable? I don't know, but you need to find that out. So first of all, find out what's the gold because that forms the gold rush. I've got this, everybody wants it.

Is it fast delivery? Is it a better range than anybody else? Is it the best damn chemicals? Whatever it is that they have that their clients want, that's the gold. The next part, the map. The map. I've got the gold. Now, if I have a map that shows you how to get the gold, that's worth buying. The gold is out there. Here's a map that shows you how to get it. Do you want it? Hell yeah, I want the map. Typically, the map is something we give away. Typically, the map is I've got the gold. This is how to get it. So our campaign pain at the moment that we're running for White Label Suite is we give away a playbook. So our playbook of how we built our agency to 50,000 monthly recurring revenue in 90 days. Who wants it? That's the goal, 50,000 monthly revenue in 90 days. Playbook. I'll show you exactly how to get it. So download your free thing. Cool. Now I've got somebody on my database. I've just given them the map. The next part is the shovel. Now you've got the map, you need the tools to actually get in there and start digging it out.

Do you want to buy a shovel? This shovel is typically the first thing that we sell. Now, again, coming back to our concrete supplier. What's a gold? Fastest delivery in the West. Amazing. Cool. I want it. How do I get it? Our VIP clients are the only people that get our express delivery. I want to be a VIP client. Being a VIP client means you need to place your first order for these shovels. Got them right here. Do you want them? Yes. So gold, map, shovel. The next is the guide. And typically the guide is the guy standing next to you going, Damn, man, you've got the shovels, you got the map. It's going to take you 10 years to get that gold. I can show you how to get it in 10 minutes. I do. Here's my checkbook. The guide is worth the most amount of money. I'm not climbing that mountain without the Sherpa standing next to me going, If you step there, you will die. Cool. Bro, take my money and show me how not to die. That's the value of the guide. So the guide is typically the higher value service.

So in our concrete example, what does that look like? Colleen, I don't know, but your concrete supplier does know. Here's a guess as a guide. Be a VIP client, get two hours delivery. Gold, shovel, map, cool. Now, what we can do for you is actually give you a monthly account management so that you can have all your chemicals the day before you need them, and our team will coordinate with your people out in the field. And if they need something, if they are on site and need something, I'll send a drone to them to get it, whatever. That's the guide. It's the higher value service. So I get people in with the map, I sell them the shovel, and then I give them a guide if they're willing to pay for it. So gold, map, shovel, guide. The next pieces are the assurance, the speed, and the risk reversal. The assurance typically comes from case studies. I'm about to give you some money. What assurance do I have that you're going to take my money and disappear off the internet? I'm a little bit nervous about giving you some money. I understand that. Here is a thousand testimonials of people that have done business with us over the last six months and have won as a result.

What's the insurance? When I'm shopping on Amazon, I go to the reviews and I literally filter. Only show me products that have got four stars and above. Assurance. I will only give my money if I am 99.9 % confident that I'm going to get something in return. Assurance. It is is, we have done this before, and Jeff, I laid this out with you. Even if you've never done it before, you can literally lay what we call a proven process in front of a prospect and give them the assurance that you know what you're doing. So, Colleen, when you're sitting in front of that concrete supplier, even if you've never done this before, you can put their mind at ease by saying, Mr. Concrete Supplier, this is what we're going to do together. Day one, this. Day two, this. Week one, this. Week two, these five steps. Week three, this. Week four, that at end result X, I'm going to give you the exact map that I'm going to follow to take your business to success. That delivers assurance. You know what you're doing. You know what you're doing. Assurance also comes from listening to the customer.

Mr. Customer, I understand that you have that problem. That's what you told me when we first met. I understand that this is your problem and we agreed that this is your solution. What I've designed is that we're going to take these seven steps between your problem and the solution. I understand what we're doing. The customer goes, Awesome, dealing with a professional. I have assurance that they know what they're doing. The next is speed. Here's my plan. It's going to take six months to deploy. What? But if we do it this way, I can get those results for you in six weeks. Take my money. People will pay for speed. Here's an exercise regime. You're going to work out five days a week, eat only this many calories. Have this in 12 months, you're going to lose two kilos. What the hell? Bro, I wouldn't even get out of bed. Okay, cool. Drink this shake, do these 10 sit ups, lose two kilos in seven minutes. Take my money. People will pay for speed. So building that into an offer makes it more compelling. And the final piece is the risk reversal. If you don't have a guarantee in place, make sure that you still eliminate the risk.

So when we're selling people leads, we do not have a refund policy. So how do we reverse that risk? We literally say to them, if you do business with us and we generate 1,000 ideal clients for you, and after 90 days, you're not happy with the results you get, you get to keep the 3,000 leads that we've generated in your database that you can continue to market to from then on in. Saying that our business relies on you keeping your subscription with us. We only get to do that if you're happy. So we're going to be busting everything to make sure you're happy because that's how our business grows. But if at any time you're not happy and you can't cancel, you get to keep everything. No risk, no risk. So if you build those seven components in, no matter the business, Colleen, we have the gold. What is it that makes people scramble? The map. How do I find it? The tools. This is what you need to dig with. And the guide, this is my higher value service. And you combine that with assurance, making them feel comfortable, you can deliver. Speed of delivery and risk reversal.

It doesn't matter whether you're dealing with concrete suppliers, schools, sailboat construction companies or landscape gardeners. If you keep that framework in mind, you can build an offer anywhere.

Got it. Excellent. Thank you very much.

You're welcome. Again, hopefully that's helpful.

That was excellent. Thank you.

You're welcome. And again, I'm going to have to shout out to Anick because I don't want to take credit for his work, but I'm a massive student. So thank you, dude. Appreciate you. All right. Thanks, Colleen. All right, let me.

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