How to find bigger companies with White Label Suite Leads

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Label suites unleashed.

I saw that. Cool. Good job.

Yeah. So I'm learning new things, which is good.

Excellent. What's the thing you're learning first? What's the biggest take away for you? What's the reason that you grabbed that program?

Well, for me, I follow my intuition more than a physical concrete reason. I know I need to change and grow, but I had a sense that I could learn a lot that I don't know, I don't know, so I can't really say what it is. But I trust my instinct.

I think what you'll find with John is that he shares the same ethos as we all do, which is just a genuine want to see other people succeed. I think you'll do super well. And John will help remove a lot of the barriers that people often find with sales. So good job. I'm super happy to hear you there and let us know how you're going.

Yeah. So I was curious. I know I'm subscribed to the white label suite search functionalities, and I was curious. He had mentioned house, but then again, later he mentioned, well, use white label suites. And I was curious, He was suggesting, and I'm hoping I'm wrapping my mind around this correctly, that we choose a B2B niche that we want to target and then send an email to them with a link to the video where you're walking through the search capabilities and then follow up with them in some way to ask them if they would be interested in seeing more or if they have any questions about what they've seen to initiate the dialogue. What I'm wondering is, one of the things that stood out my mind was he had mentioned that with with How's, a lot of the customers that use that are that use that are spending... They have the budget, they're more than a million, 2-3 million or larger type of companies. Is there a best way to search for companies who have 20 plus employees who are three million or higher in terms of revenue?

No, not at the moment. We're looking at some advanced filters at the moment, and a lot of those turn overs and that stuff isn't something that's naturally part of white label suite. What we've taught in the past is that, of course, you can look at the industry search and then you can expand and see the results. And then you can see those companies that have got multiple staff members. So you have a... It's not an exact science, but a rule that for every... I think it's about the seven or eight. For every seven staff members, you're talking a million in turnover. So if you've got a company that's turned up and it's got stacked this long of email addresses, you know that you've got a company that's doing 10 million and above thing.

Oh, I see. You're saying look at the result from the emails that you get. Okay, so there's no way to in advance.

Not at the moment. Not at the moment. There's no way to be able to go, only show me companies that have got X turnover. We are working on it. It's not there at the moment. It'll be fun when it gets there. But at the moment, we are looking at only based on size of their organization that's listed.

Okay, so then what I'm wondering is, maybe I should use... Hold on, let me just go into my leads tool here. I'm thinking maybe I should do a single search. First, do look up in Forbes or some other tools so that I can narrow down the size of the companies that I'm looking for.

You're looking to only attract the big companies.


So you might want to go this way. Go something along the lines of use the people search to look at Fortune 500 or Inc 500 or something along that line. So you could use the people search to actually get those top lists and then take the lists of the companies and then run them through either the people or the... So the reason I went that way instead of the single search is because in the single search, every single time you run a search, you use your credits. So if I look up X, Y, Z engineering and they've got two people, I'm like, That was a waste of time. Next one. That was a waste of time. That was a... I found one. Great. Finally. Whereas if you use... So let's do this together. And we've just seen Yohan pop into the room. Hi Yohan, good to see you. While I'm doing this screen share thing, I'll answer Darrell's question because that's a super quick and easy one. Darrell just asked in the chat about the A2P registration for Twilio. Darrell, nothing to do with us, man. That is purely and simply Twilio and GHL. So that one I definitely can't help you with.

That's in the Twilio and GHL world. Let me jump in here and do this search with Doris. What we're looking for in our people search is a list that is going to show us our bigger companies. So here we go. Let's jump in and do a people search. Let me grab one of my example people searches here. Okay. And let's go with what Fortune 500 and drop in anywhere, which can start in a city. So what I'm looking for, Dora, is a list of companies that are coming up in the Fortune 500. So now we can start to see, okay, we've got McDonald's, we've got LPL Financial. I mean, we're starting to see the kinds of things that we're talking about here. Now, we might not be exact, but from here we can start to then fine tune down our bigger companies. So we can start to get the brands, start to get the actual company names going on here. From there, we can export them into a CSV and we can go through one by one and find those companies. So let me go.

Would you be able to minimize fathom? Because it's covering your screen a little bit.

Fathom? Where is fathom? Really?

Here we go. Yeah.

Is that better? Yes.

Thank you.

The whole Zoom screen's changed this morning. I have no idea what's there. Cool. So now we've got our CEOs, we've got our Fortune 500 companies, and we can start to see our companies here. Marriott Hotel, Levi's, Caliber, Seyland. All right, so e're starting to get our list of companies going on here. From here, we can now export these out into a CSV, for example. That will give us our company names. We can go in and start to find them from there. And again, this is just one thought that I'm having on getting these. So Fortune 500. Let's have a look what we are gathering here. So do you see my thought pattern is actually finding the people who are getting those awards or getting that recognition. And then we know that they're in the right ballpark. And from there, we can use our system to get the right companies. So let's go. So DocuSign is a good example. I'm just reading off ones that I might instantly know. Levi's DocuSign, State Farm, Marriott, not bad. And then from there, we can look at bringing those into a single search. Let me grab Marriott just as an example, and I will look at Martina.

Sorry, I'm reading on the other screen as well. Let's go to Martina from Marriott. Docusign. There we go. We'll go to Emily at DocuSign. Let's go and have a look at Emily over here. Emily works at DocuSign. What I want to do is get to the actual website themselves of DocuSign. Now we know that we've got somebody who's up in that Fortune 500 level. Okay, DocuSign. Let's go to the company page. I know their website, but just showing the process. Let's see if we can find the actual website address. I am looking for DocuSign. That's what I'm looking for. Again, I knew that, but I just wanted to show the process. Now we've got a Fortune 500 company. Now we can use our single search. So we go single search, drop in company details and see what we can find. Here we go. Now it's done again. Now I can load those up and I know that I'm in the right ballpark. Does that make.

Sense, Dora? Yes, it does. Thank you.

Alright. So looking for awards for big companies, fast companies. Again, Fortune 500, Inc 500, Fastest 500, those awards, that's going to get you in the ballpark with the companies. And then you can hit the single search and know that you're in the right volume space if you're looking for those bigger organizations.

Okay, perfect. Thank you.

You're welcome. Hopefully, that was a good way to kick us off. So going out for those big opportunities is a nice way to go. All right, so next without question was Jack. So let me just click on my stop recording button here.

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