How to create a good offer Hormozi and Anik Singal Kudos

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How are you doing, Walt?

I'm good, man. I'm good. Thanks so much for joining us.

Yeah, of course. I've just got a few quick questions. I've been using Apex ads recently, and I was just curious if you've seen people use Facebook ads a lot to advertise the 23 Leads and...

To massive success.

What did you say?

To massive success. Absolutely to massive success.

So I was curious about that because I was searching through the Facebook ads library and I didn't actually stumble upon any 20 free lead ads that I was searching for. But I was just curious if you had seen any examples that...

One of our superstars, Brad Elliott, uses Facebook strategy super, super well. We ourselves, when we started the whole thing, dropping in Facebook ads, I think we even include one of the ads that we ran in the members area. Using that system to advertise for 23 Leads, let me just actually see if we've included. I think it's in the members area in the sales resources section. But yeah, using Facebook ads to offer the 23 Leads is hugely successful. Brad did it with ads and also with group posts. So he was joining business groups and literally just dropping in the graphic that we give you guys in the sales tools and also working super well. So I think Brad did like 10 meetings from one group post at one point, which was cool. So yeah, it's a huge success.

Awesome. So going from there, I watched some of the introduction videos and I've gone through the Web Label suite training for the most part. We've had some decent success with Facebook ads, as I was telling you. But funny enough, I don't know if it's just an issue with qualified leads, but we had a little bit of issue getting people signed up for discovery demo calls. And I was just wondering if you had a best practice for enticing them to actually make an appointment?

100 %. So the very best answer I can give you, again, coming back to the John Logo training that we did last week, is 100 % all about the offer. And so I run a bunch of training on offer creation before, but if you combine what Anick said on our master class last week with John's training, and the Bible as I reach for my bookshelf, which is this one. If you haven't read it, make sure you do. I read that. This is the difference between a winning campaign and struggling. Make an offer so good that people feel dumb saying no. It's 100 % about the offer. Make it so good that people feel dumb saying no. So When I start talking and teaching about offer creation, I give the simple example of two restaurants open for business. You're standing out the front of the restaurants and one has a sign that says open and the other one has a sign that says get a free glass of wine with every meal. You're like, I've already decided which way I'm going. I'm going for the one that made me an offer. Even if the propriet of the first restaurant runs out onto the street and says, Hey, I'll give you a free glass of wine as well.

It's like, Dude, too late, man. I've already made my choice. I'm going. So when we created the snapshot for the 23 Leads, we kept it generic. So we've said, Come and get 23 Leads, etc. And a great example, one of our members, one of our people in our white level suite community is servicing, going after the insurance brokers niche and came onto a Q&A. I'm trying to remember the name. I can't remember it for the life of me. But came onto our Q&A and similar question, Hey, well, not getting a lot of traction about offering these free leads. And so we said, Okay, cool, let's jump across to your landing page and let's literally just change 20 free leads. Let's change that to say 20 free leads for insurance agents.


It took off. That's such a small change. It's like, why did that make a difference? Because you've got less than a second for that person to make a decision about which restaurant they're going to. So you've got to make your offer so good that people feel dumb saying no. And just because I love the training, I literally have it on my desk next to me from last week. When Anick was talking about creating an offer, he said... So my question to him was, you said that this is the most important thing that anybody can do. What's your framework? And he said, Here's my framework. And he gave seven specific things. And again, I don't know if you tuned into the training, but let me give you those seven. So the first seven is the first of the four, seven steps. The first of the four, seven steps, the first four of these, you ou've got to have the gold, the map, the shovel, and the guide. I'll come back and explain these. Those are the first four, the gold, the map, the shovel, and the guide. The next three are the assurance, the speed, and the risk reversal.

So when you break that down, that's the same framework as Hermozi's teaching, by the way. So gold map, shovel, guide. What's the gold? Why would somebody want to come to you? What are they coming for? What do they get? If people come and work with you, are they going to just be able to scoop up gold nuggets off the ground? What are those gold nuggets? So it's different for every company. But of course, with the 23 Leads offer, we're talking about free leads. The gold is the free leads. Then we got to say the map. So gold map, shovel, guide, the map. To get people into your infrastructure, to get people into your world, you got to give them the map to find the gold. So if you do this, this, this is the playbook. This is the proven process that we teach. You got to be able to show people, if you follow this map. This is how you get the gold. And typically that's what people give away for free.


It's like, come and get this free map and I'll show you exactly how to get this gold. People are like, Yeah, man, I'll take the free map all day, every day. The next thing is the shovel. Okay, cool. Now here's the map. When you get there, you're going to need a shovel. Do you want to buy a shovel? That's what we're selling. This is literally the tools to get the gold that I've promised you'll find. And the last part of those first four is the guide. You've got your map, here's your shovel. By the way, that guy over there, he's the guide. He's going to charge you two grand if you want to get there quicker. He's the guy that's going to be able to get there. And that's typically your monetization offer. That's like, I've got people into my funnel, I've made a sale to them and now I've upsold them to something, my biggest services. Let me guide you in this process and I'll make that work. So the goal, the map, the shovel, the guide. And then the last three steps, the assurance, the speed and the risk reversal. Assurance is key.

Assurance is key. What is the assurance? Assurance is like somebody rocks up to you and says, I'll give you my Ferrari for $10,000 and it's a half a million dollars Ferrari. You're like, Okay, that's a really great offer. That's too good to say no to. But I'm still hesitant because if I give you $10,000, it's like that you buy something or sell something on eBay and you meet the guy for $500 for an iPad and you're like, I'll give you the $500. You give him the... It has to be at the same time because otherwise I think you're going to run away with my money. He thinks you're going to run away. It's like you have to assure the people that they're going to get what they pay for. So assurance comes in the form of testimonials, case studies, history of a company. So if you're brand new, you need to build that. So you need to be able to point to the assurance of other people who have done what you're doing so that you can say, over a 1,000 people have experienced this 23 Leads program and have generated leads. That's not me saying I've done it, but that's me pointing to testimonials, case studies of it working, giving people the assurance that it's going to work.

When you're shopping on Amazon, that assurance is the four stars out of five. It's the reviews that you go, Look, there's a 1,000 people that have already said that this is a good thing. I'm pretty assured that this is a good thing. So assurance and then speed. How fast can I get it for the least amount of work? That's what makes a great offer as well. Assurance, speed, speed. I need to know that when I do this, I get it. So when you're building that page, building in the speed component within 30 minutes, have 100 leads in your funnel ready to be prospected and sent out. So assurance, speed, and the last one is that risk reversal. Make the offer so good that people feel dumb saying no. The last component of that is, let me take away all the risk for you. So when we're talking about 20 free leads, if we're following that same map, the assurance we want to be able to point to case studies, testimonials, great results that have happened. And you can take those from our existing members in the Facebook group. And we want to be able to say speed.

Within two minutes of jumping on this call, we will have 20 of your ideal prospects in a spreadsheet ready for you to give me. And then the risk reversal, spend 15 minutes with me, and if nothing else, you walk away with 20 of your ideal leads with zero cost and zero obligation to move forward. And then we take that offer into our sale, making sure that you've got a risk reversal put in place there. So what's the difference between getting results and not is the offer. Like again, it's again, Hermozi on a recent Instagram that he was talking about this Ferrari for $10,000. He's like, Man, people can be as broke as anything. But if you said I'll give you my Ferrari for $10,000, watch how quickly they come up with 10 grand. It's the offer that makes people jump. And it's the thing to be focused on more often than anything else is just how do I make this offer so good that people feel dumb saying no?

Exactly. Awesome. Thank you.

Hey, no worries, man.

That was a little bit of a long question. I'll end it on this last one. This is real quick, but I think I was on the call last week and Ebony was using me as a demo to use the search tool live. I think she got my email to refund me the credits that we used. Cool. We still haven't gotten credits back yet, so I just wanted to make sure.

Let me just find that, man. I'll do it right now. Give me 30 seconds. Thank you.

If I can spell, I will have this done for you in no time at all. Is it under Nick's name?

Yeah, that's my dad. He's the one to sign up for it.

All right, cool. Let me just grab this here. All right. So, Ebony used, what, 250 with you last week?

No, it was 10 people and 10 leads.

All right, cool.

Awesome. Thank you.

That is done. I just added 200 back in for you.

I appreciate that. That's awesome.

Hey, no worries. That is done. Yes, confirmed. Yes, that's been added back in for you. Cool, man.

Is there anywhere you can find that training that you're talking about that happened last week that you just used to outline that whole?

Let me just make sure that A nix is uploaded to our Master class vault. Guys, if you are in our... Let me share screen because it's probably easier to share rather than tell. Here we go. If you're in our main dashboard of our system, which is where you do the licensing and the set up and all that stuff, if you come down to training and resources, and in the training and resources section, you'll find our Master class vault, you will have everything there. The Master class vault is this one that looks like a vault door as it loads up. Inside the Master class vault, we upload all of our training. There's a couple of John Logos in here. The ones from last week were a specific Master class that is kept in that group. But the last one there, A nnic, so that's last week's call. That's pure gold. Nahu'e is amazing. All of these just... There's so much information in here. I know you can't just spend all your whole life watching videos, but there's some really incredible methodologies in here. I think building that offer was incredible. Nahuia, just making sure that you have a specific process for getting people to absolutely love you.

Speed selling. Arie, this was this was incredible. Just talking about how to pinpoint your exact marketplace, how to fish in the big ponds. Matt DeSano was talking about the four things that he did to build a 3,000 sub account agency. Forgetting about HL ProTools, 3,000 sub account agency. There's just so much in here. As I said, you can't spend your whole life watching YouTube videos, but these are just really great trainings in here if you have a chance to jump in. That is in your training resources Masterclass vault. You'll find it. The last one there was our last Master class from last week.

Awesome. Thank you so much.

No worries, man. No worries. Glad to jump on. Always actually happy to go through offer creation. If there's one skill that will change your business is that it's literally making that offer so good that people feel dumb saying no. And the more time you spend on that, the better. Again, in our next presentation last week, he talked about the four offers you need to build. You only need to build four to build to a hundred million dollar company. You need an acquisition offer that is a way of getting your ideal client into your ecosystem. Acquisition, getting something for free. That's what I'm talking about. Given away the gold map. Come and get the playbook on how to build a fast paced local business. Acquisition offer. You need a monetization offer. Sorry, a liquidation offer. That is, when you start to scale, you need a way of people transacting with you quickly so that you can recoup your advertising spend. When you start to scale, you are going to be spending money on advertising. And let's say, for example, you're going to spend $10,000 on ads this month, the first thing you need to do is cover that ad spend so that you can continue to do it.

So first is an acquisition offer. Next is a liquidation offer, something at a small price that people have zero resistance in paying you for so that you can recoup your ad spend. And sometimes people call that a triple wire. So you come in, you get offered the $12 pack of templates or something like that just so that you can liquidate that ad spend. The third is the back end offer. So the back end is after they've made that minor transaction, now we're talking about the $2,000 offer into our services or whatever it is. And the final piece to build stability is recurring. An acquisition offer, a liquidation offer, a back end offer, and a recurring offer are the only four offers you need to build to a million to a hundred million dollar company. And that recurring offer is great now with GHL with the leads tool, you can sell a monthly subscription to keep that moving forward for you. So hopefully, again, Jack, thanks, man. Appreciate you jumping and asking. I'm always happy to talk through offer tradition. Get the skills going.

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