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This, say, Hey, Karline, finish us off. What can we do?

Okay, you did start to do that. And I think you were also going to go to your tool and show us how I could search for flooring people and suppliers of concrete flooring.

Great. Okay. So we will keep our promises as we always do. Okay, so let's come across and say, Right, first of all, I want to find commercial concrete polishes or concrete polishing. So we're going to use our industry search to do that. So we come up to our search, we must have a campaign in place already. And we say... Actually, I'm in my staging tool, but that's okay. So I want... Let me just grab one of these. It doesn't matter. So now I've got a campaign and I can start my search. The other thing that you'll notice, guys, is there's a new search type here which will help increase accuracy results if you're looking in these specific industries. But they are not required. So I'm going to start with commercial concrete polishing. So commercial concrete polishing. And let me just go London as a starting point. Okay, cool. London, let's go. Commercial concrete polishing. Give it a couple of seconds and let's see if we end up with some results here. B oom, we've got a few. Living concrete, per floor, laser, big contracts, royal stone care, poly, ground. All right, we got a few.

Now we can start approaching these businesses and starting to do some deals. As I do this, I'm very aware of an objection that I've sometimes found when I'm going after a specific niche, and that is the people that say to me, Yeah, but what if all of the people in my niche, what if you're working with them all? And I say, Well, what if I'm working with them all, but not you? So I've often come up into a sales conversation where they've said, Yeah, but there's only five got concrete polishes in this city, and if you're working with all of them, then I'm going to lose business. And I'm like, Well, I'll tell you what, I'll work with the first three. I'll put an exclus on it. Cool. No problems at all. And they go, I want to be completely exclusive. Cool. It'll cost you 10 grand. If you want to write me a check for 10 grand right now, I will sign a piece of paper that says you're the only concrete polisher in this suburb that I work with. You can't lock me down to England because if you want to lock me down to England, it's going to a quarter mil.

But again, if you want to write me a check for quarter mil, I'll go do another nation of probs. Just value your service because exclusivity comes with a price. So you might come across that, Colleen, just something to be aware of. Cool. So now I've got a whole bunch of people that I can start to talk to who are commercial concrete polishers in and around the UK, specifically within the M 25, which is pretty cool. Good starting point. Now, I go to Laser Bees Contracts and Royal Stone and Polyground, and they say, Colleen, you got me. Let's go. P olyground says, I'm a commercial concrete polisher. My best work is with automotive dealerships and warehouses. Fantastic. Let's get to work. I come up here and I go, Okay, Mr. P olyground, you're looking for automotive dealerships in and around London. No probs at all. Let me do the same thing. We go, Okay, I'm looking for automotive wholesalers and I'm looking in London, UK. So for Mr. P olyground, who's looking for automotive dealerships, though, he can go and polish their concrete, even if I spell it wrong. Let's see if I can get some results here.

So now we have, boom, automotive dealerships, wholesale auto parts, marathon warehouses, value car parts. I'm in the right space, even if I spell it wrong. Now for Mr. P olyg rown, I can say, Here are your ideal clients. He says, What are you going to do with them? We're going to email them your best concrete polishing offer. We're going to introduce produce them to you. We're going to organise lunch with their CEOs. What do you want me to do? What's your sales process? And how can I plug these people into it for you? We're going to approach them and send them an email. We're going to send them a video of the best concrete polish floor in the world. We're going to offer them a free case of vintage wine if they do deal with us by the end of whatever the offer is, we're going to put your offer in front of your ideal client. So now I've got automotive dealerships, I can do the same with warehouses, logistics centres, whatever it is, whoever they're looking for. Now we say, Okay, cool. Who supplies to concrete polishes? Because I want to work with them, too.

We say, Okay, who supplies to concrete polishes? Great question to ask your first concrete supplier. But I could probably do that as a Google search. I could say concrete polishing supplies, and I could start to find the people, concrete polishing prep, somewhere in here, Floryx, concrete preparation. So how does Floryx describe themselves? Supplies concrete preparation equipment. All right, well, we got a pretty good thing there. So what if I said concrete preparation equipment, and I literally grabbed that little three word line here, and I went back to my tool and I said, Okay, we're still in the industry search. So I'll grab an industry search campaign and I'm just going to paste in those three words. Concrete preparation equipment in London, UK. Let's go. And now, again, give it a couple of seconds and let's find the concrete. We'll see it kicking in just a sec. We'll find the concrete preparation equipment. There we go. So now we've got Camden Plant, we've got Floor Sander High, we've got Forest Drives and Resin, we've got Beckham and Building Supplies and Build a Depot and et cetera. Karline, how helpful is that?

That was perfect. That was very helpful. And incidentally, when you search concrete cheap flooring people, I saw Per. I think it was just above the one that you saw. And I thought, I've seen that fan.

How about that? I saw that fan.

That was really funny.

One of the best ways to close a sale is by showing your client their existing clients on the screen. What do I mean by that? When I'm doing a sales demo, I will say to them, Who do you work with? Who is your ideal client? And they'll say, I work with concrete polishing supply stores. And then you go, Amazing. So when you put their ideal client into the search, the words you want to hear is, That's my client. And you go, Well, that proves it works, doesn't it? That is why I ask them, Who's your ideal client? And if they struggle with an answer, drill into it a little bit more. Tell me the last client that you worked with. Who's your ideal client? Oh, I'd rather have everyone with the Pulse. Not a good answer. Tell me the last client that you worked with, what did they do? Oh, well, they're actually a trucking company out of Hanfordshire. Okay, trucking companies. So if I could find you more trucking companies, would that be good? Yes. Bam. Trucking company, Hanfordshire. Oh, look, there's my client. Ding. Sale. So again, telling, hopefully that's helpful. Now, I have a challenge for you.

And guys, 14 people on this call, five of them are fathoms. I still put the same challenge to the fathoms. If you're smart enough to be a fathom, go and take this challenge. My challenge to you is go and add $100,000 to your bottom line in the next 30 days. What are you going to do? Get your offer in front of enough people, get your pricing at a high enough point, and let's go and make some money. All right, guys. Thank you so much for joining me. I appreciate each and every one of you. Just because this call ends doesn't mean our support to you ends. We have our Facebook group, of course, jump in there, be active, introduce yourself, network, create opportunities from 1,400 existing agencies that are doing the same things as you, but not competitively. Our support desk is always open for you. Q&a calls every single day, white little suite office hours, master classes on a monthly basis. All of the resources that we can possibly give, we are here to help and support. Thank you for being part of our world. We're thrilled to be part of yours and we'll see you on the next call.

Thank you. Thanks, everyone. See you soon.

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