Stay Compliant with Lead Generation and GHL

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Today. So just record this one. In terms of compliance with sending emails, guys, it's really super important that you know your local laws. Different regions have different laws, even in the same country. So example, in the US, very different laws in California than in other states. And it's important to be aware. And all it takes is a quick Google search. In Canada and Australia, for example, super strict on sending emails. But again, so long as you stay compliant, there's a business case there. And again, that's not legal advice. Please make sure that you do understand your own laws. What we found in our research, and again, please make sure you do your own, is that so long as you have a business case, so long as all of the data that we're bringing in with our white label suite tool is available publicly. That's one of the first things to know is that we don't scrape data. We're not taking data illegally. All of the data is available publicly and is generated through 100 % compliant APIs. So all of the data is available on the internet and available via our APIs. And that means that that data has been covered under all of the providers of our data's legal search terms.

Meaning, if somebody publishes an email address on their website, and that's a business website, and you're a business, and you can say, Hey, I saw your business and I'm a business and I'm reaching out to you for this specific reason. You're establishing a business case. Then you're covered, but you're not covered everywhere. You need to be compliant with those local laws. You definitely need to be aware of individual regions and their allowances. Again, nine times out of 10, you're able to email that business and say, Here's my reason for reaching out to you. I'm a lead generation the company, or I have an automation program I'd like to chat to you about. But again, it's worth checking. And sites like the one that Dora mentioned, which is the US Spam Compliance Act. Thank you, Dora, just popped that into the chat box there. This is a really great guideline if you're marketing in the US, to make sure that you're staying compliant. And again, guys, it's important for you to know your local laws. Just because you have an email address in some places in the world doesn't mean that you're allowed to email them.

In other places of the world, there's no restriction. So it's important to be aware to stay compliant. And as the three founders of Cometsuite have been talking in the last week, using email is only one way of using the leads generated out of the lead generation tool. So we talk a lot about cold email because it's a quick and easy way to get traction in your business. But it's not the only way. We see amazing success with people who take the leads out of a tool and upload them into a custom audience and run ads specifically to those people that you've targeted and generated. That's an amazing way to use the program. We've seen people use the leads that they've generated to create physical mailing programs out to their targeted businesses. So they get the leads, they've got the addresses, they've got their names and details and they're sending postcards or they're sending physical mail out to them. There's so many different ways of using the leads. Some of our people are just literally using it as a cold call list. Okay, great, amazing, whatever works for you. So the leads coming through from the tool, what you do with them is up to you in the way that you want to run your business and make sure that you do research those laws and compliance stuff.

Dora, thanks for bringing that into our world. That's a good thing. And again, guys, it's super important that you know, whatever you do and for you do for your clients as well, make sure you do it in the right way so that everyone's protected.

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