Sales Confidence Even If You're Brand New

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Let's see if I got the wrong thing.

No, prompts. How are you?

I am well, thank you. How are you?

I'm doing great. I'm doing great. Now, picking up from your accent, I'm imagining that it's nearly midnight for you.

Not quite midnight, but it's 9.30 in the evening.

All right. Well, is it time for a glass of wine? I'm sitting down with a cup of coffee. So between the two of us, we'll be turning it in. What's going on? How's the team?

I had a cup of tea, not quite a glass of wine.


A beverage nonetheless.

Very good.

Yeah. So going through all the videos and everything and setting things up. And I just had a couple of questions. One you partially answered. So I was just curious as to when you did this and you got the 14 leads in 20 days, what types of businesses, I presume it's not just that one, you were actually able to get that for?

Coaches and consultants, and purely for the reason that that's the niche we chose.

But that's B2C, yeah?

No, B2B. So there's a lot of coaching organisations that are business focused, and it depends on how you use the search. So we were specifically looking for executive coaches, business consultants. So in the coaching niche, you find a lot of people who are in the relationship coach niche and that stuff. And we did have a couple of relationship coaches come on board as clients. I can't say that we did great. We did okay with them. I'm remembering a few specific campaigns, but the B2B coaches were really focused on business consultants and executive coaches. That was just us, Karlin. So that was the niche that we launched into with our GHL program, with our Leeds program.

Got it. Okay. Interesting. Thank you. And the other thing is testimonials. So like you were saying, reassuring somebody that you're hoping to become a client of, Yeah, this has been done before. How do we do that when we don't have those testimonials?

Great question. Great question. So I call that borrowed authority. And you can borrow authority literally from anywhere. I did it a few moments ago talking about Anex and Gal. So Anex built a company that did $32 million last year, information marketing only. He's literally selling information and did $32 million in sales. So me going through those strategies and saying how to build to a hundred million dollar company, not something I've done personally, but because I can go through what Anex talked about, that authority is borrowed. So how do we do that in our example here? So I call it borrowed authority, and you can lean on the success stories of other people in your industry. Don't ever lie. Don't ever say, I have personally done this. What you can do, though, is you can say people using this system have achieved these results. You can literally take screenshots from the GHL group. There's 30,000 people in that group. And if you go into the GHL group and just do a search for shout out to GHL, you'll find hundreds and hundreds of posts in there where people have gone, Hey, just want to give a shout out to GHL.

This week has been amazing. I did this, this, and this, and whatever. Find the ones that are going to be reflective of what you're selling in the marketplace and just take a screenshot. So then you're literally saying to your client, people using the system have achieved these results. Do the same with the leads tool. There's so many testimonials in the group where people say, Hey, amazing. Our first appointment this week. Thanks, guys. You can go in there and say, you can just show those screenshots and say, People have achieved appointments in a week, they've got sales in 24 hours. This is the system that's working. And then the next part of the borough authority is proving that you know what you're doing. And again, this is part of the assurance piece, Karline. It's like Let's see if we can put it into a perspective here. If you rock up to a professional and the professional says to you, Well, I've heard that this is a good idea. I think we should give it a go and just see what happens. You're like going, Yeah, no, I'd rather we didn't do that, actually, versus somebody who lays out a process map in front of you.

So they would say, Okay, day one, we're going to do this, then we're going to do that. Our structured process is A, B, and C. At the end of A, B, and C, and C, we're going to do these five things, and then we're going to be here with that result at the end. You go, Cool, that person knows what they're talking about. And it is literally just telling the client what you're going to do. That translates over to, I know what I'm doing and I'm going to do it with you. On the call last week as well, one of the things that I said was I actually leaned into the fact that I hadn't done this before when I started in sales. And you can be 100 % upfront and honest with people. I've just picked up this technology in our company. We've seen amazing success from people using this system who've achieved leads. For us, it's something brand new. And that's great for you because what that means is I'm going to do these 10 things and these are the results we're expecting. And because I want you as a testimonial, I'm going to give you everything I've got.

I'm going to literally give you my heart and soul. Not literally, but I'm going to actually put so much time into this because I want your result to be my first successful case study. So here's what we're going to do. Here are the steps we're going to take, and here's the results we expect. My commitment to you is this, my risk reversal is this. If it doesn't work, I'm going to do this for you. And that's how we're going to play. And that way, you're borrowing the authority of people who have walked the path before you. You're presenting a process that you can deliver to someone and you can deliver it on a sales presentation. I'm going to do these five steps with you. And then these are the results we expect and we're reducing the risk at the end. With the leads program, the that we recommend reducing the risk is simply this, at the end of, let's say, 90 days, if nothing else, you're going to have 3,000 of your ideal prospects on your database that you can continue to market to and nurture to forever and a day. So even if it doesn't work, and I'm going to be making sure that we do this as best we can, you're still going to have a massively valuable asset at the end of 90 days that you get to keep and that you can then continue to market to without any additional cost.

That's my risk reversal. So your worst case scenario is that you end up with 3,000 leads. Your best case scenario is that those leads go through a nurture process and we turn into sales. That's our risk reversal. So, Karline, does that help borrow authority? Look for success stories using the same system and present those as this is what's been done before using this technology, this is the way we're going to achieve the results for you.

Got it. Yeah, that was perfect. That was very, very helpful. Thank you.

Cool. You're welcome. Was there anything else? Can I dive into anywhere else for you, Karline, or are you good?

I am good for now. Thank you.

Very much. Awesome. Let me ask you a really tough question. What are you going to do in the next seven days to add at least $5,000 to your bottom line?

Send out some emails.

Hey, how's that? Guys, don't lose... Thank you so much for saying that. I did a little Instagram post this week talking about the fear. Fear is what actually stops most people from pushing the button. Fear of, what if it doesn't work? Well, fear of, Jesus, what if it does work and people actually want me to do stuff and I don't really know what I need to do? That's probably a bigger one, actually, to be honest. The people who are like, I don't really want to push a button because what if somebody says yes and then I don't actually know what... All of that can actually only ever be overcome with experience. You genuinely don't know what you don't know until you're doing it. And the great part about that is in this community, you've got so many people that have done it before, so many service based companies that will actually deliver as a service for you. So if you get stuck, you can literally pay someone to do it for you. And and again, from John Logo's training last week, what a great way to go where you can focus on the relationships with people and communicating with your ideal client and somebody else who's happy to, for two or three hundred dollars, jump in and set up the leads tool, set up the snapshot, set up all that stuff so you can pass over the techniques of how it works or the actual building process to somebody who's more than willing, whereas you can go and create the relationship.

And that's really where the magic happens, where the revenue is created. So fear of it working is probably what stops a lot of people. So then you just got to say, do you want it bad enough? And knowing that as an entrepreneur, you're going to have to solve problems. That's what we do day by day. We literally solve one problem at a time. That's how we build our businesses. So yeah, jump in.

There was one other question, actually. There was an industry that I was thinking of going after, which is concrete floor polishing, like e poxy concrete stuff. And I just wondered whether you felt that was a good industry or not. And I was thinking of going to the suppliers. So the materials that these people use go to those suppliers. But I wasn't quite sure what the offer was that I was going to give to those suppliers.

Great question. Actually, let me do a quick separation of this.

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